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How Telcos can unlock new business opportunities with mobile wallets? The electronic form of money has become popular in the market due to its convenience, speed, and ease.

How Telcos can unlock new business opportunities with mobile wallets?

With the increasing number of smartphones across the globe, an upsurge has been witnessed in the usage of mobile financial solutions like mobile payment systems or digital wallet solutions. People have started migrating to digital wallets from traditional debit cards and credit cards for their payment needs. Still, there are a few people who feel that the digital wallet is not a safer mode of payment. However, there are some secure digital wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay that are used globally. But we cannot ignore the security threats that it may pose.

In this blog, we will discuss the potential user threats of mobile wallet applications. Classifying technological threats. Node.js vs Django vs Laravel: Which is the best back-end web framework in 2021? Web frameworks are nothing but software packages that makes complex web app development easy.

Node.js vs Django vs Laravel: Which is the best back-end web framework in 2021?

They also come with many built-in features which minimize the time required for the development. Thus they result in a quick transition from the development phase to the production phase. When it comes to choosing the best web framework, then the entire developers’ community seems to be divided. Some feel that Node.js is the best web framework, while others feel it’s Django, and the rest of them think it’s Laravel.

So, which one is it? But before that let’s have a look at what these three frameworks are and what is its history? Why do you need a corporate fuel delivery solution? Constant research and innovative methods are the only keys for businesses to prosper in the changing market situations.

Why do you need a corporate fuel delivery solution?

And the same can be said for the fuel delivery businesses too. Fuel delivery has started prospering more than ever due to the inception of feature-rich mobile apps. Today, people don’t need to travel a long distance to get fuel for vehicles. Now, they can easily get the fuel on their doorsteps by making a few taps over their smartphones. Yelowsoft helps South Africa’s Yo Taxi to evolve into a Super App. About Yo Taxi Yo Taxi is one of the leading e-hailing company in South Africa which was established in 2019 by Helium3 Digital and other local taxi associations.

Yelowsoft helps South Africa’s Yo Taxi to evolve into a Super App

It’s known for its reliable and legal, and affordable cab service. Unlike many other e-hailing companies, the taxi fare for Yo Taxi doesn’t increase at peak hours. Yo Taxi uses reputed metered cabs which are well maintained, clean, insured, and regularly checked by company management. Peerbits’ tips and strategies for successful remote team management.

Businesses across the world are leveraging offshore remote teams for developing their solutions.

Peerbits’ tips and strategies for successful remote team management

Even IT companies are hiring remote teams to upscale their development capabilities. This trend of hiring remote developers has witnessed a significant surge due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The catastrophic pandemic left people with no choice but to work remotely. However, remote teams do come with their own sets of challenges. How an on-demand Fuel Delivery app can benefit your business? The concept of on-demand which started from the idea of booking a taxi has redefined the global markets.

How an on-demand Fuel Delivery app can benefit your business?

However, the on-demand industry has got a new entrant in the form of fuel delivery. The on-demand delivery model for fuel delivery is a profitable idea from the accessibility point of view as it offers multiple benefits to both customers and fuel businesses. Now, you don’t have to manage long lines of customers at your fuel stations. Instead, you can offer fuel at your customer’s doorstep with the help of an on-demand fuel delivery app. A complete guide on DynamoDB with a tutorial on how to set up DynamoDB locally. It goes without saying that data is very critical in software development.

A complete guide on DynamoDB with a tutorial on how to set up DynamoDB locally

That’s the reason why developers take no chance whatsoever when it comes to data management. There are several databases available for efficient management of data. However, in the recent past, DynamoDB has emerged as one of the most popular databases among the developers. But why is that? In this blog, we will provide you with a detailed guide on what Dynamo DB is, what’s its history, design principles, pros & cons, and etc.  9 Things You Need To Know before Building an App – Peerbits. With the number of mobile applications soaring high since its inception, there are all the chances that your app might just go unnoticed.

 9 Things You Need To Know before Building an App – Peerbits

Building a mobile app is not just about getting things done from your developers. Mobile apps, just like any other business process must be organized, strategized, and designed to solve the purpose of end-users. Before you jump into the decision of creating a mobile app, it is imperative to gauge its results in advance. And to do that, it is best to consider few of these points before indulging into the process of mobile app development. 1) Choosing the right platform The level headed discussion on choosing the best platform for your application can be entirely befuddling. How COVID-19 has impacted Super Apps in South-East Asia?

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a dead-end for many businesses.

How COVID-19 has impacted Super Apps in South-East Asia?

This pandemic can be given credit for ending the journey of several startups and enterprises across the world. However, when it comes to Super App, this pandemic has just been a minor roadblock that has diverted its journey. The pandemic has been a bittersweet experience for Super Apps. You might be thinking what is sweet about the damn pandemic right? DigiPay introduces customer loyalty programs into its mobile wallet solution.

DigiPay is a next-gen mobile wallet solution which aims to bring a revolution in the FinTech and digital payment landscape with its unique and advanced offerings.

