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Digital Marketing Agency - The Digi Friends. People using Google to get any kind of information.

Digital Marketing Agency - The Digi Friends

Google uses search engine optimization to present information to users. If your website is upper from Google’s search result so maximum people will get to know about your business and website. That’s why you have to make your website according to Google’s Search Engine Optimization. There are two types of SEO On-Page SEO: On-page SEO is the act of optimizing individual website pages to rank higher and acquire progressively significant traffic in web indexes or search engines. Off-Page SEO: Whatever you are doing beyond the page to get traffic on your website or to enhance the rank of your website either on Google or any Social media site is refer to Off-page SEO.

Approx. 80 percent of organizations utilize search engine optimization (SEO). Still Contemplating about Digital Marketing!!! - Findurspace. Considering the recent COVID-19 issues, businesses have been immensely impacted.

Still Contemplating about Digital Marketing!!! - Findurspace

Wherever you go and however busy the markets used to be, its pin-drop silence now. No one to be seen for not just meters but kilometers. We can make this as a blessing in disguise for you by making your business go digital. As they say, every problem is an opportunity for businesses. Website Company’s Virtual FACE. Through this blog, I wanted to share a real-time experience we have had as a leading digital marketing team and a website development company.

Website Company’s Virtual FACE

About a few months back, we met the owner of a leading khadi seller across pan India. He wanted our help on digital marketing as “as per him”, his web site wasn’t yielding results as he expected from such a lavish web site. As a matter of fact, let me tell you that his website was not created by us, we met them as a consultant as it was not working out for them.

After a few telephonic conversations, we got to meet the owner and review the website with him. At this point let me remind you he was a seller of khadi material, after reviewing his website we realized that the front page had all international models using his khadi stuff and basis our analysis that was a major point why the Indian population was not considering their stuff. Digital Marketing company and its impacts. In today's era, everything has gone online.

Digital Marketing company and its impacts

The Internet has made today’s era simple, easy and effortless so that we can enjoy many facilities online. This is also a big reason why Digital marketing company in India are increasing day by day. We can easily do many things from anywhere like online shopping, ticket booking, recharges, bill payments, online transactions, etc. through the internet. Due to this, people are selecting online marketing instead of going outside and also entrepreneurs approving digital marketing.If we look at the market stats, about 80% of shoppers do online research before buying any product or taking service. In this situation, online marketing is becoming more loving for marketers as well as businesspersons. Why Digital Marketing Is Necessary? Demand for digital marketing in present times.Changes are necessary, no one can be built themselves without any change. How Employees can be Productive from Home: Advice for Employers.

In the recent outbreak of COVID 19, many companies have asked their employees to work from home or have reduced their onsite manpower to around 10% of the total size to avoid the spread of the virus.

How Employees can be Productive from Home: Advice for Employers

Work From Home still seems to be a farfetched idea to many especially those companies whose management is a bit old school and believed that work can be done only at the office, they fear that allowing employees working from home would promote lethargies and would affect productivity and lead to a loss in control.Today we are going to understand different methods and ways in which an employer can implement to make work from home a productive and cost-effective way of working. 1. Online Communication In today’s advance technology world, connecting to people from all parts of the globe is quite easy, so if an employee is working from home his supervisor or boss can be in touch with him or her through different online meeting platforms link hangouts, zoom, skype for business, etc. 2. 3. Best Digital Marketing company In India - Findurspace. Help US Help You is a way of life at search engine optimization (SEO).

Role of HR in Controlling COVID-19 at Work place - Procure HR. Human Resource professionals like us who may represent consulting companies, business HR have a responsibility today to advise, handle and address a critical situation which Corona Virus Pandemic has posed.

Role of HR in Controlling COVID-19 at Work place - Procure HR

Continuous communication, Awareness, Education, and Participation of employees will be extremely effective; the easier we can make it for them to participate, the greater the engagement we will achieve and together we can devise a coping strategy. Some of the critical roles of HR in COVID – 19 are mentioned below: Awareness and Information flow: We can be proactive and share accurate information with our employees, management team and employees at the client end about coronavirus. HR teams should keep employees safe at work by educating them about: Workplace Hygiene When someone who has COVID-19 coughs, sneezes or exhales they release droplets of infected fluid.

Learning & Development-L&D - Procure HR. Our framework of L&D is focused to create a culture where managers want to develop their team members and are valued for that effort, and where all employees are encouraged to learn new skills and share them.

