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50 Time-Saving Web Design – Developer Tools 50 Time-Saving Web Design – Developer Tools In our field it is important to know how to do specific tasks and use creativity to achieve our goals, however it is necessary to have the right tools in order to get our aims in a more efficient way. Here you have several tools for different steps on our daily work, from scratch to production: Mock Up Tools MockFlow MockFlow is an application based on Flash which allow you to create a wireframe with simple elements to develop a prototype so you can show your concepts to colleagues and clients. The points in favor to this service are a fast wireframing tool and its collaborative purpose.
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bcosca/fatfree bcosca/fatfree readme.md A powerful yet easy-to-use PHP micro-framework designed to help you build dynamic and robust Web applications - fast! Condensed in a single ~60KB file, F3 (as we fondly call it) gives you solid foundation, a mature code base, and a no-nonsense approach to writing Web applications. Under the hood is an easy-to-use Web development tool kit, a high-performance URL routing and cache engine, built-in code highlighting, and support for multilingual applications. It's lightweight, easy-to-use, and fast. Most of all, it doesn't get in your way.
Dsfc - Denis Szalkowski Formateur Consultant - Conseil et formation informatique Dsfc - Denis Szalkowski Formateur Consultant - Conseil et formation informatique Créée le 1er octobre 1995, l’entreprise Dsfc intervient dans de très nombreux domaines liés à l’informatique. Dès l’origine, cette structure avait une double vocation : assurer des missions de formation et de transferts de compétences auprès des utilisateurs, techniciens et responsables informatique d’une part et fournir de la prestation de services, du conseil et des audits que ce soit en matière de développement que de mise en œuvre d’infrastructures de base de données et de réseaux. Formation et transfert de compétences La valeur ajoutée de l’entreprise réside tout d’abord dans la connaissance acquise du tissu économique et de la gestion des entreprises : grands groupes, PME-PMI, TPE, artisans, commerçants, collectivités territoriales, associations, organismes d’État.

5 More HTML5 APIs You Didn’t Know Existed

The HTML5 revolution has provided us some awesome JavaScript and HTML APIs. Some are APIs we knew we've needed for years, others are cutting edge mobile and desktop helpers. Regardless of API strength or purpose, anything to help us better do our job is a step in the right direction. 5 More HTML5 APIs You Didn’t Know Existed
PARTIE 9 Corrigés des Exercices Exercice 9.1 A ← Sin(B) Aucun problème A ← Sin(A + B * C) Aucun problème B ← Sin(A) – Sin(D) Erreur ! D est en caractère C ← Sin(A / B) Aucun problème… si B est différent de zéro C ← Cos(Sin(A) Erreur ! Cours d'Algorithmique - Christophe Darmangeat Cours d'Algorithmique - Christophe Darmangeat
# CSS inline-block - Recommendation Method of displaying an element as a block while flowing it with text. Only supported in IE6 and IE7 on elements with a display of "inline" by default. Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

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Floating a banner or content definitely increases the visibility of them. But have some limitations (which we’ll remove). In general, floating banners are used when there is no other content at their column as they are always at the "float" (position:fixed) state. This is a better & smarter solution that will float the banners when needed, re-position them and can be used in any type of banner – content combinations. And, best of all, you don’t need to set any fixed heights in the code. Banner Banner
body { background:none; @font-face { font-family: 'BebasRegular'; 03 03


Martin Angelov Introduction Providing a simple and reliable means of feedback from site visitors is a crucial part of any web presence. The most simple and common feedback channel are contact forms. In this tutorial we are going to make an AJAX contact form which leverages modern web development techniques. We are using PHP, CSS and jQuery with the help of the formValidator plugin for form validation and the JQTransform plugin, which will style all the input fields and buttons of the form. A Fancy AJAX Contact Form A Fancy AJAX Contact Form
Martin Angelov In today’s tutorial, we will build a set of chained select elements. Selecting an option in one of them will trigger an update on the page, showing you more choices to refine your selection. We will describe the options server side with PHP, so it is easy for you to hook today’s example to a database. The idea for this tutorial was suggested by Casper Hansen from Denmark. The HTML

Chained AJAX Selects

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How to use Geolocation and Yahoo’s APIs to build a simple weather webapp Martin Angelov Today we will be using the HTML5 geolocation API to present the user with a personalized weather forecast. Using jQuery, we will issue AJAX request to two of Yahoo’s popular APIs to obtain additional geographical information and a weather forecast.