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How the public sector can remain agile beyond times of crisis. 25+ Fully Remote Companies That Let You Work From Anywhere. High-speed internet and powerful apps make it possible for just about anyone with a desk job to work from home.

25+ Fully Remote Companies That Let You Work From Anywhere

Yet today most companies still insist that employees endure the sometimes soul-crushing commute to an office. We get it. Face time is important: great for team-building, collaboration, and navigating the nuances of communication. However, as the companies below demonstrate, you don't need a physical office to be successful. In fact, one might argue that going fully remote with a 100% distributed team–with no company offices at all–actually makes businesses more successful. We focus on two things when hiring. Companies as large as Microsoft, as fast-growing as Slack, and as upstart as Help Scout, allow team members to work remotely, if needed. Companies that offer remote work care most about what team members produce–not whether they're in the same room together. Before you apply: Learn how to find and get hired for a remote job. 10up See 10up job openings. How We Conduct 1:1s — NOBL Collective - The Future of Work. When you become a manager, or leader, your responsibility shifts.

How We Conduct 1:1s — NOBL Collective - The Future of Work

Your role isn't to maximize the potential for the work, it's to maximize the potential of those around you. Yet so few leaders fulfill this core responsibility. You can blame a lack of training. An ever-hastening pace of business. Cultures that seem to relish in giving individuals fewer resources than they need to succeed. The Definitive Guide to Agile Retrospectives and Post-Mortem Meetings — NOBL Collective - The Future of Work. Excellent firms don't believe in excellence–only in constant improvement and constant change. – Tom Peters No team is perfect, but every team can steer ever toward more meaningful and more impactful work.

The Definitive Guide to Agile Retrospectives and Post-Mortem Meetings — NOBL Collective - The Future of Work

The best way we know to do this is through a Retrospective meeting. A Retrospective is an occasion for your team to look back, reflect, and plan to work better, together. This guide is meant to break down the process into simple steps that can provide concrete actions for your team. Peter Hinssen: "Loslaten van het traditionele managementmodel wordt hét vraagstuk van de 21ste eeuw" Untitled. Untitled. What’s Going On with Employee Empowerment? – NewCo Shift.

You might have heard that Zappos has been struggling with a highly publicized move towards a “bossless”, self-management structure for their 1500 employees.

What’s Going On with Employee Empowerment? – NewCo Shift

Or maybe you’ve read that popular tech companies Medium, Buffer and GitHub have each stepped back from their self-management experiments. So what’s going on here? Is employee self-management a failing idea that’s proving to be as crazy as it sounds? Are employees going to be increasingly empowered in the future, or should we always expect to have a boss at work? The recent popularity of self-management can be traced to a 2014 book called Reinventing Organizations, which covered the practices of twelve very different organizations who all thrived in self-management systems, and experienced amazing employee engagement and business benefits.

Cut the bullshit: organizations with no hierarchy don’t exist. Do completely horizontal organizations truly exist?

Cut the bullshit: organizations with no hierarchy don’t exist

Fueled by growing excitement about self-management, bossless leadership and new governance models such as Holacracy, I increasingly hear large claims about the potential of “flat organizations”, which are being used as synonymous to “having no hierarchy”. I often wonder whether I am reading correctly: Organizations with no hierarchy at all, with real live people in them? Bylaws for a Sociocratic Organization. This example is for an organization is based on the bylaws of a membership advocacy organization incorporated in Washington DC.

Bylaws for a Sociocratic Organization

It may be adapted for associations, intentional communities, condominiums, cooperatives, etc. It includes the key clauses for establishing a sociocratic governance structure and consent as the basis of decision-making.Depending on the organization, some clauses may not apply and others will need to be amplified or added. For example, your organization may be solely membership based or have no members. Or be a condominium homeowner associations or a cooperative food coop.Changes to the sections unrelated to the governance structure should follow the laws of the jurisdiction and organizational preferences.

Those concerning sociocratic governance and decision-making can almost always be adapted to local requirements. 10 Surprising Things About Work Without Bosses. No CEO: The Swedish company where nobody is in charge. Do you really need someone to tell you what to do at work?

