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Enbridge near 30-year high on earnings growth. Enbridge Inc., the largest transporter of Canadian crude to the U.S., is trading at its highest level in almost three decades as it shakes off criticism over oil spills, delays in new crude routes and valuation concerns.

Enbridge near 30-year high on earnings growth

Enbridge last week reached its highest point since Jan. 5, 1983, giving it a price-to-earnings ratio of 40, better than 81% of its global peers. With a market capitalization of $33.1-billion, the Calgary-based company has the second-highest value among large stocks in the Standard & Poor’s/TSX Composite Index, behind only Crescent Point Energy Corp., data compiled by Bloomberg show. “There have been a couple of stumbles along the way with high profile leaks, but they have not stemmed the tide of strong earnings and strong dividend growth,” said Randle Smith, a Chicago-based portfolio manager with Duff & Phelps Investment Management Co. who helps manage $4.9-billion of global utilities and infrastructure investments, including more than 2 million Enbridge shares.

This Is Not An Enbridge Animation: BC Video Response to Island-Less Ad (VIDEO) National Energy Board wants Enbridge’s internal report on Michigan spill. VANCOUVER — The National Energy Board has asked Calgary-based Enbridge to provide documentation of improvements it has made since a massive oil spill in Marshall, Michigan two years ago.

National Energy Board wants Enbridge’s internal report on Michigan spill

Board inspectors visited the company’s control centre in Edmonton a week ago as part of an increase in inspections the board announced following a damning report by U.S. authorities on the spill in the Kalamazoo River in July 2010. In a letter sent Friday, the board asked for a copy of Enbridge’s internal investigation into the pipeline rupture and documentation of the corrective actions it has taken. The board also wants to know what improvements have been made to the company’s in-line inspection program since the incident and it wants a copy of the control room management plan. The investigation by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board found a litany of errors in Enbridge’s control centre that led to a spill of more than 20,000 barrels of oil into the Kalamazoo River.

Msds-crude-oil-bp. Meet 'Dil Bit': The Enbridge Testimony Stephen Harper Doesn’t Want Heard. The following statement was made by Miranda Holmes today at the National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel hearings into the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline in Comox, BC.

Meet 'Dil Bit': The Enbridge Testimony Stephen Harper Doesn’t Want Heard

Many voices have been heard during these hearings, yet one has remained silent: the oily character at the centre of the debate. I think that’s a shame and so I am using my time before the panel to allow this character’s case to be made. Hi, my name’s Dil Bit. That’s short for Diluted Bitumen, but I feel like I’m amongst friends here, so let’s not be too formal. I come from the tar sands and, as you know, Alberta totally digs me. If she gets her way, I’ll be passing through British Columbia a lot in the future, so I thought I should introduce myself properly.

The people behind Ethical Oil. I got some heat on Twitter this week after a story I wrote on Ethical Oil’s allegations against Vancouver-based Tides Canada.

The people behind Ethical Oil

Some folks were troubled by my story’s reference to EO having been founded by Alykhan Velshi, a Harper government insider. I based that line on the following statement on EO’s website under the title “How it started.” “ began as a blog created by Alykhan Velshi to promote the ideas in Ezra Levant’s bestselling book Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada’s Oil Sands.” 'Politically charged' pipelines get new public push - Politics. Energy pipeline companies may prefer to focus on quietly conducting their business underground.

'Politically charged' pipelines get new public push - Politics

But in the aftermath of high-profile oil spills and in the middle of a contentious political debate over the desirability of Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline project, the industry is trying to rise above the charges of its critics. On Thursday, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association called reporters to a press conference in Ottawa to go public with its "Integrity First" initiative – something it says has been developing incrementally behind the scenes for about four years. "We're making some important decisions in our country about new pipeline projects and the role of energy in Canada," said Brenda Kenny, the group's president and CEO. The Fallacy of 'Ethical Oil' Suncor upgrader complex adjacent to the Athabasca River.

The Fallacy of 'Ethical Oil'

Photo: Chris Evans, The Pembina Institute "I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! Canadian Oil Sands Flyover. Drilling for oil in the Gulf of St. Lawrence without a clue. Buried within the more than 400 pages of this spring’s federal omnibus budget bill is an invitation for resource companies to open a new frontier in Canadian oil: the Gulf of St.

Drilling for oil in the Gulf of St. Lawrence without a clue

Lawrence. The gulf, which touches the coastlines of Canada’s five easternmost provinces, is the world’s largest estuary. It’s home to more than 2,000 species of marine wildlife — an ecosystem integral to the health of our Atlantic and Great Lakes fisheries. Now, due to measures deep in the federal budget, that ecosystem may be under threat. The bill explicitly highlights the region’s potential for petroleum extraction and includes amendments to the Coasting Trade Act that give oil companies greater access to exploration vessels.

