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InMoov 3D Printed Robot

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InMoov is a life size 3D printed humanoid robot designed by Gael Langevin. Based on open-source software, with a thriving community of tinkerers refining its design and software, it's a large scale maker project ready-made for those interested in 3D printing, arduino, or robots.

InMoov Homepage. InMoov » Finger Starter Tutorial Step by Step. This is going to be interesting!! We are going to assemble a finger to a small servo for testing it with an Arduino board. The servo I used on the pictures is a digital HK15298 but you can use also a cheap analog MG995 or even cheaper if you find and if the size specifications are the same. The Arduino board used here is a Arduino Uno. It is best to add an external power supply because even if these servos are small they draw too much current which will or might reboot your board. At the end of this tuto, there is also a picture that illustrate how to simply connect your servo to the board. REMEMBER: this connection set up can only power a single servo with low Amps drawing, if your board resets itself, or if the servo jitters, it means your servo is to high power consumption for the power pin. For connections and power supply you can see HERE.

The pulling rods I use on this tuto is a fishing nylon, but it is not what works the best because it tends to stretch overtime. InMoov » Finger Starter Files on Thingiverse. InMoov parts and derivatives collection. Description This a miscellaneous of all my parts and derivatives created by other builders. View More Collection Cover Remove Shoulder cover left/right for inMoov by juergm Apr 7, 2015 Servo Wheel for InMoov by matthiasm Jun 28, 2015 Parloma's Forearm by parloma Feb 27, 2015 InMoov - full front skull no holes by zazics Jun 18, 2015 InMoov - Top back skull no holes by zazics Jun 19, 2015 Inmoov TStomPotHolderv1 for Rectangular Pot by InfidelFish Jul 22, 2015 InMoov bicep rotGear/rotWorm replacement (lower ratio) *experimental* by mhespenh Jun 6, 2015 Articulating Neck Joint for InMoov in millimeter from Bob Houston by RentaPrinter Jun 2, 2015 InMoov LowerStomach by aandrejj May 26, 2015 InMoov Foot Parts. by aandrejj Jun 2, 2015. InMoov Extrusion Molded.

InMoov demos on YouTube.