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Betty Woodman: Theatre of the Domestic. Carmel Buckley and Mark Harris: Sparrow Come Back Home 6 Dec 2016 – 5 Feb 2017 Previously at the ICA - Exhibitions Detail of Wallpaper #9, Betty Woodman, 2015.

Betty Woodman: Theatre of the Domestic

Courtesy the artist. Works : Thomas Vergne. Danielle Lawrence. Cheryl Donegan. Alex Chaves — Martos Gallery. I give you a Rose Period.

Alex Chaves — Martos Gallery

It started because I thought I had found mine, my circus—sunbeaten argyle pastels of loved costumes, faded pink tarps, and thick tightropes. I saw posters for old school rose tattoos. Svelte acrobats who train hard and live on the run in pop-up tents they paint themselves. “I’m a personal artist, I’m a domestic artist” was muttered in the early morning of a rocky, rusty ranch and whispered in alleyways behind restaurants.

I’d heard the circus was in town down the interstate, but this isn’t quite what I expected. The Rose Period is a show by Alex Chaves. Chaves was caught up in the colonist impulse, wanted to know—why do we want to possess each other? I cleared out my closets and painted a wall pink. A ton of hot air reluctant heir blessed host I walk in circles around men have nowhere to stand a planet I spin around in circles orbiting you. Magalie Guerin. Shelby Keierleber. Gabriel Pionkowski. Claire Tabouret - Œuvres. Deborah_julien_peintures. Maude Maris. Atelier Cognée. Amélie Bertrand. Marcia Hafif. A resource for information, news, writing, artwork & scholarship relating to the work of poet & painter, Etel Adnan.Etel Adnan. Janarie ricchio. Charlie Duck. Jonathan Casella (@jonathan_casella) Erin Loree Figurative Abstract ArtistErin Loree. Brandon Shimmel. Emma Webster. Misaki Kawai. WELCOME - simone. ALEXANDRA LEVASSEUR © 2015. Portfolio Florence Derive - Peintures.

Forrest Bess

CATHERINE LAUIGAN. Shahzia Sikander. Home : K R I S T I N A L E E. CLARITY HAYNES. Anna Valdez. Vakhtang tato akhalkatsishvili. Alexander and Bonin. Katharina Grosse. MORGAN BLAIR x PAINTINGS. Artistes - Nicole Hassler. Kaufmannrepetto. Pia Fries. Pintura/Painting. Cecily Brown. CECILY BROWN, Combing the Hair (Côte d’Azur), 2013, oil on linen, 109 x 113 inches (276.9 x 287 cm).

Cecily Brown

Photo by Rob McKeever Cecily Brown Listed Exhibitions (29 Kb) Cecily Brown Bibliography (43 Kb) Presenting a world that pulses with excesses and appetites, Cecily Brown explores the breadth of human experience in tactile oil paintings. Broadly inspired by the history of painting—from Rubens and Veronese to the muscular expressionism of Willem de Kooning—Brown’s personal vision transcends classical notions of genre and narrative, freeing subject matter from its original context and positioning it within a new aesthetic reality. Cecily Brown was born in London in 1969. Brown lives and works in New York. Paul wackers. Mia Christopher : Mia Christopher. Michelle Fleck. Brooks Shane Salzwedel - Home. Mollie Douthit - Home. Will Cotton. Winston chmielinski. HARDEST WATER150 x 120 cmoil and acrylic on canvas SERAPHINEoil and acrylic on canvas summer plays, then stares fall into place150 x 115 cmoil and acrylic on canvas.

winston chmielinski

Arte Contemporânea. Marine Joatton. Maude MARIS - peintures, dessins. Accueil. That’s Painting Productions. Bernard Brunon peint et repeint.

That’s Painting Productions

Il est précis, discret et rigoureux («le travail est soigné»). Son action picturale, souvent précédée de dessins, semble bien traduite par le texte qui figure au-dessus de l'image centrale du polyptique exposé dans la galerie. «With less to look at, there is more to think about» (moins il y a à regarder, plus il y a à penser), telle est la devise de cette entreprise unique en son genre. Minimaliste et conceptuel ? Jonathan Binet - La République de l'Art. Né en 1984, Jonathan Binet est un des artistes les plus novateurs de sa génération.

Jonathan Binet - La République de l'Art

Il a déjà exposé au Palais de Tokyo, au CAPC de Bordeaux, au Centre d’art de Neuchâtel et a fait partie des sélectionnés, l’an dernier, pour le Prix Ricard et le Prix Meurice. Cécile Bart. Zeno X Gallery - Cristof Yvoré - Selected Works. Cristof Yvoré ou la solitude en peinture - La République de l'Art. « Nul n’est prophète en son pays » : le proverbe est bien connu et il pourrait passer pour un lieu commun s’il ne se vérifiait tous les jours, dans tous les secteurs d’activités.

Cristof Yvoré ou la solitude en peinture - La République de l'Art

Sabine Tress. Paddles On! Paddles ON!

Paddles On!

X UNPAINTED Last week, the Paddles ON! MICHAEL MANNING. Mekhala Bahl - MICHAEL STANIAK. Lisson Gallery. Jason Martin effects oscillations between sculpture and painting, with the vigour of action painting but a controlled hand.

Lisson Gallery

He is perhaps best known for his monochromatic paintings, where layers of oil or acrylic gel are dragged across hard surfaces such as aluminium, stainless steel or Plexiglas with a fine, comb-like piece of metal or board in one movement, often repeated many times. Main : Kaitlin Carroll. LAUREN PELC - MCARTHUR. Louise Zhang. Tomorrow is the last day of PLOMP @arterealgallery.

Louise Zhang

Friday/Saturday 11-5pm. Louise Zhang. Home. Upcoming Shows Diane Kidd Gallery, Tiffin University, Tiffin, OH (Fall 2016) College of Souther Nevada Art Gallery, Las Vegas, NV (June 2016) Kim Foster Gallery, New York, NY (November 2015) Secor Gallery, Toledo, OH (September 2015) Recent Show. Main : Johnny Abrahams. Samantha Keely Smith. Painting. Actualités. Gerhard Richter. Nicola Samorì - The Official Site. Brand New Paint Job - Jon Rafman. Travess Smalley. JENNIFER MEHIGAN. Jennifermehigan.tumblr. The publication of some of my work for enclave store’s new e-presse is now available online! Huge thanks + photo credit to Kyle Coble :) 3 days ago May 20, 2013 sketch for a ping-pong collab with sebastian zimmerhackl for the alchemy exhibition. Gilgian Gelzer : Painting, Drawing and Photography. David Ostrowski. Peres Projects - DAVID OSTROWSKI.

Patrick Baillet. Julien Spianti. Winston Chmielinski. Simon Hantaï.