Investigating Enbridge's Line 9. Exposed Enbridge pipeline in Rouge River. Poormansmedia : Protective barricade #Enbridge... Poormansmedia : Exposed #Enbridge pipeline... ‘Secret’ Environment Canada study warns of oil sands’ impact on habitat. ‘Secret’ Environment Canada study warns of oil sands’ impact on habitat Facebook | Twitter | Email | Instapaper Postmedia NewsThursday, Dec. 22, 2011 Mikael Kjellstrom/Postmedia News By Mike De Souza OTTAWA — Contamination of a major western Canadian river basin from oil sands operations is a “high-profile concern” for downstream communities and wildlife, says a newly-released “secret” presentation prepared last spring by Environment Canada that highlighted numerous warnings about the industry’s growing footprint on land, air, water and the climate.

‘Secret’ Environment Canada study warns of oil sands’ impact on habitat

The warnings from the department contrast with recent claims made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Environment Minister Peter Kent that the industry is being unfairly targeted by environmentalists who exaggerate its impacts on nature and people. Shell Oil - The Awful Truth. Ethical Oil author lobbied for big tobacco company. The author of a controversial book promoting Alberta’s oil sands is a former tobacco lobbyist, records show.

Ethical Oil author lobbied for big tobacco company

Ezra Levant’s Ethical Oil made national headlines this year for its argument that fossil fuels from northern Alberta are morally superior to those from such places as Saudi Arabia or Sudan. Its author was registered as a federal lobbyist for Rothmans Inc. from June 2009 to June 2010, according to the lobbyist registrar. Rothmans is one of Canada's largest tobacco companies, controlling brands such as Benson & Hedges and Craven A.

This March, records show Levant communicated with top officials in Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada to discuss “international trade.” Levant also registered to speak to the federal government about the issue of an “anti-smoking hotline.” The Ethical Oil author is a former Conservative Party candidate who stepped aside in 2002 to let Prime Minister Stephen Harper run in a Calgary riding. Now Hiring: "Tens of Thousands" of Americans for Pipeline Jobs in Western Canada. This post has been reviewed by the Vancouver Media Co-op editorial committee.

Now Hiring: "Tens of Thousands" of Americans for Pipeline Jobs in Western Canada

STORY about LabourEnvironment posted on July 9, 2012 by Zoe Blunt Announcement contradicts "pipelines create jobs for Canadians" ads. Enbridge oil spill raises concern for B.C. pipeline project. CTV British Columbia Published Saturday, July 28, 2012 6:18PM PDT Last Updated Monday, July 30, 2012 12:12PM PDT Two years after a massive oil spill in Michigan dumped three million litres of crude oil into wetlands, a creek and the Kalamazoo River, Enbridge Energy Partners is dealing with another leak from one if its pipelines in the United States.

An estimated 1,200 barrels of oil from a line near Grand Marsh, Wisconsin spilled into a field Friday. The company says the leak is now fully contained. “Yesterday at approximately 2:45 in the afternoon central time we detected a pressure drop on line 14. Broadcast Yourself. Broadcast Yourself. JOHN BOLENBAUGH, STOPTARSANDS.ORG TRIP TO SEE ME. Five Falsehoods About 'Ethical Oil' Oil and ethics have never mixed. And never will. The world's black gold (seven of the globe's wealthiest corporations are oil firms) has financed both left-wing and right-wing revolutions (from Hugo Chavez to Margaret Thatcher) polluted major watersheds from the Niger to the Mississippi, and undermined the role of government from Saudi Arabia to Louisiana. Enbridge shuts large Canada-US pipeline after spill. Canada’s Enbridge Inc., already under fire from U.S. regulators over a massive oil spill two years ago, said on Friday it had shut a key pipeline indefinitely after an oil leak in Wisconsin.

Line 14, a 318,000 barrel per day leg of the major Lakehead System that carries light crude oil from Canada to Chicago-area refineries, was shut after a spill that released an estimated 1,200 barrels of oil, Enbridge Energy Partners said in statement. The cause of the spill was undetermined. “Enbridge is treating this situation as a top priority,” said Richard Adams, vice president of U.S.

Operations at Enbridge. “We are bringing all necessary resources to bear.” Enbridge's proposed tanker routes flawed and dangerous, Master Mariner says. [Editor's Note: Captain Mal Walsh is a Master Mariner from Comox, BC. He has over 40 years of experience in the international oil exploration and shipping industry—both commanding vessels on the seas and working ashore in management.

He served on deep-sea ships in the British Merchant Navy before working in the offshore oil industry in the North Sea. When he came to Canada, he worked for Dome Petroleum during their exploration in the Beaufort Sea then came ashore and became General Manager of Marine and Environmental Services with Canadian Marine Drilling (CANMAR).

