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How to fake a graduated ND filter. How to use Lightroom: 8 mistakes every photographer makes (and how to fix them) Adobe Lightroom is an incredibly powerful image organisation and editing software package.

How to fake a graduated ND filter

Of course the downside to having such a powerful tool at your disposal is that it’s possible to make some pretty significant mistakes, especially when you’re first learning how to use it. To help out we’ve drawn up a list of the most common mistakes that photographers make when using Lightroom and have some advice about how to get things right from the outset. 8 reasons why cheap kit lenses are the perfect lens The low-cost kit lenses you get with digital SLRs or compact system cameras don’t have much of a reputation, but is that fair?

Full-frame lenses: 4 quick tips for the first-timer All lenses create a circular image, and your camera’s sensor simply records a rectangular portion of this. Lightroom Lens Correction: how to fix common lens and perspective problems. 46 mm 46mm 950nm 950 nm Infrared IR Pass X-Ray Filter. 46mm680 46 mm 680nm Infrared IR Pass Filter. 46mm760 46 mm 760nm Infrared IR Pass Filter. 46 mm 46mm 850nm 850 nm Infrared IR Pass X-Ray Filter. Camera lens filters explained.