Learning & Development-L&D - Procure HR

And with all other corporate initiatives, the company has designed a virtual platform to promote this culture.. At ProcureHR we have created a Digital workplace to provide ways for employees to collaborate on work projects and interact with each other regardless of their location. This would enhance social collaboration, sourcing skills and experience, and interacting with peers throughout the company. We firmly believe that by using L&D mechanism, developing talent is the best and cheapest way to staff from the HR perspective. Precisely the greatest benefit of L&D in a digital workplace for employee lies in its knowledge management capabilities.

Last but not the least, promoting internal mobility through training leads to a more engaged and loyal workforce. Are We HR Compliant ? - Procure HR. This question pops up more and more as our economy gets bigger and more avenues for the rise of new startups, business expansions, merger acquisition and especially when we talk of collaborations or to expand our business.

Are We HR Compliant ? - Procure HR

The government comes out with new laws and regulations and there are frequent changes to compliances that all businesses are expected to follow. For a successful running of an organization it is important for us to be fully compliant on these laws or regulations. In case of a merger or selling off of a business, buyers and investors would also be looking into the fact on whether the company is following government laws and policies.

Let’s guide you and your organization to start the journey of being compliant on various labour laws. Recruitment Trends In Store for 2020 - Procure HR. Before the end of any event or year for that matter, we mentally prepare for what’s to come.

Recruitment Trends In Store for 2020 - Procure HR

“Will I land that client?” “Which candidates will I meet this year?” Or, “What will the year 2020 bring for my industry?” Setting-up Team and Employee Goals - Procure HR. Using Employee Feedback for Excellence - Procure HR. Current Market and HR Implications - Procure HR. The HR Industry is fast gaining ground.

Current Market and HR Implications - Procure HR

They are no longer a small and slow department but crucial members in the major business decision making process. HR Leaders are pushing towards improving their employees’ skills more than ever before. The focus is on helping their employees develop new skills and push them to climb higher up the corporate ladder. Proactive Managers critical for the success of HR function - Procure HR. As a proactive manager, you need to tell your HR department, what it is you really need.

Now that could sound like a lot of added work for you, but if HR hears from you and from a lot of other managers in your organisation, they’re far more likely to adapt to the needs of a rapidly changing world. Well a traditional HR department/HR Company has two major functions, helping to find and develop the best possible workers for the organisation, and a whole bunch of administrative activities. But those two functions require two totally different mindsets, and often they need completely different kinds of people to perform them. But if you’ve made your team’s deliverable a pool of problems to be solved. You’re in a much better position to leverage what your HR department can do for you. Help HR to understand the problems that you need to solve. Good luck! De-mystifying Performance Review - Procure HR. DIGTAL MARKETING SERVICES. Nowadays, millions of people’s are doing marketing or shopping over the internet doesn’t matter the purpose either It is grocery or clothing. While ago people was wasting their time by going to market.

Online marketing have saved people’s time and efforts that’s why those who have their particular shop or store are not getting the same crowd of people’s crowd which was seen before and it also seems difficult for them to gain profit. That’s why most of traders also going for Digital Marketing Services Companies for growing their business. Now we are going to discuss about our today’s topic i.e. Digital Marketing. How to score high in GENERAL AWARENESS section of SSC CGL EXAM? SSC CGL Exam has various sections to be prepared to score and qualify in the exam. General awareness is one such section from where candidates can score good marks to acquire a higher rank in the merit list. General awareness is asked in Tier I and Tier II.

The syllabus for GS is enormous but still, it should be given equal attention like other sections. Is self-study really helpful in cracking the IBPS CLERK exam? In era of coaching institutes driven education, it’s difficult to imagine and believe in the concept of “self-study”, where you have to master your strategy and work accordingly to deliver the needful on the exam day.

Against all odds, the concept of “self-study” is still believable to the greatest extent, if you are self-determined, committed and hard-working aspirant. Firstly, to crack a consequential exam like IBPS Clerk, you should first understand the dynamics of it and then decide the appropriate strategy of cracking it. Before preparing any strategy, you should first understand that it’s a career-driven and job oriented recruitment drive which not only demands aptitude or skills but your patience, temperament, and commitment level. Furthermore, the concept of “self-study” can deliver fruitful results if you pursue the following strategies with full dedication and they are: - 1. 2. The concept of “self-study” demands proper discipline and consistency in studying hours. 3. 4. Digital Marketing services companies. We at FUS firmly believe that the digital medium has immense reach and no stopping. We perfect the art of Website Designing including Responsive, Content Management Systems and Ecommerce web designs.

Mobile app has taken immense importance in a B2C environment and we cater to all types of Mobile App Designing and Marketing services. Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Imagine Create Achieve. Login.