No CEO: The Swedish company where nobody is in charge

Three years ago, Swedish software consultancy Crisp decided that the answer was no. The firm, which has about 40 staff, had already trialled various organisational structures, including the more common practice of having a single leader running the company. Crisp then tried changing its chief executive annually, based on a staff vote, but eventually decided collectively that no boss was needed. Why isn't Holacracy working at Zappos? — Quartz. Las Vegas, Nevada “We want to believe that we are thinking, rational people and on occasion tangle with emotion, flick it out of the way, and go back to thinking,” renowned vulnerability expert Brene Brown told a packed house at the Smith Center in downtown Las Vegas just before Labor Day Weekend.

Why isn't Holacracy working at Zappos? — Quartz

“That is not the truth. The truth is we are emotional beings who on occasion think.” Brown has become a celebrity in the realm of self-help based on the popularity of her 2010 TED Talk, The Power of Vulnerability, which has been viewed nearly 30 million times. She is a Ph.D researcher at the University of Houston who has collected 15 years of data on topics including vulnerability, courage, empathy and shame. ING’s agile transformation. Purpose Makes All the Difference – – Medium. I’ve almost never worked for a large business in my 72 years of life and I got fired from the one I did work for at age 20.

Purpose Makes All the Difference – – Medium

The work, putting prices on products for a large discount store, was meaningless to me. Getting fired was one of the most painful experiences of my life and I obsessed about my ‘failure’ for years, but now I can see that what was missing was a sense of purpose and what triggered me the most were the power plays where some people were allowed to not perform and were treated with favoritism. I don’t think all work has to have deep meaning in and of itself, but there has to be some sense of how it contributes to my own purpose. With this example, my ‘purpose’ was to earn money.

Yet, given what I now know about my personality patterns, I find purpose any time I’m working in a system that is well designed. After I completed my Masters in Counseling, I was ‘budgeted out’ of my job as a school psychologist for a small school district. Corporate Rebels. Right after our arrival in Las Vegas we visit the company that has inspired us over the last years: online shoe retailer Zappos.

Corporate Rebels

We learned about Zappos by reading the book of founder and CEO Tony Hsieh and were inspired by his approach to running his company. In the months before our arrival, we studied Zappos in more depth by doing online research and talking to various (former) employees. After being highly inspired at first, our level of inspiration declined in the weeks prior to our visit. An Introduction to Modern Agile. Agile is modernizing. Thanks to Lean and Agile pioneers and practitioners, we now have simpler, safer, speedier ways to achieve awesome results. We call these new approaches “Modern Agile” because they’ve evolved far beyond early Agile methods.

Making your marketing organization agile: A step-by-step guide. Everyone wants to be “agile” these days. Here’s how successful companies put together the teams and the capabilities to actually make it happen at scale. An international bank recently decided it wanted to see how customers would respond to a new email offer. They pulled together a mailing list, cleaned it up, iterated on copy and design, and checked with legal several times to get the needed approvals. Eight weeks later, they were ready to go. Recensie 'reinventing Organizations' Home » Blog » Recensie: de onzin in ‘Reinventing Organizations’ van Frederic Laloux. Dee Hock, Founder and CEO Emeritus of VISA on capitalism and spirituality.  De wereld van zelfsturing kleurt cyaan. Maar hoe begin ik eraan? Holacracy and the mirage of the boss-less workplace: Lessons from the failures at Github, Medium … – Battle Room – Medium. Bij dit bedrijf weet je wat iedereen verdient én bepaal je zelf je salaris. En dat werkt.

One Thread at a Time. The agile discipline of Holacracy meetings You’ll hear that meetings in Holacracy® follow a rigid structure. It’s true, and there is a purpose to it: speed. I’m not jazzed when I hit a red light on the road, but I understand that red lights actually improve the overall traffic flow. Similarly, the rules in Holacracy allow more speed overall, even though they get in your way at times.

A key feature of Holacracy meetings that illustrates this point is the focus on processing one issue at a time. The Conventional Meeting. Writing Roles’ Accountabilities in Holacracy. Changing Colors: Helping New Employees Go Teal. Your Organization too, can be a Platform. Weaving Perspectives on Teal: Laloux & Scharmer - Enlivening Edge. By Michael Stern for Enlivening Edge Magazine This post is the first in a series exploring the similarities, differences, and potential synergies between the work of Frederic Laloux, Otto Scharmer, and Thomas Hübl.

Regenerative Organizations: Redefining Who We Are – Redesigning What We Do. Purposeadmin2015-12-03T22:36:32+00:00 Our research and work with organizations confirm again and again that there appears to be a real blindspot in how we as as species operate in the world. This blindspot arises from the belief that we can improve things by focusing on changing our behaviors. This does not appear be working, as we can see from our growing climate events, social unrest across the globe, increased disparity in the gap between the haves and have nots, natural habitat degradation. among other indicators. While behaviors do ultimately make change happen, they are only as effective as our capacity to view the world as it is, and this capacity is directly related to our inner operating system or human consciousness. Regenerative individuals and organizations, institutions, and communities understand and operate from this principle.

