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Setting the builtin parameter accessible thru the family editor? - Revit - Dynamo. UI.MultipleInputForm ++ – data. Those who have paid attention to my previous post might have noticed that there was a new Form creation node in the Data-Shapes package called “UI.MultipleInputForm++” .

UI.MultipleInputForm ++ – data

Edit: all the forms of the Data-Shapes Package now handle all screen resolution. The UI.MultipleInputForm++ node may have the exact same purpose as the previous UI.MultipleInputForm (which still works like this), but it allows more customization and offers the possibility to use ListView inputs. Here’s how it works : This new node has more inputs than UI.MultipleInputForm : let’s go through the function of each input : Shapes – @data_shapes. EvolveLAB - Computational Design and BIM Services - Located in Denver.

Design Explorer 2. Tt-acm/Spectacles.RevitExporter: A Spectacles Exporter for Revit. GitHub - tt-acm/Spectacles.WebViewer: A hackable BIM viewer for the web. GitHub - tt-acm/Spectacles.RevitExporter: A Spectacles Exporter for Revit. Devpost. Inspiration BIM software such as Revit and Archicad have been designed to generate a 3D building model, to then produce 2D [paper] drawings.


Once printed, the sections displayed in 2 dimensions might not entail all of the detail necessary to understand the building. DOC-QR is a tool that aims to visuals those sections, shown in 2D architectural drawings, as trimmed sections of the 3D Revit model, in a web browser. The project was proposed by Jonatan Schumacher here - check out the sketch below for the rough idea. What it does This tool currently consists of two parts: node.js web applicationRevit Plugin. Devpost. Revit Dynamo JSON. Slackit. What Revit Wants: Automatically Post to Slack from Revit with Slackit for Revit.

Slack is a pretty awesome messaging tool, primarily due to the number of integrations it supports.

What Revit Wants: Automatically Post to Slack from Revit with Slackit for Revit

Slackit = Slack + Autodesk Revit. Fisa-BiM & Co. Voilà une question que tous les utilisateurs de la partie Structure et MEP de Revit se posent.

Fisa-BiM & Co.

Autodesk ne propose pas dans son logiciel un objet, une catégorie de famille réservation . Dans ce contexte, comment réaliser les plans de réservations ? Nous sommes nombreux à avoir étudié plusieurs pistes afin de répondre à ce besoin. Fisa-BiM & Co. Voilà une question que tous les utilisateurs de la partie Structure et MEP de Revit se posent.

Fisa-BiM & Co.

Autodesk ne propose pas dans son logiciel un objet, une catégorie de famille réservation . Dans ce contexte, comment réaliser les plans de réservations ? Nous sommes nombreux à avoir étudié plusieurs pistes afin de répondre à ce besoin. Digging through revit warnings to find meaning. This post is a shorthand version of a workshop that I was teaching recently at AEC Symposium and Hackathon that our kind folks at TT organized.

digging through revit warnings to find meaning

I think it originally came to be when Jason Howden has asked me for some small improvements to Mandrill, and sent me an example of how his firm evaluates Revit warnings. That’s when I realized that there wasn’t really a good way of doing warning parsing, and that it should be looked at. Efficiently Working With Large Data Sets In Dynamo · DynamoDS/Dynamo Wiki. This page introduces you to some rules of thumb for efficiently working with large data sets in Dynamo.

Efficiently Working With Large Data Sets In Dynamo · DynamoDS/Dynamo Wiki

Hopefully you can use the tips to identify bottlenecks in your graphs, so that your graph will execute in a matter of minutes, rather than a matter of hours. Contents: Geometry generation vs tessellationMemory useRevit API. Cairo Pentagonal Tiling. Cairo Tiling - David Bailey's World of Escher-like Tessellations. Stop Press 6 June 2016: The Cairo tile designer has been found, one Ramzi Omar, an architect.

Cairo Tiling - David Bailey's World of Escher-like Tessellations

More details to follow. The first purposefully published in situ pictures of the two types of Cairo pentagon tiling? © Helen Donnelly Figure 1, Cairo, Outside Behoos Metro Station, Figure 2. Graphing Calculator. Untitled Graph.

Graphing Calculator

New DynamoRevit Nodes. Explore CORE Studio’s latest contribution to DynamoRevit.

New DynamoRevit Nodes

We added a lot of new nodes which are partly already released with Dynamo 1.2 and will fully be available with the next Dynamo release. There are a lot of new nodes for creating and manipulating annotations, accessing element properties, manipulating existing locations and entirely new features like creating family types from dynamo geometries or creating global parameters. UI.MultipleInputForm ++ – data. Shapes – @data_shapes.

