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New report - digital technologies are having a positive impact on student achievement - 2020 Communications Trust. A new report on digital technologies in schools, released today by the 2020 Trust, indicates that over 75% of schools are noticing an impact on student achievement as a result of using digital technologies in classrooms.

New report - digital technologies are having a positive impact on student achievement - 2020 Communications Trust

But Trust Chair, Laurence Millar, says the rapid growth of personal digital devices used by students for learning appears to be creating new challenges for schools. “It is encouraging to see that most schools (75%) already include personal digital devices in their ICT (information and communication technology) plans or are planning to within the next 12 months,” said Laurence Millar.

Everything You Need to Know about SAMR in These Three Graphics. 50 Little-Known Ways Google Docs Can Help In Education. Google Docs is such an incredible tool for college students, offering collaboration, portability, ease of use, and widespread acceptance. But there are so many options, both hidden and obvious, that there’s a good chance you’re not using Google Docs to its fullest capability.

We’ve discovered 50+ great tips for getting the most out of Google Docs as a student , with awesome ideas and tricks for collaboration, sharing, and staying productive. Access your documents from anywhere : Whether you’re in your dorm room or the school library, you can access your Google Docs. Take advantage of this to make it easy to do your work on-the-go.

Use Docs reference tools : Take advantage of the Define option to use Docs’ built in dictionary, as well as a thesaurus and an encyclopedia available for use right in your document. 10 Excellent Social Bookmarking Tools for Teachers. February, 2014 Social bookmarking is a new concept that has seen the light with the emergence of bookmarking services like the ones I cited below.Semantically speaking, ' social bookmarking' is made up of the the term " social " which is related to society and general interactions between people, and the verb " to bookmark " (used here as a gerund ending in ing) which has to do with recording and/or saving content for both later use and quick access.

10 Excellent Social Bookmarking Tools for Teachers

Weaving the semantic reference of the two words results in social bookmarking as we know it today : a collaborative and collective saving and sharing of web content.' Below are some of the best social bookmarking websites I would recommend to teachers and students. Have a look and let us know what you think of them on our Facebook page. 1- Diigo This is my favourite tool for socialbookmarking. 2- Livebinders This is another powerful tool for saving and organizing your bookmarks. 3- 4- Pinterest.

12 Roles For Google Drive In The Classroom. What’s In a Selfie? March 4, 2014 by tomwhitby Well, if you watched the Academy Awards last week, you witnessed the global impact that social media has in the world.

What’s In a Selfie?

Ellen DeGeneres was able to take a picture of a group of actors that, in the first half hour of it being posted, was re-tweeted 700,000 times, which temporarily knocked Twitter off the Internet. It has now become the number one tweet of all time. That is one example of the effect that social media is continuing to have in countries around the world. We should not lose sight of the fact that many, many people were following the Oscar show hashtag to share the experience of the program with others. Many actors are using social media to connect with fans. What does any of this have to do with education? Ellen DeGeneres’s picture is small potatoes to what educators can put out. Eliminate Tech from the Education Discussion.

February 26, 2014 by tomwhitby After five decades of being an educator, I am growing weary of the constant discussion over the divide between education and technology.

Eliminate Tech from the Education Discussion

When will we reach a point where we will discuss Education, teaching and learning without having to debate technology? The idea of learning hasn’t changed since the beginning of time. We learn to survive and improve. Much like breathing, it is what we do naturally. Education addresses learning and teaching for specific goals. If we analyze and list all the skills that we deem essential to teach, I think there would be a great deal of commonality without regard to any country.

What has changed in education since the late seventies is not the specific skills we teach, but how they will be used. The very skills that we as educators are charged to teach our kids will be used in a technology-driven society. The biggest problem with technology is the pace at which it evolves. Rate this: i 7 Votes Like this: Like Loading...

Melulater: Educamp Rotovegas 22 February 2014. On Saturday 22 February I attended Educamp Rotovegas at Mokoia Intermediate in Rotorua.

Melulater: Educamp Rotovegas 22 February 2014

If you haven't been to an Educamp before, this is what they are all about: A bunch of teachers converge on a school on a Saturday, at no cost to anyone, and they share their knowledge. It is based on the unconference format - this means that it is not based on a rigid format and timetable where you have to be in a certain workshop at a certain time. Twitter.