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How Anxiety Works and How You Can Dissolve it. 12th December 2015 By Tomasz Kopec, MD Guest Writer for Wake Up World I work as a family doctor and I often see patients complaining of anxiety and panic attacks.

How Anxiety Works and How You Can Dissolve it

At one time, my local counselling service was very slow and the only help I could offer those people was a promise that someone will contact them in 2-3 months. It did not sound right to me. I had to find a way to help them during my appointments. I had to find a method of helping them without listening to the story. I started researching it and I was surprised to learn that there are quite a few such methods around. This is How I Help My Patients to Understand How Anxiety Works First I ask them to become anxious about this ‘thing’ while they sit in front of me. When they finish, I ask how they know the anxiety has become worse. Then I explain – ‘The moment you try to become more anxious you think about someone or something that triggers the anxiety. Then I Explain More… For example, muscle spasm can be felt as:

10 ejercicios para practicar la atención plena. Este mes me voy a enfocar en la atención plena o mindfulness, como se está llamando últimamente.

10 ejercicios para practicar la atención plena

¿Habéis tenido alguna vez la sensación de que vuestra vida está acelerada? ¿La sensación de no tener tiempo para hacer todo lo que tenemos que hacer, y de que los segundos se nos van como arena entre los dedos? Yo sí he tenido esa sensación, más de una vez. Vivimos en una época de estrés, velocidad y ruido (externo y mental). Estamos sobreintoxicados con información y tareas.

Nos movemos rápidamente a través del día, cada día. El día de hoy no es la preparación para el mañana. Pero…¿cómo se puede traer la paz y la calma en medio de un estresante y caótico día? No importa que tus días estén fuera de control, no importa lo estresante de tu trabajo… La vida enfocada en la atención plena puede convertirse en un oasis. Cosas que me impiden tener atención plena Hay ciertas cosas que me impiden tener un día tranquilo, con atención plena y enfocado en el presente. Meditar cada día. En 2015. 10 ejercicios para practicar la atención plena. 3 Simple Ways to Help Yourself when you are Overly-Anxious. If you suffer from any level of anxiety, you know one thing: it can be frustrating as hell.

3 Simple Ways to Help Yourself when you are Overly-Anxious

You know in your mind that you shouldn’t be anxious or that you don’t even want to be anxious, but it still happens. What’s worse is that anxiety can be crippling, no matter how hard we try to fight it off. Personally, my problem with anxiety is that when I am experiencing it, I blame myself. I beat myself up about it, and say things to myself like, “just get over it.” As if it were that simple. Identify with Others First and foremost, you have to remember that we are human. Get Out of Your Own Head Anxiety can be all-consuming at times. Root Yourself in the Present The biggest problem I personally had with anxiety was “what if’ing” myself. Mechanics of emotions: Anxiety. By Hanan Parvez When worry becomes more real than a passing thought and gets mixed with fear and a sense of loss of control, the feelings of anxiety are experienced by a person.

Mechanics of emotions: Anxiety

The symptoms of anxiety include increasedheart-beat, lack of concentration, restlessness, irritability, self-consciousness, nail-biting and even insomnia. Lack of concentration makes a person commit silly mistakes in actions and speech because his mind's processing system is busy with processing anxiety. What causes anxiety? Anxiety is an emotion that your subconscious sends you whenever it finds that you are unprepared to deal with an immediate or upcoming situation. Suppose you were unsure about your public speaking skills and your college professor announced that there’s going to be a presentation next week and everyone will have to participate. If, however, you couldn't manage to miss college that day, then under the pressure of anxiety, you may try your best to avoid that particular class.