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HR Technologies. How technology is solving the most annoying thing about recruiting? Every company tends to have its own ‘Holy Grail’ when it comes to recruitment and staffing, this includes attracting, screening, selecting and on-boarding!

How technology is solving the most annoying thing about recruiting?

For the past couple of decades, recruitment process was all about finding the candidates, tracking them and hiring them using some old school methods. However, the inception of web technologies such as video marketing (vlogs), blogs, social media, etc. have begun to turn the tables for human resources professionals and talent acquisition experts when it comes to recruitment. Old-school recruitment process requires the HR department to navigate through heaps of resumes and applications, which is tiring and full of hassle. On the other hand, technology or data –driven recruitment comes as a boon for recruiters all over the globe, since it makes the entire task a cakewalk. Getting the needle in haystack! Here’s how technology will be invigorating the recruitment process as we see it today: How the Right HR Tool can Rescue your Business during Layoff? Ask any HR professional about his worst nightmare and the answer would be “layoffs”.

How the Right HR Tool can Rescue your Business during Layoff?

Yes, laying off indeed is one of the most excruciating experiences for a business and its entrepreneurs as well as human resources people. The recent news of layoffs coming in from industry giants has gripped businesses and employees all over. Whenever employees exit a company irrespective of the reason, it is sure to trigger loads of work for the HR department. 5 Signs it’s Time to Promote an Employee Up   HR (Human Resources) plays a pivotal role when it comes to managing the career of an employee.

5 Signs it’s Time to Promote an Employee Up  

Yes, it is the HR’s responsibility to track employee performance and determine the time as when to promote or demote someone. Some employees tend to go that extra mile when it comes to skyrocketing their career. Such stellar employees deserve a decent reward in the form of pay and position as well as the required training/guidance to move up on the career ladder. Why HR and AI makes sense in each other's company? AI (Artificial Intelligence) is transforming lives, be it at work or home, it is gaining good traction all over.

Why HR and AI makes sense in each other's company?

Smart home assistant is a fine example of AI at home, which helps controls lights, unlocks cars, regulates temperatures, etc. In workplaces, AI is fast turning into smart assistants to help us work in a much smarter and faster manner. Simply put, artificial intelligence is not only the future of workplace, but in fact, it is already happening, right here right now. A good number of HR professionals and practitioners are of the notion that they soon will have to manage both machines as well as man, as the adoption of AI technology sees a great surge in business. How Technology and Data can solve HR's Biggest Problems?

Technology has transformed Human Resource into a data-driven entity.

How Technology and Data can solve HR's Biggest Problems?

However, this certainly does not infer that intuition is fading out, but rather a good number of HR experts and practitioners are prone to experiencing some sort of guilt or shame if they allow “to let things go as they may”. For instance, the transformation of talent management into ‘people analytics’ undoubtedly has improved the status of human resource.

The point here is that human resources can endow businesses with powerful data and tech to transform the future of people management, all with a transparent ROI. Best-Kept Secret to Managing Workplace Conflicts in Startups. These days, we get to hear so much about how a healthy workplace conflict can be “good omen” for a business especially for a startup.

Best-Kept Secret to Managing Workplace Conflicts in Startups

Yes, a healthy conflict among employee is believed to spur a stream of innovative ideas, offer novel resolutions to existing issues and nurtures an aura of collaboration. Long story short, a constructive and healthy workplace conflict helps drive a startup to new heights. Nevertheless, there are some convincing reasons why business owners tend to get apprehensive about workplace conflicts. Creative, talented and smart folks are more likely to bump every now and then and when overlooked, it may result in permanent dysfunctional workplace culture. This can lead to steep decline in productivity levels, absenteeism, difficult retaining top talents and poor customer service. Reimagining HR with the Digital Tech Boom. From the playful chatbots to those elegant self-driving cars, technology is driving us crazy.

Reimagining HR with the Digital Tech Boom

On the other hand, wearable technology undoubtedly will evolve from wristbands to smart rings that can track heartbeats, calories, steps, sleep patterns, etc. In fact, you will soon be able to buy flying cars, as a leading aircraft manufacturing organisation has announced to manufacture real flying cars that will go up for sale later this year. So what does the digital tech boom means for businesses and management folks? Now, when we talk about business management, one certainly cannot overlook the essence of human resources (HR). Chatbots Are Bringing Back Happy Hour For HR. Technology is driving almost every aspect of our lives.

