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CLINIC - END YOUR PAIN. Fibro Friends: Frequency Specific Microcurrent. Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a system of energy medicine that employs low levels of electrical current in millionths of an ampere to stimulate the healing of specific health conditions.

Fibro Friends: Frequency Specific Microcurrent

The frequencies used in FSM are square wave electromagnetic pulses created by a battery operated device that supplies electricity on two channels firing at the same time. Specific frequencies address specific conditions with the frequency thought to address or neutralize the condition on one channel and the frequency thought to address the tissue on the other. The history of electromagnetic therapy devices started in the early 1900's when many medical and osteopathic physicians were exploring the use of frequencies to treat patients.

International Power Cords. E-LINK Exercise Overview. E-LINK Activities VideoE-LINK is computerized graded therapeutic exercise utilizing computer games for exercise.

E-LINK Exercise Overview

While the patient is playing the games, they are getting their exercise. The Activity Modules may be controlled by a variety of inputs, depending upon the patient's physical and cognitive status. Click on the 'Play Video' box on the right to view a short video of the Activity Modules in action. GX3 with integral electrodesE-LINK Activity Modules There is a large body of research, spanning decades, demonstrating the advantages of activity based exercise versus repetitive exercise. Exhibits wider range of motion Exercises for a longer period of time Reports less pain Rehabilitates faster Designed by Clinicians in the United Kingdom, E-LINK takes these well proven concepts and utilizes a computer environment to create a comprehensive system for functional rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise of the fingers, hand, upper and lower extremities, head, neck, and back.

Request Quote. Motion Analysis Products Home Page. Advanced Motion Measurement has a full line of motion capture and motion measurement products based on the study of biomechanics. Products are AMM 3D-Golf, AMM3D Optical 3D-Golf Analysis, Products. Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation - All medical device manufacturers in this category. Real-time 3D Gait Analysis Software and Systems. Normalize data by body weight, height, percentage of gait cycle, and stride lengthUse pre-defined 6 degree of freedom rigid bodies for fast, easy and accurate set-up Perform real-time data collection with no post-processing.Use pre-defined 6 degree of freedom rigid bodies for fast, easy and accurate set-up.Define virtual joint centers using Bell, Davis or Leardini methods or from user defined anatomical landmarks.Output all kinematic data including joint moments and forces using simple drop-down menus.Trigger data collection with forceplate impact or foot switches for hands-free collection.Normalize data by body weight, height, percentage of gait cycle, and stride length.Automatically ensemble average output data.

Real-time 3D Gait Analysis Software and Systems

DIERS Formetric II 3D/4D Stato-dynamical analysis of the spine, body structure and posture with software Virtual Spline 3.1 and VRS. DIERS Formetric II 3D/4D Stato-dynamical analysis of the spine, body structure and posture with software Virtual Spline 3.1 and VRS Listed in category: Medical Equipment / Practice Requirements > DIERS Formetric II 3D/4D Stato-dynamical analysis of the spine, body structure and posture with software Virtual Spline 3.1 and VRS from The analysis system allows for quick DIERS formetric 4D static and dynamic (functional) optical measurement of the back and spine.

DIERS Formetric II 3D/4D Stato-dynamical analysis of the spine, body structure and posture with software Virtual Spline 3.1 and VRS

The procedure is radiation free and works without contact. Variety of clinical problems for objective analysis of body posture and posture, scoliosis, and all forms of spinal deformities can be shown. The new 4D technology is groundbreaking for the entry into clinical functional measurement technique to increase the measurement accuracy (4D-averaging) and to avoid measurement errors caused by variances attitude. Source:[ Verfahren zur Analyse der Wirbelsäule, Körperstatik und Haltung. Πάνος Θ. Σκούτας Α.Ε. - Πελματογράφος. Πελματογράφος D.B.I.S.

Πάνος Θ. Σκούτας Α.Ε. - Πελματογράφος

System The biometric examination is performed using the Digital Biometric Images Scanning (D.B.I.S.) system that integrates the data obtained with various scientifically validated non-invasive apparatus produced by Diagnostic Support. Baropodometry. Live Cricket Streaming - Live Cricket - Watch Cricket Online - Free. Innovative Systems - Reha Technology. Spineforce : Machine. Armeo®Boom - Overhead sling suspension system. Armeo Therapy Concept. The Orthotic Group (Patient) – GaitScan™ The TOG GaitScan™ is an innovative diagnostic tool and digital casting device that allows practitioners to analyze patient biomechanics and order custom orthotic products.

The Orthotic Group (Patient) – GaitScan™

With 4096 sensors and a scan rate of 300 frames per second, GaitScan™ is the industry leader in dynamic scanning capabilities. What does this mean for you? A new, in-depth method of assessing your gait cycle with a dynamic scan gives your health care provider access to a wealth of information that cannot be obtained with the naked eye. Over a million points of data are recorded, tracking minor flaws in your biomechanics and shedding light on issues that if left untreated, could develop into painful conditions over time.

The TOG GaitScan™ is a valuable education tool that provides practitioners with a comprehensive biomechanical analysis for each patient as well as clear, concise images to assess and articulate the need for orthotic therapy. Kessler Rehabilitation Center Introduces Robotic Gait Training System. By Andy Choi The LokomatPro, made by Hocoma, is a sophisticated robotic gait retraining device for individuals with mobility impairments caused by spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions.

Kessler Rehabilitation Center Introduces Robotic Gait Training System

Vibration Plate Technology. Tree Root Growth - A PowerPoint Template from PresenterMedia. LokoMat Gait Training. The Lokomat® is the first robot-assisted modality used for ambulation therapy.

LokoMat Gait Training

While suspended above a treadmill in a secure and stabilizing harness, the robotic legs are fitted to the client’s legs and adjusted to facilitate a fluid, natural walking pattern. A personalized program is entered into the Lokomat’s computer controlling the walking pace and constantly monitoring the body’s response to the movement. Thanks to neuroplasticity (the ability of the nervous system to change its structures and functions), the human brain has the ability to learn new functions and to re-learn functions that have been lost. To re-learn complex movement sequences such as walking, two things are necessary. One is that the movement itself must be practiced repeatedly. Neuro Rehabilitation > Geo Robotic Gait System. Untitled. Polysomnography. Amadeo Hand Rehabilitation. Medical robots, Medical robotics.

Triton DTS TRT-600 Spine Therapy Table - Decompression Tables - Chiropractic Supplies. Buy Used Medical Physiotherapy Equipment. Body Composition Scale Physiologic analyzers and scales which assess human body fat composition.

Buy Used Medical Physiotherapy Equipment

These devices may determine body composition based on fat / fat free two component methods, or on several component methods. Bone Growth Stimulator Noninvasive devices which produce alternating magnetic fields to induce electro motive source in the area of interest in the bone. It is claimed that the tiny electrical potentials which are evoked near the bone accelerate its healing. Chiropractic Table Stationary tables for chiropractic patients receiving treatment. Chiropractic Therapy Diagnostic and Treatment equipment which can be used in the chiropractic practice. Chiropractic Water Massage Table Therapeutic modalities which combine water, heat and massage, for muscular and skeletal pain management, treatment of chiropractic patients and rehabilitation.