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Culture Japan - Your portal to Japan. Human Cloning in Japan. A few days later, my clone is ready!

Human Cloning in Japan

My producer stuck the head on a stormtrooper body for me ^^; Now all that's left is to get him to do some work - any of the following from my daily schedule. TV production, Final Cut editing, blogging, meetings, working with illustrators, account management for our clients, artwork in Fireworks/Photoshop/Illustrator, preparing Keynotes, web UI design, new client acquisition, hoovering, toilet cleaning.

Design Graphic & Photography Inspirations. Mytho Logique. How did Mythology started ?

Mytho Logique

5 amazingly talented students from ESMA (Artistic school in Montperllier, France) decided to explain it for their latest project in college. Created between september 2009 and september 2010, Mytho Logique is an awesome short animation film directed by J. Ambron, A. Aramini, A.