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Online Database of Social Media Policies. Intégrer les réseaux sociaux dans sa strategie de communication. One Infinite Facebook Loop. I've started to notice a trend on brands' Facebook pages.

One Infinite Facebook Loop

Rather than landing on the Wall as the start page, you land on a special page with a branded image that includes links back to the brands' Web site.s This image map usually provides links back to the home page and a few other special pages. It's doesn't provide much more but is certainly more graphical than the normal Facebook stream. 5 Differences Between Social Media and Social Networking. Spreadsheet Aerobics: Actionable Measurement for Social Media. Photo by Metro Library and Archive I'm working with a small group of Packard Foundation grantees on a social media lab where they are implementing different social media experiments.

Spreadsheet Aerobics: Actionable Measurement for Social Media

Part of the process includes regular check-in calls to reflect on what we're learning. Definitive Guide to Social Media Strategy Before Tactics. It’s a debate that’s more common than you might think.

Definitive Guide to Social Media Strategy Before Tactics

Strategy or Tactics first when it comes to social media? Many companies approach their participation on the social web tentatively, picking a popular tool like Twitter, Facebook or for the more adventuresome, a blog. The exercise of setting up and populating a profile, friending others and seeing what happens is akin to the proverbial “throw spaghetti against wall to see if it sticks” school of marketing.

There’s a time and place for tactics, for strategy and for experimentation.