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Sesame Street Workshop. Société pour la promotion de l'enseignement de l'angla. LangCanada.ca. Service national du RÉCIT du domaine des langues. ELC Study Zone. About the Study Zone The Study Zone is for students of the English Language Centre (ELC) at the University of Victoria.

ELC Study Zone

ELC teachers create the English language lessons and practice exercises. The site is designed for our adult English language learners, but all are welcome to read the lessons and use the exercises. News and Feedback The comments on the Study Zone blog have been great! Who visits Study Zone? This map shows the visitors to this page only. All levels: Grammar Index What do I do? First, choose your level. Study Zone is made up of levels. Where am I now? The menu at the top of each page tells you where you are. Enchanted Learning. SFSKIDS. KidRocket.org. The Bus Stop. Kiddyhouse.com. Play Music.