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Blender 2.69 - Animating a Curve and Depth of Field Focus. Oenvoyage de Blender Blog. Creativity Hunter.

Blender rendu cycle

Transparent shadows for glass in cycles render. Man I Can (MIC) »3D Man Projet d'animation I Can (MIC) Modernizing Shading and Rendering. In May, I’m starting to work for the Blender Institute again.

Modernizing Shading and Rendering

Besides maintenance, bug fixing, release work, etc, my big target will be modernizing the shading and render system. We haven’t worked out the exact plans, but this is roughly what I have in mind: Gestion du Z dans Blender. I used blender 2.49a and this java project( With these tools you too can trick people into staring at a bunch of dots.

Gestion du Z dans Blender

I'm just going to give you the gist for now. Stereograms need to be somewhat simple to be effective so when you're modeling your scene think simple big shapes and use depth with strong foreground and background elements. We are aiming to obtain something called a depth map. »Matt Ebb 3Delight/ / VFX. Accueil. Luxrender - introduction.