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Eye Openers

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IfYouWereKing.mp4. Bill Cooper With Jordan Maxwell. 2013 What is the Illuminati? Skeptics see this - Amazing 48 minutes of Information. Illuminati Sellouts Exposed. LarkenRose's channel. US debt problem visualized: Debt stacked in 100 dollar bills. ‪Former FBI chief Ted Gunderson says 911 was an INSIDE JOB.‬‏ ‪Chief Ted Gunderson‬‏ CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate Through History. What is very interesting and revealing is to see where else this symbol pops up: On the insignias, flags, and seals of various governments (and other organizations) around the world: The flags of Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania...the Byzantine Imperial flag...the coat of arms of the Russian Federation...the crest for the former Austro-Hungarian empire...on and on.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate Through History

This then is the Syndicate's virtual stamp of ownership (as are many other Masonic/occultic symbols)--their way of saying these various entities are virtually created, owned and operated by the Syndicate. ‪The Story of Your Enslavement‬‏ World Deception 2 : NS Pt.02 (Stars and Stripes) 2010. ‪Hankel‬‏ ‪Ted Gunderson‬‏ World deception pt36.