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Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People. By Toby W.

Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People

Rush This page includes links to each of the individual Music Theory pages I've created in PDF form. This is a work in progress; I am writing new ones regularly and fixing errors and omissions on existing ones as I find them. If you find them useful for your theory studies, you are welcome to use them, and if you find errors or have suggestions, I invite you to contact me. Enjoy! These pages are available for free under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. This collection is a work in progress, but if you would prefer, you can download all the current pages as a single PDF. If this makes you excited enough that you'd like to purchase a theory-related shirt, hat, bag, button or sticker, visit my T-shirts And Other Stuff page.

Best UK Web Hosting Reviews. This Stanley Kubrick-Alfred Hitchcock Mashup Is a Film Geek's Wet Dream. There's a genre of mildly pretentious film buff who geeks out over Stanley Kubrick films like A Clockwork Orange and 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Shining, and wants to talk about AI as a what-might-have been.

This Stanley Kubrick-Alfred Hitchcock Mashup Is a Film Geek's Wet Dream

And there's another genre of film geek who goes insane over Alfred Hitchcock, constantly streaming Vertigo and Psycho and Rear Window, and re-reading that Truffaut book 100 times. And sometimes these two groups overlap. This mashup called "The Red Drum Gateway" from a clever French outfit called Gump Studio brings together Kubrick and Hitchcock in a way that is extremely satisfying.

It starts with an unhinged Jack Nicholson moving in across Jimmy Stewart's Greenwich Village apartment complex courtyard, and by the time Pvt. Lawrence from Full Metal Jacket shows up, things have gotten trippy. For more from Gump Studio, check out their reel. Read More: Uk.businessinsider. Etienne Garbugli Most people learn time management the hard way: by trial and error.


Étienne Garbugli, a Montreal-based product and marketing consultant, the author of "Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want," and the creator of "Control Alt Deceit," a card game designed to replicate the process of starting a business, distilled the lessons he wishes he'd known when he was 20. Across the USA by Train for Just $213. Turns out, you don’t need a car to see America.

Across the USA by Train for Just $213

By popular demand, I’ve decided to start a travel planning service specialized in train travel. I’ll answer all your questions, arrange your entire trip, and book all your tickets for a small service fee of $49. Submit your booking request here to get started! Available 2017. Traveling coast-to-coast across the United States by train is one of the world’s greatest travel experiences. The American railroads are reminiscent of a bygone era. Today, the USA still has an excellent rail network for visitors that’ll take you to almost all the towns and cities a visitor would want to see. In December 2011, I traveled from San Francisco to New York by train.This is my trip in pictures. Follow me Keep up with my latest adventures The 3,400-mile coast-to-coast train ride takes 4 days if you do it without stopovers.

The train doesn’t technically depart from San Francisco but 20 minutes away in Emeryville. New Surreal Collages by Eugenia Loli. Since we last featured works by collage artist Eugenia Loli (previously) her works have popped up all over the place from Wired Magazine, New Scientist, and a recent series of 5 collages for Cosmopolitan out next month (she also made the collage that appears atop this very publication).

New Surreal Collages by Eugenia Loli

Uk.businessinsider. Getty Images, Justin Sullivan From the time Google was a tiny startup, it's been using an internal grading system for employees call Objectives and Key Results, or OKR.


OKR is a simple system that helps a company organize and execute its goals. It starts at the top, and travels down the chain of command within a company. Google didn't invent the OKR system. Domina los atajos de teclado de Adobe con esta chuleta. Los diseñadores sabemos lo engorroso que resulta tener que abrir los menús cada 2 minutos y buscar la opción que queremos en la lista.

Domina los atajos de teclado de Adobe con esta chuleta

Por norma general, los diseñadores trabajamos con una (o dos, en caso de los programadores) manos en el teclado y la otra en el ratón, por lo que apartar la mano del teclado para coger el ratón y buscar en los menús lo que queremos encontrar es una pérdida de tiempo. Es un proceso que a la larga nos hace perder mucho tiempo.

Los atajos de teclado fueron creados para evitar perder tiempo en coger el ratón y trabajar más rápido. Todos conoceréis los atajos más típicos como Crtl+Z para deshacer, Crtl+C para copiar o Crtl+V para pegar. Pero los atajos de teclado van mucho más allá. Redactar todos estos atajos sería un sinsentido ya que nadie puede asimilar tanta información de un golpe, pero tener una chuleta a mano puede resultarnos útil, sobre todo si estáis aprendiendo. 7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness and Super-Charge your Dreams. Originally featured on EWAO by Laura Weber.

7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness and Super-Charge your Dreams

Herbs and plants are an integral part of the life that exists on our planet on every level. Plants are our food, our medicine, and are also catalysts to the expansion of our consciousness. Makerbook - The best free resources for creatives.