We work with leaders, their teams, their organizations and communities to accomplish this ambitious goal. Why I’m Giving Away My Company — NOBL. Should Companies Follow Ben and Jerry's Lead in Wages? Gmail - Δωρεάν χώρος αποθήκευσης και ηλεκτρονικό ταχυδρομείο από την Google. Becoming employee-owned: Why and how to do it. Self-Management & Human Growth: Two Sides of a Coin (Part 1) Alle richtingen tegelijk groen. Hoe werkt dat? - Groningen fietsstad. Stonyfield Organic. Hierarchy is Good. Hierarchy is Essential. And Less Isn’t Always Better.

I was raised to view hierarchy as a bad thing. Agility: It rhymes with stability. New Business Models - Online Course. The Next Big Thing in Design — IDEO Stories. The four building blocks of change. Natural Leadership: Embracing the Logic of Life. Confessions of a Company Without Managers (1 year later) Making Sense Of The Many Business Models In The Sharing Economy. The First Step Towards Teal is Grief. Why you don’t understand Holacracy. Top-Down Solutions Like Holacracy Won’t Fix Bureaucracy. How Long Does It Take to Change Company Culture? — The Future of Work is Now — Medium. Nils van den Broek: “Holacracy helps us to become the best possible version of ourselves” — About Holacracy — Medium. “Is Holacracy our way forward or are we actually just making it harder for ourselves?” — About Holacracy — Medium. Tribes, Flocks, and Single Servings — The Evolution of Digital Behavior. The Miyagi Method of Organizational Transformation — The Future of Work is Now — Medium.

Piramides verdwijnen en wendbare organisaties ontstaan... Spotify Engineering Culture part 2 (Agile Enterprise Transition with Scrum and Kanban) Spotify Engineering Culture part 1 (Agile Enterprise Transition with Scrum and Kanban) Your Source for New Ways of Working. Human Capital Trends 2016: Introduction. Organise Like An Organism - How to Use The Natural Form Of Your Company. Management and Organization at Medium — The Story. How tech is forcing firms to be better global citizens. Medium gives up on holacracy. Iteration Sucks — The Future of Work is Now — Medium. In meer dan 1.500 steden vindt nu een democratische revolutie plaats. Foreign Policy: What Sex Means For World Peace. In the Shadows of Giants - Enlivening Edge. What Does It Mean to Bring Your 'Whole Self' to Work? - Open. Checklist voor de thuiswerker - Checklist voor De Nieuwe Medewerker. The Fatal Gap Between Organizational Theory and Organizational Practice — FLOX Teams.

An Open Architecture for Self-Organization — Open Participatory Organization. How Self-Organization Happens — Open Participatory Organization. Exclusive: Zappos CEO Responds To Reports Of Employee Departures After Radical Management… Home. Volvo - Made By People. Engels rapport: 80 procent van de verkeerslichten kan weg - VERKEERSNET. Here's Why Every Employee Should Have Unlimited Vacation Days. The Dinner Kit Is Served. Over ons. Middagsfrid - Matkasse med recept. Introducing The Industrialist’s Dilemma — The Industrialist’s Dilemma. Beyond empowerment - are we ready for the self-managed organization? Doug Kirkpatrick at TEDxChico. The Future of Management Is Teal. The Big Misconceptions Holding Holacracy Back. This simple negotiation tactic brought 195 countries to consensus. Creating Performance Reviews People Love. Integral Mindfulness, Collective Intelligence, and Collective Sentience: — Collective Sentience. Reinventing Social Systems — Collective Sentience. Why GlassFrog is offering a totally free option — About Holacracy. Can B Corps Be Even Better? Mapping the emerging Post-Capitalist paradigm and its main thinkers. “Reinventing Organisations” and the Teal impulse. Self-Management & Teal Practices. Zelforganiserende teams en organiseren vanuit de bedoeling.

New Economy, New Wealth by Arthur Brock on Prezi. “Holacracy has brought us accountability, entrepreneurship, and faster evolution.” The Secrets To Acting Confidently In The Face Of Uncertainty. Resolving the awkward paradox in Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organisations. B Corporation.