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The Modern Library. Kingdom_spork: Woo-hoo! Another spork! Title: Visions of CrimsonAuthor: VIII and XIIIRating: Full Name (including any titles): RoxasFull Species(es): Nobody Ukeficatus CharacterusHair Color (include adjectives): As canonEye Color (include adjectives): As canonUnusual Markings/Colorations/Physical Features: Separate from Sora, somehow.Special Possessions (if any): I’d say keyblades, but for some reason those get relatively little use.

kingdom_spork: Woo-hoo! Another spork!

Origin: The obsessed mind of an Akuroku fan with a non-con kink.Connections To Canon Characters: Claim to be themSpecial Abilities: None as far as I’ve seen.Other Annoying Traits: Uke to where all I want to do is slap sense into him, not pity him. Welcome to! Lincoln City Libraries. Free eBooks for your iPad, smartphone, or eBook reader. Food for the mind. Sell Used Books.