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Biomimicry - Design Challenge. How to Become a B Corp. Center for Bioinspiration. PhD Upgrade Presentation by Taryn Mead on Prezi. PhD Upgrade Presentation by Taryn Mead on Prezi. About Us — Biomimicry Switzerland. Biomimicry Switzerland is a Swiss organisation working to bring the biomimicry approach to innovation and human problem solving.

About Us — Biomimicry Switzerland

Biomimicry is the practice of learning from and then emulating life’s genius to create more efficient, elegant, and sustainable designs. It is a branch of science, a problem-solving method, a sustainability ethos, a movement, a stance toward nature, and a new way of viewing and valuing biodiversity. This process of consulting life’s genius utilises a clear, proven design methodology and effective implementation tools, developed by Biomimicry 3.8 over more than a decade of work with a broad range of stakeholders. As a regional network of Biomimicry 3.8, our mission is to empower Switzerland to sustainably emulate nature’s 3.8 billion years of elegant design strategies. Project Profiles Archives - Terrapin Bright Green. TED Talks Sustainability: Janine Benyus Explores Biomimicry Influences — Strategic Sustainability Consulting. New York Biomimicry Innovators Group.

Ecosystem Services & Biomimicry: New Tools and Approaches to Improve Urban Resilience and Health. In 2013 the Bullitt Center, a Living Building Challenge project, will officially open.

Ecosystem Services & Biomimicry: New Tools and Approaches to Improve Urban Resilience and Health

The Bullitt Foundation is using the Center to explore how Living Buildings can deepen our understanding of urban sustainability and resilience. This session focuses on 2 Bullitt Foundation projects that explore how ecosystem services and biomimicry provide a deeper understanding of urban resilience. Biomimicry » Biomimicry » Leaf Litter Newsletter » Biohabitats Inc. When faced with a design challenges, we ask a lot of questions.

Biomimicry » Biomimicry » Leaf Litter Newsletter » Biohabitats Inc.

“What defines this place? About Us - Ethical Biomimicry Finance. Le projet Arbres Sauveurs. Green ArchiTEXT: Biomimicry. By Allison Kudla Bio Design by William Meyers surveys recent design and art projects that harness living materials and processes, presenting bio-integrated approaches to achieving sustainability, innovations enabled by biotechnology, and provocative experiments that deliberately illustrate the dangers and opportunities of manipulating life for human ends.

Green ArchiTEXT: Biomimicry

Bio-light. Gas chambers filled with bioluminescent bacteria. Part of Microbial Home—a prototype design project by Jack Mama, Clive van Heerdan and Phillips Design, Netherlands. The design concept is for a series of biodevices for the home aimed at creating an ecosystem for filtering, processing and recycling wastewater, sewage and garbage. Via Applying Biomimicry: What Organizations Can Learn From Insects. 3p is proud to partner with the Presidio Graduate School’s Managerial Marketing course on a blogging series about “sustainable marketing.”

Applying Biomimicry: What Organizations Can Learn From Insects

This post is part of that series. To follow along, please click here. About - 55-5 CONSULTING. EcoSapiens: Smart Solutions for a Living Planet - Biomimicry. Transformation with BCI:Biomimicry for Creativity & Innovation Biomimicry is an innovative and proven approach to design, manufacturing and science that uses inspiration and emulation from nature to solve human problems.

EcoSapiens: Smart Solutions for a Living Planet - Biomimicry

The ideas used in biomimicry are based on 3.9 billion years of continuous development, with constant testing in rapidly changing environments. In contrast to the human-designed systems of manufacture and processing which have pushed our own species and millions of others to the brink, nature works differently. From colour without pigment, self-assembly structures, air-cooled houses, trigger-release adhesives, and smoke sensors a thousand times more effective those developed by the smartest companies, nature has much to teach.

Team — Biomimicry San Diego. Tamsin is a science writer, educator, curriculum developer, and biological innovation and research consultant with 25 years of experience in biological research.

Team — Biomimicry San Diego

Her unique expertise is in applying complex social structures found in social insects, marine mammals, and primates to broader global challenges, while communicating biologically-inspired solutions to the business community. She is writing a book, SuperOrganizations: Nature’s Guide To Building Faster, Smarter, More Valuable Companies. She is known as an engaging communicator, with a broad interdisciplinary background in Ecology, Population Genetics, Evolutionary Biology, Primate Evolution, Biomimicry, Design, Sustainability, and Organizational Effectiveness in Business. Biomimicry Specialist - Colin ManghamColin Mangham. Biomimicry, simply stated, is innovation inspired by nature.

Biomimicry Specialist - Colin ManghamColin Mangham

According to Biomimicry 3.8 (more below), “Biomimicry is an innovation method that seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies, e.g., a solar cell inspired by a leaf. The goal is to create products, processes, and policies—new ways of living—that are well-adapted to life on earth over the long haul.” Sans titre. Biomimicry 2 - Putting It To Work. Biomimicry is about using insights from natural systems and applying to human challenges.

