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MobileBytes Certifies Epson TM-m30 POS Receipt Printer. Bundled Solution Delivers Powerful, intuitive Restaurant Management Epson America, Inc., a leading supplier of value-added Point of Sale (POS) solutions, announced that MobileBytes, provider of restaurant mobile POS applications, has certified the Epson TM-m30 POS receipt printer for its newest cloud-based restaurant POS management application.

MobileBytes Certifies Epson TM-m30 POS Receipt Printer

The joint solution is available now through MobileBytes and its resellers. MobileBytes certified the compact EpsonTM-m30 POS receipt printer to provide its customers with a DHCP enabled, fast, mobile, thermal print option and to complement the sleek look of its iPad Tablet POS. Through the MobileBytes new loyalty app, restaurants can now allow guests to scan a barcode on their printed receipt and earn loyalty points at their favorite restaurants.

The company has previously certified theEpson’s TM-T88V and TM-U220 receipt printers. Data Breaches and How to Secure Against Them. Applications and operating systems are easily reinstalled.

Data Breaches and How to Secure Against Them

However, your data is quite a bit more unique. This means that it is the most critical thing that you have on your network or computer. You need to be vigilant about protecting that data from unauthorized access and especially from loss. There are many ways that you can do this and today we are going to take a quick peek at a few of those ways. SecureUSB SecureUSB is a company that makes one of the most innovative flash drives on the market.

These flash drives, being small and portable as they are, pose their own risks of data safety. SecureUSB makes a flash drive that features flash key encryption as well as it being secured by a PIN that you have to enter on the physical keypad located on the outside of the flash drive. POS Systems Maybe your business is one that uses point of sale systems. Data Protection MIT has issued some tips on how to keep your data protected. In the Cloud. 5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Business Intelligence Tools - Xformity. Driving Consumer Demand – An Analysis on Consumer Demand Determinants and the Result on Fuel Choices - Autogas. To Do List Manager App for Inventory Management. Whoops!

To Do List Manager App for Inventory Management

There was a problem with your input. Please check: Error – The wage for hours must be between 12 and 50. Error – The hours spent scheduling should be fewer than 999 hours. Error – The hours spent on H.R. tasks should be fewer than 999 hours. Biometric Attendance Software System for Attendance Management. Biometric Attendance Systems for Enhanced Employee productivity!

Biometric Attendance Software System for Attendance Management

For most businesses, human capital management accounts for as much as half of their total budget. The recent global economic landscape has resulted in cost cutting across all industries and in order to maintain your efficiency and productivity, managers often have to face a number of challenges. While a number of businesses have been forced to reduce their human capital, by laying off unproductive employees, others are striving hard to improve the productivity, as well as accountability of their employees in order to improve their return on investment or ROI. Biometric Attendance Software Zip Clock provides a Biometric timesheet software system for your business and organization so you can easily track his/her employee work online.

Without these advanced attendance systems, organizations rely on manual methods of employee time tracking and attendance, which are not only time consuming but also come with the risk of errors. 6 Reasons The Working From Home Trend is Going to Revolutionize Business. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

6 Reasons The Working From Home Trend is Going to Revolutionize Business

Technology and the internet have created a global village. Geographical boundaries are blurred and worldwide communication is seamless. Whether you’re at home, a restaurant, or a coffee shop, you’re able to make business calls and communicate with people across the globe. Working from home has become an increasingly popular business trend in recent years. People are increasingly abandoning the traditional office-based job, by either forging their own entrepreneurial paths or negotiating work contracts where working from home is permitted. Despite this trend, some businesses don’t want to embrace remote working. However, the fact remains: working from home is here to stay. 1. Allowing a culture where employees can achieve business goals while working from home broadens your talent pool. For smaller businesses on a budget, outsourcing from countries with a lower cost of living has become a viable alternative. 2.

The Ever-Increasing Importance of Mobile Scheduling Software: melissahankin. We cannot deny the fact that smartphone popularity is getting bigger as time goes by.

The Ever-Increasing Importance of Mobile Scheduling Software: melissahankin

Employees use Androids, iPhones, and other smartphones to view their work schedules, request time off, punch in and out of work, and to access other forms of corporate data via an online planner or a web-based schedule planner. Consequently, web-based employee scheduling has grown to be a very important part of most businesses. A recent study reported that more than 50% of adults in the U.S have smartphones. The study continued to show that more people will be able to afford smartphones as the economy recovers. With such information in mind, it is expected that most, if not all, employees from different organizations are already using smartphones or will soon be able to use one.

An online planner, also known as an online shift planner, is a scheduling application that automates the procedure of creating and maintaining schedules. 3 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Time Trac... - Employee Time Management - Quora. Purchasing time tracking software, also known as attendance tracking software is often not the first thing most business owners consider when thinking of ways to achieve revenue growth, and this is especially true with small business owners.

3 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Time Trac... - Employee Time Management - Quora

According to a recent study, failing to accurately track time costs the average business a whopping $110,000 each year! The truth is that we have allowed technology to make a huge transformation in the way we communicate, but we have completely ignored the power of automated punch clock software to help us run our businesses. We have instead opted to force our workers to recount their hours manually, and in most cases, days later.

In most cases, an unwillingness to switch to automated punch clock software is purely out of ignorance or unawareness, usually pertaining to usefulness, prevalence, and cost.