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Monstrum. At MONSTRUM we design and produce unique playgrounds with a focus on artistic and architectural quality.


Uk.businessinsider. Indian Springs School in Birmingham, Alabama.Lake Flato Architects On September 8, The American Institute of Architects, a national organization of 88,000 architects, announced the winners of the 2016 Education Facility Design Awards.


The awards are for new and recently renovated North American schools that facilitate learning and demonstrate excellence in architectural design. Here are the winning schools. Western University's Richard Ivey School of Business was selected as a winner for its timeless and elemental materials: stone, concrete, glass, copper, steel, walnut, and Douglas fir. Школа: взгляд на архитектуру - Газета.Ru. «Газета.Ru» выбрала пять современных школ и рассмотрела их с точки зрения архитектуры.

Школа: взгляд на архитектуру - Газета.Ru

Школа в Лондоне. Как работают школы без учителей, уроков или экзаменов. Как нам обустроить школу. Конференция об «эталонных» финских школах стала поводом для актуального разговора о переустройстве существующих и проектировании новых школьных зданий в России.

Как нам обустроить школу

Определяет ли бытие сознание? Что мы можем предпринять прямо сейчас, чтобы изменить школьную среду к лучшему? На эти столь разные вопросы, лежащие в философской и практической плоскостях, пытались ответить участники дискуссии «Архитектура и дизайн школы. Финский опыт», состоявшейся в конце апреля на площадке DI Telegraph в Москве. Интерес к опыту Финляндии понятен: эта страна – признанный лидер в сфере среднего образования, и, пытаясь разгадать секрет ее успеха, многие начинают изучать и такие внешние его признаки, как архитектура учебных заведений. C.F. Møller Selected to Design Vocational School in Denmark.


C.F. Møller Selected to Design Vocational School in Denmark

Møller Architects have won in an invited competition to design a new building for the Herningsholm Vocational School in Herning, Denmark. The new building consists of three angular building volumes, brought together under a single sloping roof, which responds to its context among other buildings on the school’s campus by going from three stories on the Southern end to two in the North. The architects describe the building as being “designed inside-out… as well as outside-in”, with a dual focus on providing optimal learning spaces inside but also on providing learning spaces in the three outside areas defined by the building’s volume.

More on the design after the break Inside, the learning spaces are arranged around a central flexible ‘common space’, with each room having direct access onto the this unifying element. The facade of the building incorporates built in seating and study niches, another way of creating a wide variety of learning environments for students. 5 of the best schools. 5 of the best...

5 of the best schools

Read on for the next instalment in our series of articles looking at the best examples of architecture in the world around us. This week's 5 of the best looks at the architecture of schools and educational institutions. lomas del peyé school, cartagena, colombia © Sergio Gómez A recent example of the theory that bold architecture can act as a catalyst for change in areas of deprivation and poverty. The necessity of running essential facilities to the site such as gas, water and electricity that were previously lacking proved challenging as thefts of materials were reported. Архитектура образовательных учреждений – 23 школы и университета. Для новых образовательных учреждений используют современные дизайны архитектуры.

Архитектура образовательных учреждений – 23 школы и университета

В ходе строительства используются такие материалы, как стекло и сталь, за счет них в здания поступает больше света, так же повышается устойчивость и долговечность. Я хочу сказать, что студентам, которые учатся или будут учиться я в этих заведениях, крупно повезло. Kindergarten Kekec / Arhitektura Jure Kotnik. Architects: Arhitektura Jure Kotnik Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia Project team: Jure Kotnik, Andrej Kotnik Client: Mestna občina Ljubljana Structural engineering: CBD d.o.o.Mechanical engineering: Linasi Peter Electrical engineering: Iztok Zlatar Builder: Riko Hiše d.o.o Project area: 130 sqm Project year: 2009 – 2010 Photographs: Miran Kambič Kindergarten Kekec is an extension of a typical Slovene prefab kindergarten from the 1980s.

Kindergarten Kekec / Arhitektura Jure Kotnik

Situated in one of Ljubljana’s residential areas, Kekec answers the growing demand for kindergartens. This comes as a result of Ljubljana having witnessed considerable population growth as well as legislative changes and a planned increase in building density inside the highway ring surrounding the city. The construction is made from prefabricated wood and was built in three days only. The main design concept derives from the existing kindergarten’s lack of play equipment. Vissershok Container Classroom / Tsai Design Studio. Located in rolling hills of Durbanville wine valley on the outskirts of Cape Town, Vissershok Primary School is a rural school dedicated to the children of farm workers and underprivileged communities living in Du Noon – a poverty-stricken township several kilometers away.

Vissershok Container Classroom / Tsai Design Studio

Sponsored by three South African companies – Woolworths, Safmarine and AfriSam – the Vissershok Container Classroom is a 12 meter recycled container that was converted into an independent classroom for 25 Grade R (age 5-6) students. Continue reading for more. St Mary's Infant School by Jessop and Cook Architects. Offset gabled volumes form a new classroom and play area at this infant school in Oxfordshire, England, by local firm Jessop and Cook Architects (+ slideshow).

St Mary's Infant School by Jessop and Cook Architects

Jessop and Cook Architects designed the adjoining buildings with the same profile, but shifted the timber play area sideways from the brick classroom.