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We offer Wireless Router Help, Verizon Support Help and help Fix QuickBooks Errors & Fix Quicken® Errors. We deliver Mac Technical Support, IncrediMail Technical Support, Microsoft® Windows Support & Help under aegis of Intelli Atlas Inc,USA. IncrediMail Technical Support, Antivirus Technical Support Center, Microsoft outlook support, Quicken® Support Center and all other support services are delivered from our centralized technical support center in India with office headquatered in USA.

Windows 10 update and QuickBooks problems. The latest version of Windows needs no introduction as Windows 10 has already gained a ground in the competitive market.

Windows 10 update and QuickBooks problems

Thanks to lots of new added features as well as reintroduced functions (the start menu and Edge in place of Internet Explorer). Being an essential part of Microsoft’s upgrade strategy, Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade to all computers running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. It means that Windows users can easily download and install the software without adding any burden to their pockets. If truth be told, Windows has made it very convenient for all Windows users to download the update on to their computers and install the same promptly. With the new version, users have an option to get back to previous Windows versions within 30 days, if they are not satisfied with the OS performance for any reasons. In Windows 10, QB users can open the accounting software program, but they can’t open the company file. Enabling the Hey Cortana active listening feature. Microsoft Cortana, Google Now, and Apple Siri, all three of them have something common and that common thing is their ability to work as an intelligent personal assistant (PDA) and knowledge navigator.

Enabling the Hey Cortana active listening feature

All of them enable their users ‘wake up’ the phone and issue voice commands with a simple “OK Google, Hey Siri or Hey Cortana”, without even touching the phone. And all this happens because the device always listens voice commands actively. Like two of its rivals Google and Apple, Windows 10 has Microsoft Cortana. Moreover, Cortana does not accept voice commands by default, until the Microphone icon is clicked or tapped on the Search box.

You need to click the icon as Cortana also accepts input via keyboard. Turning on Hey Cortana Active Listening (Always On Voice Command) Following are steps from Microsoft support experts and professionals that will help you know how to enable the Hey Cortana active listening feature. Microsoft Account Login issue following Rollback from Windows 10. Since the unveiling of Windows 10 last year, there has been a spate of Windows 10 issues and problems registered by the Windows users who have switched over to the latest version.

Microsoft Account Login issue following Rollback from Windows 10

Be Microsoft’s forum, Microsoft support center, or any other channel, all are flooded with the issue of unable to login to Microsoft Account after the execution of a rollback, from Windows 10 Technical Preview to Windows 8.1. If you are the one having the same issue, following are some suggestions for Windows 10 support that will help you resolve the same issue in an amicable manner. Solution I (Ensure the Microsoft Account Sign-in assistant service is running) This issue is likely to hit your screen if something is wrong with the settings of Microsoft Account Sign-in assistant service. Go for the following steps to know if this service is functional: First of all, press Windows Key and R key simultaneously.

Steps to follow when QuickBooks stops printing an invoice. Intuit’s Quickbooks is the best accounting software available online.

Steps to follow when QuickBooks stops printing an invoice

It helps you to keep your money and business growing and keeps your dealers and buyers documentation in it. QuickBooks also helps you to handle your money; track your income; import from your bank and expenses automatically gather information from your bank and excel in one place; and always keep you ready for taxes. Invoice generation and printing is a fundamental part of your company’s QuickBooks accounting software. If you are working on QuickBooks accounting software and it suddenly stops printing invoices, then your company’s day-to-day activities can be negatively affected. There are several potential solutions to solve printer problems, including changing the default printer in QuickBooks. Can’t Create PDF after Moving to Windows 8? Get the Solution Here Right Now!

The reason why you have selected QuickBooks for your small business is all about accuracy and smoothness in your bookkeeping.

Can’t Create PDF after Moving to Windows 8? Get the Solution Here Right Now!