Chatbots Are Bringing Back Happy Hour For HR

‘Siri’ has to be the finest example of this phenomenon. Yes, the famous intelligent personal assistant that has become a part of our lives. Be it checking the weather to dialing up someone from your phonebook or helping you find the nearest pizza outlet, Siri does it all! The technology used in Siri is a chatbot, an intelligent computer program that simulates conversations with humans over the Internet. Now what if I state that chatbots are on the verge of becoming the next big thing in businesses taking over diverse business functions and departments.

With most support operations of HR such as attendance, payroll etc. being automated, technology in fact is transforming HR into a more strategic embody than being a mere support entity only. Automation vs. Digitisation: What Your HR Should Know? Yes, HR (human resources) ought to understand the difference between digitisation and automation to attain a competitive edge in today’s cutthroat business ecosystem.

Automation vs. Digitisation: What Your HR Should Know?

In fact, HR all over the world has already automated several of its critical functions and operations. For instance, employee self service portal has significantly reduced the admin work required to store and manage employee data, whilst automating performance management processes is not only a boon to employers/managers, but also a blessing in disguise for employees. 5 Traits an Intern Can Learn from Successful Sports Stars. Do you know how Venus Williams turned out to be a successful businessperson?

5 Traits an Intern Can Learn from Successful Sports Stars

Yes the tennis ace, Venus Williams is also the proud CEO and founder of EleVen (clothing brand) and V Starr Interiors (interior design company). The 7-time Grand Slam winner is more than just an amazing athlete, she also has extraordinary leadership traits. People like Venus strongly believe in fostering powerful teams whilst complying with robust leadership principles. They aspire for new challenges and opportunities. Interns are on the opposite end of the spectrum, they don’t know enough about themselves yet to become a successful leader.

Everyone's Crazy About Virtual Reality: Here's How HR Can Jump in. Mankind has come a long way from the stone age to space travel, driverless cars, artificial intelligence, and more! Long story short, the future is here! We are already living the life of the Jetsons, aren’t we? A feather in the cap of the modern age is virtual reality (VR). It’s 2017, is your HR technology ahead of the curve? - The Human Resources Social Network. Every technology goes through a lifecycle and HR technology is no exception. In what seems to be a good move, HR or human resource departments are becoming independent entities in companies across the world. They are fast turning out to be the core people in an organization and are no longer restricted to paperclips and payroll. Yes, today’s human resources people with the help of HR management software are paving their way into the boardroom as well driving an organization’s decision-making processes.

Yet for a business to get the most out of HR solution or technology, it is important to ensure that the system is up-to-date. The reason being an outdated HCM technology will shove your business into troubled waters. 1. 10 Tricks Your Competitors Can Teach You About Employee Engagement. Employees are the backbone of any organisation. This is why a disconnected or disengaged workforce is not a good omen for a business. So how do entrepreneurs and business managers ensure that their employees stay devoted towards their colleagues, work and most importantly, towards the organisation in general? Why We Love Internet Of Things (IoT) (And You Should, Too!) - Tech Sparkle.

Most of us have come across the term “IoT” (Internet of Things) by now, but a few are aware of its possibilities and doors that it can open up for consumers and businesses alike. IoT that has been long associated with the smart home concept is fast catching up heat amidst businesses as well, as it can offer tangible and real benefits that go beyond smart homes. Unfortunately, businesses fail to recognise that IoT can play an integral role in streamlining and simplifying day-today business operations. It is not the ‘sensor’, which makes IoT this cool, but in fact, it is all about providing a holistic experience to the end users.

Human Resource Management System. Why We Love Payroll Evaluation (And You Should, Too!) Human resources personnel and payroll administrators have a lot do than paying employees. This includes tracking salary, deductions and benefits, updating the management with key payroll statistics and communicating with various departments in a company. This is why it is imperative to evaluate payroll goals to help measure the various operations carried out by these people. Also read: Payroll, HR & Accounts Payable: The 5 W’s and (How) Here it is advisable to ensure that the KPIs you pick for assessment are measurable and explicit in order to determine how you are faring with the payroll game and make the necessary enhancements, if any. Remunerating your Staff The core function of payroll is remunerating the staff with appropriate amounts after tax deductions and benefits calculations.

Embracing Changes. Human Resource Audits: Why Your Business Needs One?  Human resources department is one of the integral departments in a business. This is because it manages the company’s most vital asset i.e. its staff. 4 Hacks that will make Life Easier for Your HR. “Loads of work, little time at hand.” Employee Self Service- Empower Your Workforce. CRM Software Solution for Hospitality Industry India - Sage Software. CRM Software for Real Estate Industry India – Sage Software. In the real estate sector, Customer Relationship Management is the core in organizing, streamlining and selling. 6 Reasons to get a Performance Management Software this Year. Be it a startup or an established firm, poor and inappropriate performance management reviews are a huge turnoff to its employees. Employee performance reviews happen on half-yearly, quarterly, annually or monthly basis depending on the organisation’s employment regulations and policies.