DigiPay introduces customer loyalty programs into its mobile wallet solution

Over the years, DigiPay has earned a reputation by delivering top-notch digital wallet and FinTech solutions to its clients. Moreover, we always believe in making our solutions more robust and advanced by adding newer updates. Continuing that tradition, DigiPay has introduced a new product update in the form of customer loyalty programs. With this update, all our existing and future clients can leverage customer loyalty features to skyrocket their profits and customer base. This feature will also play a pivotal role in attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones. What is digital parking and what are its benefits? With each passing day, we are moving towards a cashless society, where all kinds of payments are made digitally. Today making digital payments for all our daily tasks has become the new normal and in coming years we might totally depend on it thus eradicating cash payments. The evolving payment infrastructure and various FinTech innovations are unlocking numerous digital payment avenues which were earlier untapped.

In recent years, parking payments is one such avenue that has drawn the attention of many FinTechs and digital payment solution providers. Making digital payments at parking garages might sound fancy to many. But in reality, users and parking space owners are embracing this idea with their both hands. How much does it cost to make an On-demand fuel delivery app? This title is a striking question that always comes to a person’s mind first while making an on-demand fuel delivery app for his fuel delivery business. The cost of making an app depends on multiple factors like functionality, size, type, number of features, vendor location, QA, complexity, etc. Remote work in the IT industry: stats, benefits, and best practices.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been such an outright disaster that it’s really difficult to find any silver linings. But if we have to then the growth of remote working culture in the IT industry can be considered as the biggest unseen benefit of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 pandemic forced every IT company in the world to resort to remote working. Even the staunch opposer of remote working practice has to hire remote developers in times of COVID-19 to sustain their IT business. Even before the pandemic, there was a huge section of the population which supported remote working culture. However, it has also had a lot of people who were sceptical on the feasibility aspect of the practice. Tech leaders adopting the remote working culture. A complete guide to API development [Types, working, terminologies, tools, features, and best practices] If you work in the tech industry or are a technology freak then you must have come across the term “API”. Today, API plays a bigger role in the economy than it did ever before.

API are everywhere and we use it daily. From booking tickets, logging on Facebook, to making payments via PayPal, we use API for many times in our daily life. Apart from that, there are also fun APIs such as Fun Translations which translates English to languages like Dothraki, Minion, and Klingon. Then there’s Pokémon API. which provides you with all the Pokémon data in one place. The world of APIs is big and surely the one to be explored. Why ride-hailing startups must choose a SaaS-based solution? To go for a SaaS model or not, that is the question.

If you’re a taxi entrepreneur then you must have been stuck on this question for an umpteenth number of times. And that’s not your fault, since it’s a big decision for your ride-hailing business startup, you must be 100 per cent sure and convinced before you take any decision. This state of dilemma, uncertainty, and confusion can be tackled with the help of expert’s opinions, insights, and discussions. After spending years in the taxi industry, we have gained enough experience and expertise to assist taxi startups to take the right decisions at every stage. Through this blog, we are helping the taxi startup owners to overcome their confusion and make the right decision. How to head-start a fuel delivery business at your location? - GasSwift Solutions. Individuals today feed upon apps for just about everything due to the benefits been associated with it. How mobile wallets boost financial inclusion. An average privileged person enjoys several banking instruments like depositing/withdrawing money in a savings account, using ATM facilities and making digital transactions at grocery stores & mall, and many more.

However, not everyone around the world enjoys these perks. According to the World Bank, around 1.7 billion people in this world don’t have any access to the banking facilities. Yes, it might come as a surprise to many readers but a huge chunk of the global population is still unbanked. Yelowsoft in 2020: The year in review. The year 2020 will probably be remembered for all the wrong reasons. How to cash in with customer loyalty programs on your mobile wallets. Mobile wallet payment has certainly become the most preferred mode of payment for tech-savvy millennial and Gen Z.

According to a report, as much as 67% of the millennial are using mobile wallets. Corporate taxi booking solution : Benefits, features and opportunities. Constant innovation is the only way for the business to prosper in the changing market scenarios. And the same applies to the taxi business too. Understanding data migration: strategy and best practices. As a businessman of the digital era, you have to keep up with the radically evolving technological pace. There’s so much pressure to enhance productivity, efficiency, and scalability of your business.

You may have varied reasons to migrate data, and database migration is one of the breakthroughs that can help you achieve more for your business in as little time. Top 5 sureshot strategies for ride hailing businesses to grow post COVID-19. Nobody had ever imagined that the year 2020 would turn out to be such a nightmare. Yelowsoft introduces major UI updates in the admin panel. Yelowsoft helps South Africa’s Secure Express to become the country’s premier taxi booking service. About Secure Express Secure Express is a well-known taxi company that offers secure passenger transportation with the help of its highly-trained drivers in South Africa along with more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The driving staff of Secure Express undergoes rigorous pre-employment security checks before joining. Not only this, but they also undergo training in hijack prevention, defensive driving, first aid, and counter-surveillance.