Right from automating credits & debits to keeping you ahead in terms of paying liabilities, QuickBooks accounting tool provides you with quality hours that you can spend on the other parts of your business. But what if it creates technical errors due to one or another reason? You cannot come up with the loss and damage caused by an ill-performing accounting software suite. This write-up elaborates and discusses about the fixes for one of the most frustrating errors in QuickBooks – technical problem with creating and printing PDF files after upgrading the computer to Windows 8. 9 unique methods to fix “USB device not recognized in Windows” issue. Whenever a USB mouse, keyboard, camera, or printer device is plugged in, it is likely that users may witness an error hitting their screen.

9 unique methods to fix “USB device not recognized in Windows” issue

And this error is “USB device not recognized.” Not identifying USB gadgets by computers is not a new thing. Here is how you can how finally fix the problem with no hassles and in the least amount of time. Simply unplugging your computer from the power supply can be the easiest way to bring things back in action. It is a good way to remotely wake up a computer. With these 9 steps, you are likely to fix USB device not recognized in Windows. 5 Weird Windows 10 problems that haunt Windows users. Windows 10 is a great operating system from Microsoft which has been liked and disliked for a number of features and issues respectively.

5 Weird Windows 10 problems that haunt Windows users

Since its launching it has been in news for over advertising, updates, upgrades, users’ getting back to old versions, and failure to entertain users. Let’s have a look at the top 5 weird Windows 10 problems that haunt Windows users frequently. These include: Users are worried about Wi-Fi Sense Windows 10 has come out in the market with a new feature called ‘WiFi Sense‘. In the right of the window, Go to Start > Settings > Network & Internet and click Manage Wi-Fi settings.

Stuck while downloading Windows Updates Solutions. If you are Windows user and when you log into Windows after a month, find there are updates to install, you select to install the latest updates and Windows updates stuck update.

Stuck while downloading Windows Updates Solutions

It may happen that the downloading will get stuck and stop after some time. It will show you a constant figure but there will be no progress in the process. The figure in your case could be 0%, 33%, 53%, or any other, but every time you try to download the updates, you find that update will get stuck on that particular figure, even if you leave it for an hour or two, the process remains the same. Support for Windows update issues. How to Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Problems. Free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer from the Redmond, Washington-based technology company Microsoft Corp allows thousands of Windows users upgrade their devices to the latest Windows OS.

How to Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Problems

It is a win-win solution for ones who are looking for new features and modern fixes to overcome issues of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Considered as a great operating system, Windows 10 is also prone to some widespread upgrade issues and problems. Upgrades don’t correct bugs and don’t add new compatible hardware support. But they are vital for the performance of the operating systems as they make an OEM or standard version and advance it to the next version with the addition of supplementary features to any program. Start menu and Cortana not working in Windows 10? Windows 10 OS is currently available as Technical Preview which means that there are still a lot of problems and bugs which consumers are facing while using the Operating System.

Start menu and Cortana not working in Windows 10?

Some of the users using the Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9926 are facing a weird issue where the Start Menu and Cortana Search are not working properly. If you are facing the same problem with your Windows 10 OS start menu and Cortana, then do try the below solutions and see if they solve the problem. A list of Windows 10 installation or upgrade errors. Windows 10 is famous worldwide not only for enhanced features but also for a long list of installation or upgrade errors that prevents Windows users from enjoying the features of the operating systems without any hassles. The Windows 10 upgrade errors always come with an error code which is used as a reference to troubleshoot and fix. If computer users face any sort of errors during the upgrade process, they just need to copy the error message along with the error code. Errors, like Something Happened and Error code 80240020, is just a glimpse of annoying errors.

Managing dealings Made Easy in QuickBooks. A number of small and mid-size businesses make use of QuickBooks accounting software suite to handle their financial transactions. As the business requirements are mounting day by day, handling products, orders, sales & purchase and other important elements has been made convenient in Intuit’s advanced QuickBooks accounting software. There are generally two methods to incorporate your store with QuickBooks: either using IIF file export or Intuit’s Web Connector software.

Here in this write-up, we would throw the light on Web Connector integration method. Intuit’s Web Connector is a free tool that makes it easy to add Web-based applications – for example shopping carts – to the desktop installations of QuickBooks. It lets you keep the updated and real time details about your online transactions in QuickBooks accounting software solution. Steps to fix the error code 80072ee2 in Windows 10. When you try to update Windows 10 update from Windows 7 or Windows 8 error 80072ee2 will occur. Actually, this error comes with the Microsoft server capacity. Microsoft update servers are receiving a high number of requests for updates which will end up with this 80072ee2 error. When the error message pops up on your computer screen, just restarting the computer will not fix this issue.

