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Pocket HCM is best payroll software in India offering features like Payroll solutions, Time & Attendance Management Software, etc

5 Tips to Manage Your Human Resources. Startups are witnessing excellent growth in almost every industry vertical.

5 Tips to Manage Your Human Resources

You can find everything right from drones to portable chargers. Thanks to the small and medium sized enterprise and startup boom that is fast turning out to be the backbone of a country’s economy. Unfortunately, most of these ventures fail within the first few years of their operations thus, failing to see the light of the day. A few common reasons for a startup to fail include lack of market knowledge, unrealistic business goals and improper HR management.

Most importantly, in the heat of moment and the adrenaline rush to reach at the peak, most startup entrepreneurs commit the brutal mistake of overlooking the importance of a sound HR strategy. Irrespective of how good or competitive the product/service is, if a startup fails to acknowledge its employees, it will end up in troubled waters. Here are some awesome tips for startup entrepreneurs to manage their human resources: Employ the right talents Training. Accounting Software. Healthcare ERP Software Solution for Medical Industry - Sage Software. The best advice ever to tackle payroll fraud. Payroll fraud is real.

The best advice ever to tackle payroll fraud

One of the most underlying and chronic problems, payroll fraud affects a staggering number of businesses worldwide. The misconduct breeds in a number of different ways, but most-oft, it occurs due to falsified and tampered timesheets. For any business, the mere thought of paying an employee for the hours he/she didn’t work at all is no less than a nightmare. CRM Software Solution for Hospitality Industry India - Sage Software. Businesses in the hospitality sector are well aware of how daunting it is to offer optimum-quality and personalized experience for their guests (customers) in today’s cutthroat competition.

CRM Software Solution for Hospitality Industry India - Sage Software

Here, having a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) and/or CRM system per your business preferences and requisites is the key to success and keeping ahead of the curve against the backdrop of today’s constantly evolving consumer demands. Common problems encountered by hospitality service providers: As a hospitality service provider, you are deemed to endure with managing operational cost and meeting the diverse needs of increasingly tech-savvy customers that demand for more whilst keeping up with the need to leverage multiple mediators, manifold booking portals and systems.

Further, the advanced analytics and business intelligence reporting renders a clear picture of sales performance, revenue generation, stats, profit ratio, etc. HR & HRMS: The New Hit Duo of Today’s Workplace. Love it or hate it, but human resources (HR) is the keystone of any organisation.

HR & HRMS: The New Hit Duo of Today’s Workplace

The HR department looks after recruitment of employees, training, employee engagement, payroll and so on. Long story short, human resources management is no easy feat and needs to be practiced with utter care and diligence. Fortunately, today we have human resources management systems or HRMS solutions that perform a number of key HR functions including payroll, performance reviews, attendance and time tracking, tax, benefits, etc. ERP Software for Real Estate Industry India – Sage Software. Real Estate is among the major industries in the country, for its demand for residential and commercial buildings.

ERP Software for Real Estate Industry India – Sage Software

Real Estate involves substantial expenditure and volatile market conditions, businesses involved in this industry are destined to endure from a streak of diverse challenges such as dynamic pricing system, regulatory compliance, unorganized cash flow, sub-standard project planning and project budgeting. Nevertheless, Sage software solutions is a top-notch name in providing ERP for Real Estate. All these Big Business Benefits can be yours with Cloud HCM. A few years ago, HCM (human capital management) solutions were available exclusively to big enterprises looking to automate human resource and payroll administration.

All these Big Business Benefits can be yours with Cloud HCM

Nevertheless, with the advent of cloud based HR and payroll software, the benefits are now accessible to small and mid-sized businesses as well as start-ups. Managing payroll and HR admin tasks with some legacy tool eats up loads of time and efforts that could be invested in other critical tasks. Small businesses often address key HR admin functions using Word documents, spreadsheets, paper forms, etc., resulting in an inefficient and sluggish HR department. Further, it may also pave way for data entry errors leading to costly or compliance problems.

Here are some areas wherein a cloud HCM payroll software may come to the rescue for small businesses: Recruitment. CRM Software Solution for Banking Sector in India – Sage Software. CRM software solutions for banking sector is an essential business management tool, as for any service based industry, a proficient customer management is the primary factor that can change the face of any company.

CRM Software Solution for Banking Sector in India – Sage Software

Sage CRM is a leading customer management software in India that aids the bank to get apt with their customer requirements and enhance their customer retention. For a quick summary, let us entail some of the handy features of Sage CRM banking software. Sage CRM in India Customer Retainer: India being a house to various banking firms, be it commercial or foreign banks or any regional bank, gaining new customers is a critical job, raking up the market pressure. Into such tough market conditions, retaining your customer’s loyalty becomes pivotal if you need to hold onto your grip in the sector. How to Convince your Boss to Invest in HR Tech? Businesses in a constant attempt to stay ahead of the race invest in new technologies and tools continually.

