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Distributed Build Management and Continuous Integration Server - Features. How-To-Host-Feed. Why?


Chocolatey has had the ability to be able to work with packages from one or more sources since its inception back in 2011. With that, Chocolatey comes with a default package repository configured - the community package repository ( However due to the community repository being in the public domain and subject to distribution rights, it has a failure point in that it can not be 100% reliable (most packages can't contain software and must download at runtime).

It's not something an organization hosting their own package repository would be subject to, so we recommend organizational use of Chocolatey should include an internal package repository. Organizations looking to use Chocolatey should review the following topics to learn more: Host your own server There are three types of package repositories, folder/unc share, simple server, and the sophisticated package gallery. Known Hosting Options Some of these options also work from a non-Windows hosting perspective. Advantages Disadvantages. Les bases de PowerShell. Séquences d'échappement Le caractère d'échappement Windows PowerShell est l'accent grave (`).

Les bases de PowerShell

Pour rendre un caractère littéral, faites-le précéder de `. Séquences d'échappement spéciales Méthodes de traitement d'objets Ces méthodes permettent de traiter des objets. Ou moins utile, connaitre la position du premier "l" dans "Hello". Variables automatiques Chaînes L'utilisation des guillemets simple ou double a son importance avec PowerShell. Elles permettent de résoudre où non les variables. Elles autorisent l'insertion des caractères spéciaux grâces aux caractères d’échappement. How to recognize an event in which Office 365 recipient send spam mail? - One of our Office 365 recipients complains that the E-mail that he sent to an external recipient is blocked or classified as a “spam mail.”

How to recognize an event in which Office 365 recipient send spam mail? -

Our underlying assumption is that the problem is related to “Office 365 infrastructure” and they should immediately fix the problem! In the following article, we will learn how to recognize an event, in which Office 365 recipient send spam mail(outbound spam)! Article table of content | Click to expand Q1: Did you allow yourself, to consider the possibility that mail is indeed “spam mail”? A1: Technically speaking, there are many “causes” that lead to a scenario in which E-mail that sent by one of our Office 365 recipients classified as spam mail.

Posable cases could be: The bottom line is – that there are many different “causes” that lead to a scenario in which E-mail that is sent by one of our Office 365 recipients are classified as spam mail.


Signatures365. Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer. Analyseur de Performance du Client Office 365 - Office 365. Important : Cet article a été traduit automatiquement, voir l’avertissement.

Analyseur de Performance du Client Office 365 - Office 365

Vous pouvez consulter la version en anglais de cet article ici. Vous pouvez utiliser l'outil Analyseur de performances de Client (OCPA) de Office 365 pour identifier les problèmes qui affectent les performances du réseau entre les ordinateurs clients de votre société et Office 365. Par exemple, si vous rencontrez des problèmes de connexion à Office 365 ou vous vous connectez, mais il est très lent, vous pouvez utiliser l'outil pour aider à résoudre le problème. OCPA ne collecte des données d'informations d'identification personnelle (PII), mais il vous enregistrer des données de diagnostic. Contrôles OCPA pour quelques éléments lors de l'exécution des tests : Analyses du réseau des performances du client datacenter d'Office 365.

Systèmes d’exploitation pris en charge Vous pouvez exécuter OCPA sur les systèmes d'exploitation suivants : Windows 7 Windows 8 Téléchargez et installez OCPA Résultats des tests. Troubleshooting mobile client (ActiveSync) access to Exchange online mailbox using ExRCA - Office 365 users report that he cannot connect to his Exchange Online mailbox by using a mobile device.

Troubleshooting mobile client (ActiveSync) access to Exchange online mailbox using ExRCA -

This scenario can be relevant to ” new Office 365 users” or to the existing Office 365 users that manage to connect to his Exchange Online mailbox using a mobile device, but now he cannot connect. The causes for mobile device connectivity problems reality and myth Technically, there are three main causes that are “responsible” for mobile device connectivity problem 1. The mobile device Under this category, we can include many types of “problems” and issues (we will not use the forbidden word- bug) that are realities to: The specific mobile device OSThe specific mobile device OS versionThe specific mobile device – built-in ActiveSync appsA specific mobile device Third party ActiveSync apps 2.

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