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Ionic: Advanced HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework. CSS3 Transitions. Frosting Glass with CSS Filters. The following is a guest post by Bear Travis, a Web Standards Engineer at Adobe.

Frosting Glass with CSS Filters

I'm a fan of how Adobe is pushing the web forward with new design capabilities, and doing it in a responsible way. CSS filters is a good example. They knew they were desired because Photoshop paved the way. They brought them to the web with a sensible syntax and they helped with both the spec and browser implementation. Now we're seeing them in stable browsers, and they are advocating use through responsible progressive enhancement. While filters such as contrast, saturate, and blur have existed in image editors for some time, delivering them on the web has historically required serving images with those filters already applied. Old School: Frosted Glass with Images The frosted glass effect has been kicking around the internet for a while; we even saw it here on CSS-Tricks back in 2008. Demo The HTML The markup is relatively simple. <article class="glass down"><h1>Pelican</h1><p>additional content...

21 Ridiculously Impressive HTML5 Canvas Experiments. HTML5 is the thing to talk about these day.

21 Ridiculously Impressive HTML5 Canvas Experiments

Today, we have a collection of some ridiculously impressive HTML5 canvas-based experiments that will make you say, "Wow! " Let's take a peek at some of the latest, cutting edge examples out there. This is one of the best canvas-based experiments. This is one of my favorites -- absolutely amazing! This example generates beautiful fractals, like the ones generated by Apophysis. This is a really fun game; is it not as easy as it looks! This incredible example depicts real world physics in action. Try to guess the word. This is a beautiful example which demonstrates audio and canvas in action.

CSS & JavaScript Broken Glass Effect. The new code – HTML5 Video Effects with CSS Blend Modes. Traditional video effects such as filters, cross-fades and blends are usually applied in an editing application, such as Adobe Premiere or Apple’s Final Cut.

the new code – HTML5 Video Effects with CSS Blend Modes

While there are obvious advantages to such a process, any changes made in an editor are “baked in” to each video frame, and can’t be manipulated or undone once the video is exported. Yesterday, teaching a class in HTML5 multimedia, I realized that by using CSS filters and the newer blend modes it would be possible to duplicate many of the simpler video effects directly in CSS: the <video> element is like any other, and is equally affected by filter and mix-blend-mode on supporting browsers. This shifts the rendering task onto the GPU of the machine, but the result can still be surprisingly effective. Simple Color Blends Before I explain the complete example, let’s take the simpler case of a color overlay, frequently used as a background for text on video. The CSS: Video To Black & White Animated Overlays.

CSS transitions, CSS transforms and CSS animation. Commonly used as part of image galleries, or to show detail on products.

CSS transitions, CSS transforms and CSS animation

This has traditionally been done in javascript by iterating over the opacity - using CSS transitions makes this very easy to add to your site. Demo 1 - One image to another, on hover Plan Put one image on top of the other Change the opacity of the top image on hover Demo Code First up, the HTML markup. Then the CSS: Demo 2 - One image to another, when a button is pressed (transitions) CSS3 filter Property. Navigation Bar by Jan Kaděra. 10 Excellent HTML5, CSS3 & JS Tuts + Demos. CSS Navigation Bar A sublime hover effect that is crying to be utilized. 3D Cube Rotate Menu A sleek 3D cube rotation effect on each link in the menu.

10 Excellent HTML5, CSS3 & JS Tuts + Demos

Apple Mice A hompage to all the Apple Mice over the years (made with pure CSS) CSS3 Slider Timeline Menu Learn to create a slider timeline menu with CSS3 animations. Follow Widget with Folding CSS3 Animation Follow Widget with Folding CSS3 Animation Shape Shifter HTML5 canvas experiment Sliding Icon Button A rounded button with a circle icon that slides across the length of the button as the button title changes using CSS3 transitions Flat Responsive Sliding Boxes Flat responsive sliding boxes using HTML5 and CSS3 CSS Dashed Shadow Pure CSS hipster-ish typographic dashed shadow CSS Loader Another set of nice CSS loaders Found is our way of sharing the best articles, resources and tutorials that find their way to the eyeballs of the CSSDA crew.

50 New Useful CSS Techniques, Tutorials and Tools. These are great times for front-end developers.

50 New Useful CSS Techniques, Tutorials and Tools

After months of exaggerated excitement1 about HTML5 and CSS3, the web design community now starts coming up with CSS techniques that actually put newly available technologies to practical use instead of abusing them for pure aesthetic purposes2. We see fewer “pure CSS images” and more advanced, clever CSS techniques that can actually improve the Web browsing experience of users. And that’s a good thing! In this post we present recently released CSS techniques, tutorials and tools for you to use and enhance your workflow, thus improving your skills. Please don’t hesitate to comment on this post and let us know how exactly you are using them in your workflow.