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Reporting an entry If this image belongs to you or is your intellectual property, please submit a copyright notification instead of reporting it. We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. Chucha ! on we heart it / visual bookmark #50018124 Chucha ! on we heart it / visual bookmark #50018124
navel piercing | The Piercing Bible navel piercing | The Piercing Bible I received a message from a woman who had questions about navel piercing and pregnancy: Hi! I've just gotten my belly pierced 2 days ago. Now I'm worried that it'll leave a scar because this morning I was positive that I'm pregnant. Should I take it off now?
How Long Do You Need To Let A Belly Button Ring Heal Before Swimming? The ideal time to get a navel piercing is during cooler months, when you most likely will not be swimming. However, for those who want a belly button ring but swim competitively or for exercise, there are ways to protect your new piercing from pool chemicals and bacteria. If you have a new piercing but must get into the water, take proper care of your navel piercing to keep it from getting irritated or infected. How Long Do You Need To Let A Belly Button Ring Heal Before Swimming?
The Most Expensive Dogs The Most Expensive Dogs Nature | September 1, 2011 / views: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/weirdex/public_html/includes/functions_core.php on line 260 8,205 I don’t know what you think, but for me the dog is really man's best friend - a friendship can’t be bought, so I think that is totally wrong to give so much money for a dog. In any case, we present you the most expensive dog breeds in the world. Red Tibetan Mastiff The Most Expensive Dogs
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Ask Your Pendulum - Crystal Energies A form of quartz, Jasper is a stone that comes in many different colors and varieties, often with stripes or spots. It is a strong healing and calming stone that some call the Nurturing Stone. Jasper is considered useful as an everyday stone - helping to find practical solutions for everyday problems. It calms emotions and grounds and balances opposing energies. Ask Your Pendulum - Crystal Energies
Ask Your Pendulum - How to Use a Pendulum Ask Your Pendulum - How to Use a Pendulum To jump straight to the Step-by-Step How To Use a Pendulum Guide below, click here. Important NOTICE: The following information is copyrighted by Eva Browning, 2009-2014. Feel free to print them out for personal use or to share with a small study group. If you want to reprint or republish these instructions - in whole or in part - you must first obtain my written consent. If you would like to link this page no permission needed.
Divinity - Dragon Commander Divinity - Dragon Commander "Divinity: Dragon Commander was seriously fun. I laughed at ham-fisted parody of real world social injustice, I cried at the steep learning curve of online multiplayer, and I was thrilled at being a dragon with a jetpack. This is a game that deserves to be lauded for how well it manages to do so many things at once rather than be nitpicked. It’s something that deserves your time. Also, I don’t if I mention this yet, it has dragons with jetpacks." 8/10
Races Stats - Skyrim Wiki Guide Hold up, buddy. To edit this page, you'll need a username. (It's free and only takes a sec.) Argonian Races Stats - Skyrim Wiki Guide
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Hello Reddit, I'll be here from 1:00-1:30pm EST to answer your questions. I'd also like to take this opportunity to invite Reddit to take part in the Climate Reality Project's 24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report. This is a live internet broadcast, intended to unite people around the world in demanding action to address the climate crisis. Despite overwhelming scientific consensus, climate change deniers continue to stand in the way of meaningful solutions and the reality-based community cannot afford to stay silent any longer. Please share this link and encourage others to tune in and participate during The Dirty Weather Report; people across the globe are already joining our efforts, and we need your help! I am Al Gore, founder and chairman of the Climate Reality Project – AMA : IAmA I am Al Gore, founder and chairman of the Climate Reality Project – AMA : IAmA
We have more Gods and Goddesses than you can shake a stick at. Our Mythology Encyclopedia features over 3,700 weird and wonderful Supreme Beings, Demons, Spirits and Fabulous Beasts from all over the world. Explore ancient legends and folklore, and discover Gods of everything from Fertility to Fluff with Godchecker... Mythology Encyclopedia. Browse the pantheons of mythology and meet weird and wonderful Gods from around the world. We're adding new information all the time as our mythology database expands to infinite size. - Your Guide To The Gods - Your Guide To The Gods
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Employment Background Checks: Your Legal Rights Posted by Amanda DiSilvestro on March 14, 2012 in Employee Background Checks [ 3 Comments ] Employers have both a legal and moral obligation to conduct background checks before taking you on as an employee. The reasons why speak for themselves. According to the Small Business Administration: 30% of small business failure is caused by employee theft.Internal employee-related thefts occur 15 times more often than external theft.
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