You need to perform some troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue permanently. Installation guide to run Windows OS on your Mac. Technical Support Windows 10 Printer Issues. Phone Help for Windows 10 Printer Not Working Instant Tech Support for Windows 10 Printer Issues from Tech Experts Windows 10 OS from technology giant Microsoft enjoys the status of the best operating system with loads of interesting and innovative features. Technical Support for Windows 10 Error 0xc004c003. Windows 10 Error Support Phone Number A Grade Tech Support for Resolving 10 Windows Error 0xc004c003 Windows 10 activation error 0xc004c003 occurs by default when Windows users try and activate their Windows 10 after a clean install. When upgrading to Windows 10, users experience a message on their screen that says “This product key didn’t work. (Error code: 0xC004C003).” When Windows 10 activation fails, Windows 10 activation error 0xc004c003 gets occurred.

The reason you are seeing the error code: 0xC004C003 may be due to overloading of the Windows servers. Technical Support for Windows 10 Screen Flickering. Windows 10 Blue and Black Screen Problem Technical Support. Phone Support for Windows 10 Cortana. Windows 10 Sound Problems Technical Support. Microsoft’s new update for Windows Camera on Windows 10. Windows 10 Build 10130-ways to fix sound drivers issues. Skype Faces Worldwide outrages: Know the Reasons and Their Fixes. In a post on its “heartbeat” web portal, Microsoft has acknowledged the claims that Skype is currently suffering a widespread outrage because of some annoying technical issues with the video and text services.

Several users have got their tasks affected due to irritating inconveniences caused by Skype application. Easy fix to annoying Windows 10 OS update issues. Windows 10 has been in news since its unveiling last year not only for much hyped OS with innovative features but also for some annoying update issues. With a mix of some ins and outs, the OS has been widely used by global users, yet update issues are making things tough for the users who have already moved to Windows 10 and who are still concerning to adopt the latest and probably the last OS from the world leading technology giant Microsoft Corp.

Superlative Anti-Spyware Tools for Windows 10/8.1. If your Windows 10 or 8.1 operating system-bound computer is showing up some unlikable advertisements, and pop-ups and also is redirecting your web browser to different web pages, then it indicates that your computer is affected by some adware. Adware is a kind of software like a virus that can infect your computer data and mostly the web browser. Most of the times when you are online and surfing the internet, it can display unwanted ads and pop-ups images and media which can infect and harm your storage data. Parallels Desktop Technical Support. Parallels Desktop Technical Support. Parallels Technical Support Phone Number.

Technical Support for Toshiba Laptop. Support for Windows Update Issues. Technical Support for Windows 10 Taskbar Issues. Phone Support for Windows 10 Headphones Not Working. Technical Support for Windows 10 Wi-Fi Not Working. Phone Help for Windows 10 Skype Problems. Technical Support Windows 10 Printer Issues. Router Phone Help. Google PlayStore Help. Repairing Windows 10 recovery loop error with no reinstallation. Windows 10 Device Settings Let You Manage Devices Connected to PC. Top 9 ways you can’t resist speeding up Windows boot time. Parallels or boot camp which works well with Windows 10 on Mac.

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Sage 50 or QuickBooks which suits the small business well. Follow simple steps to convert quickbooks data to sage 50. Sage to QuickBooks migration. Sage 50 Pro Customer Support Help- 800-760-5113. Peachtree Sage50 Technical Support- 800-760-5113. Customer Support For QuickBooks- 800-760-5113. Expert Technical Support For Quickbooks- 800-760-5113.

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Troubleshoot QuickBooks data file connectivity issues. Mac Virus Scan Helpline- 800-760-5113. AVG Antivirus HelpDesk- 800-760-5113. Enterprise Customers use Windows Defender as Advanced Security Solution. Windows Defender used as Advanced Security Solution.