Yelowsoft helps South Africa’s Secure Express to become the country’s premier taxi booking service. An ultimate guide to the scrum project management. If you’ve spent even a small amount of time in the field of digital project management then you must have heard about the Scrum methodology. Scrum, which was initially designed for software development team now, finds its application across many other fields like marketing, project management, and many more. A complete guide to building your own on-demand cooking gas delivery app - GasSwift Solutions. On-demand delivery in 2021: Top trends and predictions. Yelowsoft replaces Socket.IO with MQTT.

Yelowsoft replaces Socket.IO with MQTT. How can a taxi dispatch system transform radio taxi businesses into a successful digital taxi business? Ride-hailing in 2021: A glimpse into the future. Offshore React JS Programmers Team India. Ride-hailing in the Oceania region: Market share, trends, competitive landscape, and in-depth analysis. Yelowsoft delivers Super App to BBR: One of the biggest ride-hailing companies in Afghanistan.

All you need to know about Yelowsoft’s new version update. Why does your business need a parcel delivery solution and how can you develop one? Skills a developer must have for successful product development. Why digital payments are important in a smart city? Digital payment frauds in the times of COVID-19 and how to fight them. How to cash in with customer loyalty programs on your mobile wallets. Future of customer onboarding in banks. Why eWallets are more popular in developing countries. How payments can combat coronavirus pandemic and help the world to adapt. What is mobile money and how can it increase revenue and customer satisfaction? Mobile money and FinTech success stories of Africa.

What is the significance of having a right team with right structure for your project? Design collaboration: The most effective approach for creating products with top-notch design. A step-by-step guide to build an on-demand appointment app for patients and doctors. Swift Is the Future for Ios App Developers. A complete guide on hiring offshore development team in 2020. A complete guide on how to develop an on-demand medicine delivery solution for pharmacy business. Yelowsoft helps GOTTA GO to become a successful taxi company in Bermuda. A closer look at the ride-hailing landscape of the Western and Central Europe. On-demand cargo delivery solution: A one-stop solution to all trucking and freight problems. Staff augmentation: A successful model to extend your team.

Which kind of software and platforms can help you to streamline your taxi business? Yelowsoft introduces an all-in-one Super App. A brief overview of the ride hailing market in the Middle East. Yelowsoft delivers Super App to its Mexican client Click To Go. Uber acquires Autocab to strengthen its position in the UK. Why does your grocery business need an on-demand grocery delivery solution in times of COVID-19? Yelowsoft helps The Black Ride to become a leading ride-hailing service in Ghana. Expand your business beyond ride-hailing with a Super App. Evolution of micro-mobility: From past to present. Yelowsoft delivers a Super App to MyCar: One of the biggest e-hailing companies in Malaysia.

Top factors and features that you must consider before building an on-demand food delivery application. Yelowsoft introduces YelowXpress – An on-demand parcel delivery solution. Yelowsoft helps Sandra with a highly secure solution to emerge as the best taxi booking service in South Africa. Ride-hailing companies eyeing to unlock massive business opportunities in West Africa. Rise of electric vehicles in delivery businesses. Yelowsoft helps iBuk to establish their bike taxi, car rental, and parcel delivery services in the Philippines. On-demand delivery business opportunities: ideas, effective strategies, and the COVID-19 effect. Top 7 performance optimization tips for React.

How the ride-hailing industry is shaping up in North Africa? Assist your delivery business during the COVID-19 crisis with YelowXpress. How can you boost your taxi business with innovation? The ride-hailing landscape of the caribbean islands: ground reality, market scenario, and major players. How coronavirus pandemic has boosted the delivery business worldwide. How to build a scalable application on AWS that handles 1 Million users. Yelowsoft assists Take Me to emerge as a leading taxi booking service in Saudi Arabia. Impact of COVID-19 on ride-hailing and food-delivery business. Yelowsoft helps Bigo Lite to become a popular ride-hailing service in Costa Rica.

Peerbits announces WFH to combat coronavirus. How to measure and improve the effectiveness of your software development team. All you need to know about the agency banking. Yelowsoft introduces automated driver payment settlement. Why Latin America is the next stage for global ride-hailing dominance. Moving towards a Cashless society: Types and major benefits. Significance of route planning in apps: Features, benefits, and applications. Yelowsoft guides NaviGo to become a multi-service provider in Thailand.

Role of route optimization software in optimizing the last mile delivery of pharmacy delivery companies. Yelowsoft introduces major modifications in their pricing schema. Why you must introduce food delivery business in your existing taxi business in the time of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Yelowsoft guides RE Serve to become a successful taxi company in the Philippines. Why must taxi start-ups hire Yelowsoft instead of custom-solution? How to measure and improve the effectiveness of your software development team. How to measure and improve the effectiveness of your software development team. The Adverse Impact of Corona Virus on On-Demand App Industry.

Yelowsoft introduces web-booking window update.