How to Convince your Boss to Invest in HR Tech?

But how about equipping the HR department with an advanced, faster and better technology? Sure, this might often mean pumping up the budget a bit, but chances are high that the investment will pay-off significantly in the form of an efficient and agile human resources department. ERP Software Solution for Food and Beverage Industry India - Sage Software. For a country with a vast population and growing needs, the food and beverage industry in India shoulder a major responsibility of fulfilling one of the basic needs for survivals well as enhancing economy with its natural and packaged food products.

ERP Software Solution for Food and Beverage Industry India - Sage Software

A general Food & Beverage industry consists of producing and growing food products, processing and packaging them, and finally distribution, which has become a tedious task with growing demands. However, Sage ERP, a partly cloud based ERP software is smartly designed business management tool that can proficiently take over the complex task, minimalize wastage and provide better ROI. To add more to it, the ease of use and accessibility of Sage X3 and Sage 300 has made it amongst the leading ERP service providers in India Let us see some the cool features of Sage ERP for Food and Beverage Industry Track it all: • Track your competitors.

Sage business Software. The Stark Difference between a Leader and a Boss: Silver Lining! Whether you are aware of the difference between a leader and a boss or not, your managerial style often diktats how your employees perceive you.

The Stark Difference between a Leader and a Boss: Silver Lining!

Basically, the difference boils down to: Leaders may at times be bosses, but not every boss is a leader. No matter what, the term ‘boss’ often implies disapproving implications. Nevertheless, businesses rely greatly on an individual for giving orders and ensuring that employees put in their best at work. 5 Key Elements for Human Resources Changeover. Times have changed, things are flying at rocket speed and we are more connected than ever. All thanks to social media, cloud and mobile technology that are the key driving forces behind this innovation. A noteworthy by-product of this innovative revolution is the new breed of workforce that we are witnessing, the one that eats, breathes and lives technology. Business and HR leaders are already aware of the fact that the future relies greatly on the ability to adapt or acquaint themselves with this new breed of emerging workforces. So what’s the hold-up in doing so? Why investing in Cloud Payroll Software can be your Best Bet?

Human resources undoubtedly is the most integral department in any organisation be it a big, medium or small enterprise. Besides recruitment, on-boarding and driving employee engagement, processing payroll comes as the most critical responsibility for this department. Unfortunately, several businesses still stuck in the rut continue the primitive practice of manual payroll processing, which apparently takes a huge toll on their human resources department folks consuming immense time and efforts. Now comes the good part. An increasing number of businesses are realising the benefits of shifting their payroll operations to cloud. Tips to Scale up your HR in 2017. Today, apps help in managing almost every business aspect and this includes human resources as well. 5 Line of Life Features Every HR Software Must Have. When HRMS solutions were first introduced to the business world a few years ago, there was a widespread hesitation to make that shift from paper HR to digital HRMS systems.

Reason being they were too expensive and technically toiling. Nevertheless, things have a changed a lot lately, as today’s HRMS software solutions are a lot more economical, cost-efficient, empowering and user-friendly. They make human resources management a lot easier by automating the mundane cumbersome processes enabling strategic employee data management at the click of a button. However, not all systems are equally powerful and thus, one should always do the homework prior to buying any HR & payroll software. Budget-Friendly Payroll Software for SME. Today, small and midsized businesses (SME) face many of the challenges that are faced by large-scale businesses. These challenges most-oft are in the form of volatile market conditions, employee retention, workforce management and cutthroat business competition. 5 HRM Skills Every HR Manager Must Have. How Leave Management Software can benefit your Business. It never was an easy feat for a human resource professional to track and manage the leave of employees whilst complying with the organisation’s leave policies using an old school tool or technique.

Adding to the drudge comes the cumbersome task of managing all those frantic and frequent leave requests often in the form of emails, telephone calls, text etc. coming in from employees. This is certainly something that every HR department faces on a daily basis. Why HR Technology is selling like Hot Cupcakes? It is perhaps the most wishful thing amongst human resources these days. 4 Trends that will Turbocharge HR functions in 2017  As we have officially marched into 2017, businesses are keen on planning their human resources management approaches. 2017 seems to be an exciting year with lots of technological innovations under pipeline with greater emphasis on employee engagement.

Payroll Confidentiality in India: Is it a Taboo? Payroll confidentiality or secrecy is one of the difficult things to maintain in Indian workplaces. 5 Undeniable Reasons a Business should invest in Cloud HR Software. Whether it is a newly launched start-up or an already established enterprise, every business shares a common objective i.e. an endless craving to enjoy optimum efficiency in all its critical operations making the organisation agile and efficient. Further, with the business marketplace turning increasingly volatile, it has become more important than before to retain motivated and skilled employees.

