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Modelo atómico de Bohr. Niveles de energía. Downloads. DownloadsCompound Interest2015-04-27T22:25:39+00:00 This page contains links to downloads of the high resolution PDFs of infographics on the site.


You will need unarchiving software to extract the files once they have downloaded. Beautiful Reactions. Precipitation Chemical Garden Color Change.

Beautiful Reactions

Atoms and Molecules. There are 114 different kinds of elements that form everything living and nonliving in the world.

Atoms and Molecules

Although scientists might discover a few new elements in the future, they are probably very unstable and can only exist in the lab. We use chemical symbols to identify elements. For example, H is for hydrogen, O for oxygen, C for carbon, and S for sulfur. Moseley Articles. Sept 2012 - This file does not show Greek letters because the HTML has not yet been updated.

Moseley Articles

It will be soon! By H. G. Bohr (II). ¿Cómo convencer a la comunidad científica? Moseley.jpg (JPEG Image, 430 × 290 pixels) Xxxiii-carnaval-de-quimica-edicic3b3n-arsenico.png (PNG Image, 595 × 595 pixels) La-quimica-es-importante.jpg (JPEG Image, 1600 × 1140 pixels) - Scaled (64%) Química Orgánica « Núcleo virtual de Química.