What's pyRevit. PyRevit is an IronPython script library for Revit. However, it is not really written as an example library. It is a working set of tools fully written in IronPython that explores the power of scripting for Revit and also adds some cool functionality. Download and install it, launch Revit and you will note the new pyRevit tab that hosts buttons to launch all the scripts provided by the package to easily run them without the need to load them in RevitPythonShell or some similar IronPython console. You can also write your own scripts and add them to pyRevit. Architecture Archives - Designplaygrounds. Architecture In this course Konrad Sobon is going to explain how to create custom view filters in Dynamo.

He will demonstrate a common workflow he has developed specifically for this series using custom packages for Dynamo. In this course we’ll take a look at the Serpentine Pavilion from BIG and we’ll use a variety of software to deconstruct this project. We’ll start by using Rhino and Grasshopper to find the right shape and size of the pavilion and we’ll continue by rationalizing the geometrical elements into a standardized set. We’ll finish by exporting the information we got from Grasshopper to Excel using FLUX. Parametric Patterns Designer (BETA) Parametric Patterns Designer is a simple design tool for people who want to build a self-designed pattern wall. The pattern code which is designed to describe geometry is inspired by natural patterns. Using friendly graphical user interface to generate pattern code automatically, you can design a pattern wall without professional computing skills, even for a very beginner. Parametric Patterns Designer covers whole process from design to evaluation and production.

It contents many tools for you to design unique patterns, and you can estimate cost in time, the result will be sent to fabricator and product each component by rapid prototype machine. Besides, you can also publish your work on our online gallery to share with other designers. Parametric Patterns Designer is Java based software; you will need JAVA Runtime environment (JRE) to run the program. All Pages. Tutorials If you want to learn how to fold using curved folding, this is a good place to start: CurvedFolding.pdf The first guide was put together by Brigitte Parusel.

Here she is with one of her sculptures… View » ORI-REF is a reflection based curved-folding modelling software. (Windows only) The software requires a valid developable surface as an input: cone, cylinder, flat patches or tangential developable.… View » KingKong by RoboFold Simulation of folding in Grasshopper. Instant Topography. Workflow: SRTM Data to Topography in Revit.

Overview: This workflow allows the user to source SRTM Data in GeoTIFF format from and use it to create topography in Revit. Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), was carried out by Nasa in 2000 and recorded elevation data. This data has been made available globally at 1 Arc Second, and in more detail at 1/3 Arc Second for some parts of the US. Sheets from excel with dynamo. In this post I will present a quick workflow for getting new sheets into Revit using an Excel spreadsheet. You will ask me: Why in the world would you do that? My answer is that sometimes you have a consultant on a project that works exclusively in AutoCAD (yeah that evil sucker still exists), and you somehow need to get their drawings to show up on a drawing list. In order to do that you need to create placeholder sheets or real sheets if you actually want to assign some properties to them (like I do). So the idea is to get all of these sheets created in less than 10min instead of hours of manual labor (I have been there), and if they send you a new Excel spreadsheet with updated list, get only the new ones in and skip all that already exist.

Dynamo-litia Boston - June 2016. Automated Room Placement From Existing Drawings — Kyle C Martin. Once the walls appear in Dynamo, you will most likely see that the resulting points from the existing plans will not be at the right scale, orientation, and location as the Revit walls. Placing a Geometry.Scale and Geometry.Node between the list of solids and the Solid.Centroid node will allow you to experiment with various scale and rotation values prior to the creation of final points. After some trial and error and visual approximation, you should be able to scale and orient the cluster of points to a configuration that matches the scale of the Revit model -- each point should look like it lands in the center point of each room.

Even after scaling and rotating the points, they may still be located off to the side of the Revit walls. Fuzzy String Matching. Taking a Return Trip From Revit to Excel Using Dynamo. Elk Mapping in Dynamo – landarchBIM. Elk Mapping in Dynamo – landarchBIM. Timothy Logan’s Videos on Vimeo. The Simply Complex Blog and Podcast – Proud to be a part of the Shared Coordinates blog network. The SharedCoordinates Podcast Network – A Podcast Network for Design Professionals. ThinkParametric. Exploring Dynamo Geometry. Punto Revit: Egress Path and Minimum Travel Distance with Dynamo. Dynamo - Blöcke mit Auswahlmenü. Autodesk Dynamo bietet dem Anwender nicht nur die Möglichkeit eigene Blöcke zu erstellen, sondern auch deren Aussehen frei zu definieren. Der folgende Blogbeitrag zeigt Ihnen, wie es geht… Dynamo ist ein Open Source Projekt, d. h. dass der Quellcode für jeden zugänglich ist und bei Bedarf angepasst und erweitert werden kann.

Wenn Sie Blöcke mit eigenen Steuerelementen definieren wollen, können Sie dies mit einer C#-Programmierung tun. Mit einigem Programmierwissen können Sie Blöcke mit Buttons, Auswahlfeldern, Textfeldern usw. erstellen, so wie es auch von Revit-Dynamo-Eingabeblöcken bekannt ist. Evacuation Path Analysis with Dynamo. \nCodon. A World of User Groups. The outbreak is spreading.