Attendance Management System: Why your business needs one? Ask any HR professional: what is the most daunting task that he/she has to perform and the answer would be tracking employee attendance/time and processing payroll using some standalone system. HR Tip: Getting over Workplace Productivity Paradox. Employees spend more than 40-45 hours a week at their workplaces. Not only this, more than half of these employees work for extended hours to climb up the corporate ladder. Now when the workload keeps piling up, stress levels do tend to surge. This is when employees start showing distressing signs of burnouts at workplace. 8 Reasons To Break-up With Legacy HR Software And Move To Cloud.

HR and The Digital Explosion: Plan now or Perish later? The responsibilities and roles that are usually undertaken by humans are changing at warp speed. Yes, bots are taking away most of the routine tasks facilitating HR to devote their time on other important chores. However, tech pundits are apprehensive about how well the HR is prepared to meet the upcoming challenges that these shifts would incur. Cloud to be the New Normal for Payroll in 2017 and beyond. How the HR Department could get Less Human in Future? 4 Flashing Signs your Payroll System needs a Reboot, Like Now! 5 Leave Management Tips for HR Managers. Mobility Trends: The Next Big Thing for HR! Human Resources and Digital Explosion: Act Now or Perish Later! The Thin Line between HR & Payroll: Fact-Check! Managing Payroll: Is DIY The Best Resort?

Payroll Fraud: Everything You Should Know. 9 Ways a Manager can Win the Trust of his Employees. Cyber Security Threats and the Role of HR. 3 Clever Steps for HRs to Simplify Payroll Decoded. Mobile Apps: The Next Big Thing in HR Technology. 5 Little-Known Benefits of Leave Management System. Deploying New HR Technology? Here's how to go about it.

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Employee Management System: Why Your Business Needs One? 5 Things your Employees expect from HR Technology - Blog. 7 Best Kept Time Tracking Secrets for HR. Why IT and HR need to team up? 6 foolproof ways to scale up your startup in 2017 and beyond. Payroll, HR & Accounts Payable: The 5 W's and (How) 5 Little Known yet Great Advantages of Cloud Payroll  4 Reasons CEOs Should Never Ignore Employee Feedback during M&A - Rescue a CEO. 3 Tech Trends That Are Reshaping Payroll As We See It! Anwarshaikh. 5 Costly Mistakes Business Leaders Commit in Today's Digital Era. How to Increase Productivity of Your Company with Payroll Software - Blog. How to find the right HRMS solution? GST Rates Finalised: It's a Four-Tier Tax Structure. Startup Killing Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make. 10 Tips to Finding the Perfect Payroll Soulmate for your Business. Social Media & Recruitment - Things HR should know. Automate Full and Final Settlement of employees with Payroll Software. Reasons to reboot your Performance Appraisal System. 7 Reasons Attendance Management System Is HR's Best Buddy. HR Tech Landscape. Welcoming a New Era! 5 Ways Cloud can save Big Bucks for your Business. 5 Ways to Spot the next LEADER among your Employees. Is Artificial Intelligence The Future Of People Management For Businesses? - EXEIdeas – Let's Your Mind Rock. 5 Things Employees Talk behind Their Bosses  5 Leadership Hacks to create a Transparent Workplace. How technology changing the face of HR. How EMM can work wonders for your business.

HR Compliance - All you need to know. How to justify salary differences at work? Millennials & Workplace: A Flexible Nexus. Importance of Employee Feedback during M&A. 4 Signs your Payroll System needs an Overhaul. How to hire emotionally intelligent employees. Reasons HR needs to be a part of your Management Team. BYOD at Workplaces - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Blog. 10 Super Easy Ways to Workplace Wellness. Pocket HCM - The Secret Sauce to Employee Retention. Attendance Management System:5 reasons to take it to the Cloud. 5 Flashing Signs your Startup needs a Cloud HRMS Solution – Researcher's Blog. A Sneak Peek into the Future of Payroll Technology. Why businesses need to wake up to the idea of Deep Learning? 3 Brutal Truths about Millennials every HR should know. 5 Convincing Reasons a Business should invest in Cloud HR Software - Awapal Solutions. The Future of HR is here: All you need to know. Why employee retention is the need of hour for HR.

Cloud and HR: Embrace now or perish later. How not to fall for a Narcissist in a Job Interview. 4 To-Dos For Future Start-up Entrepreneurs. HR MIS Reports on the go with HRMS Software: A dream come true! 5 Habits Your Boss Doesn't Want To See At Work. How to restore human touch in human resources. What GST means for the Common Man?  How GST will operate in India? New tax reform. GST affect on software industry.