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Presentation Zen Assembling talking points, lists, and tedious outlines is a rather drab exercise that neither challenges your creative abilities or leads to a rewarding experience for you or your audience. But if you are going to do something different, if you are going to craft a talk that engages, illuminates, and even inspires, then the preparation is going to take creativity. This is especially true for the creation of a short-form presentation such as a TED/TEDx talk, or an Ignite or Pecha Kucha presentation, etc. In spite of much our formal schooling's efforts to mold us into compliance seekers rather than curious and intelligent creatives, we are still at our core creative beings.

Presentation Zen Impress Templates Impress Templates Published: 2005-10-12 Updated: 2009-09-01 License: Creative Commons License Introduction I have been using Impress exclusively and extensively for creating presentations for four years. I feel very comfortable with Impress and believe that it is as easy to use and as flexible as Microsoft PowerPoint.
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Online Office, Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, CRM and more