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Photography Trends and News, Creative Photo Editing Ideas

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Here’s How to Get #Trumped Today with Trump Hair Clipart. Today, say “You’re #Trumped!”

Here’s How to Get #Trumped Today with Trump Hair Clipart

To your friends, family and pets with our free Donald Trump hair clipart! Today is the Presidential Inauguration, the day we welcome the 45th president of the United States into office… And you probably have a lot of questions. What changes do we have in store for the next four years? How will the White House be redecorated? We have no answers. Creating the #TreeOfLife Brelfie With PicsArt. We’ve seen a lot of awesome edits on PicsArt, but recently, a new trend has taken over that’s truly resonated with all of us.

Creating the #TreeOfLife Brelfie With PicsArt

The #TreeOfLife edits are stunning breastfeeding images that highlight the beauty of mother and child in an artistic way. In a campaign to #normalizebreastfeeding, mamas all over the world are sharing #brelfies, and supporting each other through social media. What we love even more is how these women are editing photos not just for themselves, but as gifts for each other.

The spirit of collaboration and the celebration of life is definitely something PicsArt supports 100%. Celebrate 12 Days of Holiday Remixes! How to Give Your Double Exposures a Duotone Twist - Create + Discover the Art of Photo Editing - PicsArt. 5 Features We're Most Grateful for in 2016. Whether you’re having a #Friendsgiving with the squad or spending time around the dinner table with your family, Thanksgiving is the one day a year that we dedicate to putting aside all differences, negativity and worries to take part in a celebration of gratefulness.

5 Features We're Most Grateful for in 2016

And PicsArt has so much to be grateful for in 2016. Our fam has grown to over 80 million active users, which has led to even more AWESOME remixes, edits and photos. We’ve been able to roll out more and more tools to keep raising your photo editing game. I mean, woah, what a year it’s been. So, on this day of celebration, it’s only right we call out a few of our favorite features that have really brought joy to the PicsArt fam in 2016. Clipart Sometimes your pictures need a little extra love. Feel the Magic A new Harry Potter movie wasn’t the only magical thing to happen in 2016 — we cast a few magic spells of our own. Cut. The Ability to Transform Your World Did you ever want to be a Mermaid? You Ok. Yours Truly, Jerrell Taylor. Break the Internet with Your Very Own UFO Hoax - Create + Discover the Art of Photo Editing - PicsArt. PicsArt's 5 New Magic Effects Are Here! The Best #Sliced Photo Edits on PicsArt. Slicing up photos into floating pieces is definitely one of the coolest trends on PicsArt right now, so we had to round up some of our favorites.

The Best #Sliced Photo Edits on PicsArt

This elegant little trick has really carved out a creative niche for itself, and artists keep coming up with awesome new ways to use it. Seriously, we were jaws-on-the-floor at some of these edits. Check them out below, and find out why this trend has us in pieces. Bushwacking Slicing through brush never looked so elegant. Human Jenga This edit can stand up to any test, just don’t pull out that bottom block.

Haircut Painting over your slice with a thin line is a simple stylistic choice to make your slice pop. Mid-Jump Sliced up before she even left the ground. Magic Slice She didn’t only slice her balloon, she sliced her color palette. Portrait and Petals The extra pair of eyes was a nice touch. Letters and All. How to Win at Halloween Makeup With Halloween Clipart.

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Photography Ideas. Photography News. Top Tips for Shooting Your First Family Photography Session. How to Take Cool Food Photos in Your Refrigerator. Nothing gets me more excited creatively than coming up with different scenarios or ideas to further develop and hone my photography skills.

How to Take Cool Food Photos in Your Refrigerator

For me, this is what makes photography so interesting and never dull. Yes, it can be frustrating and challenging. However, there are so many ways and endless possibilities for capturing images. Bottled water in a refrigerator. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the phrase goes. I won’t spoil it for you by describing it in words. Got lemons – make lemonade Anyway, I had the misfortune back in July during a hot spell, of my refrigerator (or fridge is the term I use for this apparatus), deciding to just quit. An LED light inside a refrigerator. Taking photos inside a fridge sounds a bit daft, I hear you say. Shooting inside a fridge I approached this project in five ways: Taking photos of the food or items just using the LED light source inside the fridge.Try to create decent food shots while working with two major constraints, time and size.

The Shots. Check Out Our Fave Pop Art Inspo. There is too much amazing pop art floating around PicsArt to appreciate it all, but that won’t stop us from trying.

Check Out Our Fave Pop Art Inspo

Today, we’re rounding up some of our favorite pop art on PicsArt. There’s a lot of range and imagination in these edits, but they all have that unmistakable pop art feeling. They are loud, bright, sometimes nostalgic and always bursting with energy. Here are the pop edits that absolutely blew our hair back. Hypnotic Fruit Something about the Oil Painting Effect and swirling blue stripes is just mesmerizing. Nostalgic Pop An awesome riff on halftone dots for that classic comic look. How to Master the Art of the Flat Lay. Magic Video Now Supports □□ Live Photos□□ - Create + Discover the Art of Photo Editing - PicsArt.

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