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E-artsup - ecole de multimedia - école de création numérique - école de graphisme. ANGIE. Le magazine du design graphique. La cuisine du graphiste. Freelance Designers: Graphic Design. Freelances Communication Marketing Graphistes. Design Informer - The Latest in Web and Graphic Design. A Craft Of Consequences: Reader, Writer And Emotional Design Before the very first page of a book has been read, you've already analyzed it in countless ways without even noticing.

Design Informer - The Latest in Web and Graphic Design

The paper stock, the thickness of the binding, the aroma, the color of the type and even the texture of the cover; the very character of the book is being dissected by the hand and eye at every moment. In this brief second there is a dialogue between the reader and the object. This conversation is subtle and complex, but for most people it is entirely subconscious. This is because we rarely think about these things — we feel them instead.

Read more... Designing for the Mind Do you know what makes a design good? Read more... The Process of Creativity The creative attribute has always been a highly debated and researched component of the human psyche. Contrary to previous belief, creativity does not limit itself to the “right-brained” artistic types. Read more... Content Meaning You’ve heard the questions before. Buy and Sell Graphic Design Templates. HTML Email Template Design and Coding Service — Smashing Magazine - Page 2. Design Principles: Visual Perception And The Principles Of Gestalt This article is part of a new series about design principles that can serve both as a refresher for seasoned designers and reference for newcomers to the industry.

Smashing Magazine - Page 2

Hopefully, the content covered here isn't too obvious and self-explanatory, but it's always great to have a nice quick refresher every now and again, isn't it? — Ed. In 1910, psychologist Max Wertheimer had an insight when he observed a series of lights flashing on and off at a railroad crossing. It was similar to how the lights encircling a movie theater marquee flash on and off. To the observer, it appears as if a single light moves around the marquee, traveling from bulb to bulb, when in reality it's a series of bulbs turning on and off and the lights don't move it all. Read more... Smashing Mystery Riddle: Have You Figured It Out Yet? By now, you might actually know how it works. How does it work? Read more... Read more... A Modern Designer’s Canvas Read more... Find Freelance Jobs & Freelancers -

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