Biomimicry 2 - Putting It To Work

Here are some ideas for how we do this in Business Consulting. Business environments are challenging and getting more so, our current paradigm of top down design led solutions don’t work that well, but nature resolves similar problems with flair.... Gannaca global » Consulting. Disruption Rather than sit and wait to be disrupted by so called “technology” companies it seems smart to check for one´s own digitalization potential themselves.

gannaca global » Consulting

Our client asked us to take a close look at the current business model, their product lines and the brand´s narratives. Inspiring. For many of us, our eyes widened to nature’s genius and the possibility, power, and promise of biomimicry when we first watched Janine take the TED stage. To date, an estimated more than 700,000 people have shared the experience. If you have not seen it, please enjoy. If you have, we are certain you will enjoy it again. In either case, we hope it inspires you to spread the word (“biomimicry”) and perhaps even begin your own learning journey. Videos. Great Lakes Biomimicry - Home. BiomimicryTX. Biomimicry - Biomimetics, Nature, Innovative Products, Processes Systems. Biomimicry NYC. Biomimicry Mex. Bay Area Biomimicry Network. Biomimicry Chicago. Team – Biomimicry Institute. XS Consulting Group. REENA JANA (The basics of biomimicry: A “cheat sheet” for...)

One of the most talked-about innovation strategies among designers in the last decade has been that of biomimicry, the practice of mimicking elements of the natural world for use in the fields of engineering and architecture. Most discussions and design-media coverage tends to be very positive—and there’s a lot to be positive about.

Biomimicry celebrates nature and often results in elegant design and engineering solutions, with a goal of conserving valuable natural resources. Consider the Eastgate Centre in Zimbabwe, a much-cited example of biomimicry’s success. This large retail and office structure uses only 10-20% of the air-conditioning that a complex of comparable size uses, thanks to a shape that takes a cue from termites’ mound-like desert homes, which include a set of subterranean funnels that channel wind from above ground to below the earth, where soil is generally cooler. The cooled air then circulates through the mound. Why? Biomimetic Tissue Engineering Consulting Handelsbolag - Företagsinformation.

Templates de Sites HTML pour Consulting et Coaching. Conseillers Consultants Template de Site. Consultant Indépendant Template de Site. What Is Biomimicry? – Biomimicry Institute. 2012 Biomimicry Student Design Challenge. Updated 5 December 2012. Living Architecture. Architectural researcher Rachel Armstrong has had an interesting career trajectory. She began her career as a general medical practitioner and has since worked as a television presenter and as technical adviser to renowned performance artists Orlan and Stelarc. She has also had a science fiction novel published, The Gray’s Anatomy. Currently, she is a senior lecturer in the School of Architecture and Construction at the University of Greenwich, and works with Neil Spiller in the AVATAR Research Group at The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment.

She spoke to Simon Sellars about her research into ‘living architecture’: using model artificial cells to create responsive buildings that can overcome harsh 21st century environmental challenges. This is the extended version of the interview that appears in Architectural Review Australia #123: The Resilient City. A propos. Depuis 2010, Publiz propose aux créatifs d’éveiller leur créativité et de trouver l’inspiration. Chaire Machine Learning for Big Data. L’accélération du développement et des usages des technologies de l’information et de la communication nous a indéniablement projeté dans une nouvelle ère numérique, celle du « Big Data », où la ... Plant Tissue Culture: Techniques and Experiments - Roberta H. Smith. The MEAT THE FUTURE cookbook. Eating In-Vitro: Meat-Fruit. ΔESTHETICS OF ∇ARIATIONS : DIPL-THE LAST WILDERNESS. View under the roots - Malagasy fisherman -Click for high resolution images- The last wilderness is a question.

Today, most of us are aware of the human impacts on our planet. In this context, some of us fight to protect a natural legacy, others seek to prevent from major ecological threats or simply cares to develop sustainable productions. But accordingly, Nature also has become one of the most cleaving topic of our time, even used sometimes as a weapon on the battlefields of ecology. Interview: Rachel Armstrong, Innovative Scientist Who Wants to Grow Architecture. The next guest in our interview series is Dr. Biostamp temporary tattoo wearable electronic circuits by MC10. Materials scientist John Rogers and his firm MC10 have developed flexible electronic circuits that stick directly to the skin like temporary tattoos and monitor the wearer's health.

The Biostamp is a thin electronic mesh that stretches with the skin and monitors temperature, hydration and strain. Rogers suggests that his "epidermal electronics" could be developed for use in healthcare to monitor patients without tethering them to large machines. Not only would this be more convenient, but the results could be more accurate if patients were examined in their normal environment doing usual activities rather than on the hospital ward.

Other applications could include a patch that lets an athlete know when and how much to hydrate for peak performance, or one that tells you when to apply more suncream. Movie: protocells used to make Shamees Ade's running shoes. Synthetic materials can "behave like living cells" Movie: Daniel Widrig on 3D printing and advances in design software. Software advances are "blurring boundaries between design disciplines" Movie: Blond & Bieber's Algaemy textile dyes made from algae. Blond and Bieber's dyes made from algae "don't harm nature at all" Movie: CuteCircuit on smart textiles and digital fashion. With smart textiles we can "download new colours or patterns" to our clothes Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Francesca Rosella of interactive fashion brand CuteCircuit claims advances in digital "smart" fabrics will revolutionise the fashion industry, allowing us to download new styles for our clothes rather than buying new garments.

Movie: Julian Melchiorri on the first synthetic biological leaf. Movie: Julian Melchiorri on the first synthetic biological leaf. Movie: Ambio lamp powered by bioluminescent bacteria. Movie: Lilian van Daal's 3D-printed Biomimicry chair. Movie: Eric Klarenbeek's Mycelium 3D-printed fungus could build houses.

Movie: swap streetlights with luminous trees - Daan Roosegaarde. Grow your own stuff. Grow your own stuff. Sustainability by design. Rachel Armstrong : une architecture qui se répare elle-même ? Quickstart - App Center. 2012 Biomimicry Student Design Challenge. What Is Biomimicry? – Biomimicry Institute. BioMimetic Therapeutics.