The traditional way of measuring an employee’s performance, often time-consuming and prone to errors is fast becoming obsolete these days. This is the reason businesses all over are killing the stone-age practice of performance reviews. Healthcare CRM Software for Medical Industry India- Sage Software. Sage CRM for healthcare industry and related sectors such as pharma, medical, medicine and life sciences helps to streamline critical business operations, improve patient care, curb operational costs, increases loyalty and enhances communications all throughout a healthcare facility or hospital.

Best CRM Software. HR and the Tech Boom: Plan now or Perish later! - Humanengineers. What will the future be like for HR? - Digital Doughnut. The downpour of future is impacting the way we travel, live, work and do business. It’s 2017, How Advance is your HCM Solution? Best ERP Software Solution for Ecommerce Business India- Sage Software. In this Age of Big Data, Do you need an HR Data Scientist? ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry India- Sage Software. CRM Software Solution for Retail Industry India - Sage Software. Is Cloud Technology shaping up our Work Culture? Is It Time To Kill The Dinosaur Practice Of Annual Performance Reviews? - EXEIdeas – Let's Your Mind Rock.

5 Tips to Manage Your Human Resources. Accounting Software. Healthcare ERP Software Solution for Medical Industry - Sage Software. The best advice ever to tackle payroll fraud. CRM Software Solution for Hospitality Industry India - Sage Software. HR & HRMS: The New Hit Duo of Today’s Workplace. ERP Software for Real Estate Industry India – Sage Software. All these Big Business Benefits can be yours with Cloud HCM. CRM Software Solution for Banking Sector in India – Sage Software. How to Convince your Boss to Invest in HR Tech? ERP Software Solution for Food and Beverage Industry India - Sage Software.

Sage business Software. The Stark Difference between a Leader and a Boss: Silver Lining! 5 Key Elements for Human Resources Changeover. Why investing in Cloud Payroll Software can be your Best Bet? Tips to Scale up your HR in 2017. 5 Line of Life Features Every HR Software Must Have. Budget-Friendly Payroll Software for SME. 5 HRM Skills Every HR Manager Must Have. How Leave Management Software can benefit your Business. Why HR Technology is selling like Hot Cupcakes? 4 Trends that will Turbocharge HR functions in 2017  Payroll Confidentiality in India: Is it a Taboo? 5 Undeniable Reasons a Business should invest in Cloud HR Software. Attendance Management System: Why your business needs one? HR Tip: Getting over Workplace Productivity Paradox.

8 Reasons To Break-up With Legacy HR Software And Move To Cloud. HR and The Digital Explosion: Plan now or Perish later? Cloud to be the New Normal for Payroll in 2017 and beyond. How the HR Department could get Less Human in Future? 4 Flashing Signs your Payroll System needs a Reboot, Like Now! 5 Leave Management Tips for HR Managers. Mobility Trends: The Next Big Thing for HR! Human Resources and Digital Explosion: Act Now or Perish Later! The Thin Line between HR & Payroll: Fact-Check!

Managing Payroll: Is DIY The Best Resort? Payroll Fraud: Everything You Should Know. 9 Ways a Manager can Win the Trust of his Employees. Cyber Security Threats and the Role of HR. 3 Clever Steps for HRs to Simplify Payroll Decoded. Mobile Apps: The Next Big Thing in HR Technology. 5 Little-Known Benefits of Leave Management System. Deploying New HR Technology? Here's how to go about it. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Employee Management System: Why Your Business Needs One? 5 Things your Employees expect from HR Technology - Blog.

7 Best Kept Time Tracking Secrets for HR. Why IT and HR need to team up? 6 foolproof ways to scale up your startup in 2017 and beyond. Payroll, HR & Accounts Payable: The 5 W's and (How) 5 Little Known yet Great Advantages of Cloud Payroll  4 Reasons CEOs Should Never Ignore Employee Feedback during M&A - Rescue a CEO. 3 Tech Trends That Are Reshaping Payroll As We See It! Anwarshaikh. 5 Costly Mistakes Business Leaders Commit in Today's Digital Era. How to Increase Productivity of Your Company with Payroll Software - Blog. How to find the right HRMS solution? GST Rates Finalised: It's a Four-Tier Tax Structure. Startup Killing Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make. 10 Tips to Finding the Perfect Payroll Soulmate for your Business. Social Media & Recruitment - Things HR should know. Automate Full and Final Settlement of employees with Payroll Software. Reasons to reboot your Performance Appraisal System.

7 Reasons Attendance Management System Is HR's Best Buddy.