Save The Arctic. Canada Oil And Gas Industry: Shrinking Profits May Be A Sign Of Things To Come. The talk coming out of Canada’s oil patch in recent months has been increasingly tinged with panic. Industry leaders are growing worried about the oil sands’ future prospects, and the earnings reports coming out this week are a good sign of why that may be. Oil producer Cenovus on Wednesday reported a 40-per-cent decline in profit in the latest quarter, falling to $396 million from $655 million a year earlier. Things were even worse for Calgary-based natural gas producer Encana, which recorded a whopping quarterly $1.48 billion loss.

It had recorded a profit of $383 million in the same period a year earlier. Pipeline opponents pack Kitsilano meeting - Business. Oilsands play big role in Redford's 'national energy strategy' - Politics. Alberta Premier Alison Redford nominated herself to champion the herculean task of spearheading a Canadian energy strategy, but on the eve of the annual summer premiers conference in Halifax, the B.C. government has made her undertaking that much more difficult. Yesterday's announcement by B.C.' News - B.C., Alberta premiers clash over Gateway pipeline revenue.

Shell Oil's Social Media Nightmare Continues, Thanks To Skilled Pranksters Behind @ShellisPrepared. Oh Ezra Levant, pride of the west, where did it all go wrong? What twist on the road led you from feisty Reform Party contrarian, magazine publisher, political candidate, author and cognoscenti darling to this? Crude awakening. Vicious Circle - narrated by John Hurt. Poormansmedia : Arguments against #nuclear... Tar Sands Giants' Sneaky New Playbook Revealed. By Climate Guest Contributor on July 7, 2012 at 10:46 am. Oh Canada: the government's broad assault on the environment.

Outsiders have long viewed Canada as a pristine wilderness destination replete with moose, mountains, and Mounties who always got their man. Recognizing the tourism value of that somewhat dull but wholesome image, successive Canadian governments — both Liberal and Conservative — were content to promote the stereotype in brochures, magazine advertisements, and TV commercials. Canada News: Alberta, Ottawa, oil lobby formed secret committee. The federal and Alberta governments struck up a secret, high-level committee in early 2010 to coordinate the promotion of the oilsands with Canada’s most powerful industry lobby group, a document obtained through an access to information request reveals.

Enbridge Spin Doctor Snarls about “Dirty Oil” Essay. Senator: Arctic drilling a political win for Obama - The Hill's E2-Wire. The department is vowing robust safety oversight — it plans to have inspectors on the rigs around-the-clock — and the permits will follow testing of Shell’s spill containment equipment and other inspections of the company’s infrastructure. Canada's Hard Turn Right. Kinder Morgan gets frosty reception from Burnaby residents at town hall. Kinder Morgan representatives got a frosty welcome from Burnaby residents on Wednesday when over two hundred people packed the pews of the St.

Timothy Angelican Church to listen and ask questions to a town hall panel about the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. The $5 billion expansion would almost double the capacity of an existing oil pipeline stretching from Edmonton to Burnaby to 850,000 barrels per day from 300,000. If approved on schedule, the pipeline would be operational by 2017, the same year that Alberta energy giant Enbridge Inc.'s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline connecting Alberta tar sands to the BC coast would also be complete. The Northern Gateway is also currently under review for public and government approval. Poormansmedia : Stephen Harper must be Chi... Vancouver’s Province pulls animation satirizing Enbridge : Canada's online magazine: Politics, entertainment, technology, media, arts, books:

Spill Crisis: 'Whatever, We're Going Home' Alberta hit by new oil spill on Enbridge pipeline. Feds flagged Enbridge project for inadequate oil spill response plan: document. Ottawa launches Alberta counterterrorism unit. Fort McMurray Apartments for Rent - Rental listings for Fort McMurray, Alberta Page: 1. Broadcast Yourself. Crude_oil_more_than_0.5_percent_sulphur. Landowners on Enbridge pipeline route say risks "imposed" upon them. BC Native Leader Critical of Enbridge Tactics - Opinion 250 - News for Northern and Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada. Cleanup of latest Alberta oil spill could take all summer. Alberta counter-terror unit set up to protect the oil sands by federal Tories. 3 companies plead guilty to Burnaby oil spill - British Columbia. Stephen Harper government turns environmentalists into public enemies. Emphasis on oil sands called a ‘historic mistake for Canada’ Crude glut, price plunge put oil sands projects at risk.

Canadian government overhauling environmental rules to aid oil extraction. Oilsands_05112012_court_doc. Harper is right: Foreign radicals are after the oil sands. Fraser Institute co-founder confirms 'years and years' of U.S. oil billionaires' funding. The $4 Billion Lobbying Blitz That Bought Shell the Arctic. Player. Canada’s ‘ethical oil’ push gets tarred in British papers. Top 10 Facts About the Alberta Oil Sands.