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Artist who connects lead and paper

The homepage of the original phildraws. Things to experience once a lifetime. Chrysalis for my six pack. Kiss ass to do list. Take on horror movies. Take this as a sign of affection – phildraws. Some men like the chase – phildraws. A very very likely future – phildraws. Induced chemical signals – phildraws. 30 minutes without the internet and I get anxious – phildraws. The world is right – phildraws. Scheduled some alone time – phildraws. You can tell peoples ages by cutting them open and counting the rings – phildraws. I like being in charge – phildraws. Die with everyone else – phildraws. Street littering is bad – phildraws. Cannot wait for the sequel – phildraws. Pretty similar to now – phildraws.

7 best ways to be annoying – Minty Words. Spiderman needs a vehicle – Minty Words.


Age is just a number sometimes – Minty Words. Alternative life diagram – Minty Words. Fat lady sings. Encyclopedia in the library. Terminator’s last message to Jon Connor – Minty Words. I recently grew a couch potato me – Minty Words. I like romantic walks on my own. What can I say, I’m a loner :) – Minty Words. Why use the force, when I can use a ray gun – Minty Words. Open plan maze – Minty Words. The hulk hated mazes – Minty Words. Fairytale introductions – Words + drawings.

Downton Abbey into a manga comic – Words + drawings. 50 shades of brown – Words + drawings. The film Deadpool – Words + drawings. Apocalypse – 100 times on tv – Words + drawings. The apocalypse switch – Words + drawings. Blank, story of my life. I am allergic to work. A world without bacon. The secret to teamwork. I turn out to be a natural sniper. Sometimes I feel like people rip out my heart. Words + drawings.

Words + drawings. Words + drawings. Empathy, I know it – Words + drawings. Bio - Words + drawings. Venn diagrams - Words + drawings. Fish in the sea - Words + drawings. Hand to hand combat - Words + drawings. Blow my own trumpet - Words + drawings. Marriage – special person - Words + drawings. Hotel room - Words + drawings. The snake gave me a thorough hug - Words. Gravestone - Words. In space noone can hear - Words. Eat you alive - Words. Words. Eating late - Sketchbook. Soul searching - Sketchbook. Inspirational. Word cloud. Untitled. Talking face to face, is so 90s - Phil draws.

It’s a long story and I was never a good storyteller, so ‘the end’ - Phil draws. Black hole - Phil draws. Time is relative. Abit like when im horny I need sex. Time is relative.Abit like when my stomach grumbles, I need food.Time is so simple. Whats the time - Phil draws. Qualities for my girlfriend - Phil draws. Qualities in a girlfriend - Phil draws. Jobs for spiderman - Phil draws. In a land far far away there was more land for redevelopment. Gastric Band - Phil draws. I need to be hugged so hard I fart - Phil draws. Girlfriend - Phil draws. Girlfriend - Phil draws.

Eat my shorts - Phil draws. In space no-one can hear you shag. Space sick - Phil draws. Hugging is the best form of medicine! When Love triangles become love hexagons you have a problem! No offence before a sentence means I’m gonna offend you so don’t get mad. I can totally understand if you don’t want to be humanity’s last hope. It’s lot of pressure. Home » words » I can totally understand if you don’t want to be humanity’s last hope.

I can totally understand if you don’t want to be humanity’s last hope. It’s lot of pressure

It’s lot of pressure Related Posts: « The doctor prescribed me 3 hugs everyday to be taken after food. Purgatory isn’t so bad, I get lots of time to myself » Send me a quick note Powered by SumoMe © 2016 Phil draws // back up ↑ f. Purgatory isn’t so bad, I get lots of time to myself. How to be Batman on a budget. Batman to do list. Et face time home. What are you? Tick many! Superman farted and out came a sonic boom. I have no idea how to use semi-colons in proper english apart from the eyes of a smiley face. On the internet, you can be anyone you choose. And I chose – ME. I like people who write okay instead of ok or k.Shorthand sucks. Dear god letter. Superhero ability.

I wish I had the superhero ability to see through your bullshit. Superhero ability. Dear Mark zuckerberg could I have a small percentage of your net worth. Words.