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Some Event and Library Promtional Ideas

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Library programs and Event Management B Parsons 2011. Quick and Dirty Library Pormotions that really work. Ideas for campaigns and events in your library | Australian Library and Information Association. Starting a Book Club. “A book discussion group is a forum where readers can come together and talk about books and the reading experience … There are adult groups, student-led groups, mother-daughter groups, father-son groups, and parent-child groups, to name just a few.

"“Giving Readers a Voice: Book Discussion Groups,” by Anna Healy. Book Links: February/March 2002 (v.11, no.4) If you're looking for a book club to join, check with your library. Libraries often provide meeting space for book clubs and many administer their own book discussion groups. Thinking of starting your own book club? Learn how to get started and find tips about structuring your meetings, facilitating a great discussion link, and finding the right books. Answer these 10 questions and you're on your way! Submitted by 1. Structuring Your Meeting Facilitating Discussion It’s important to have someone in charge of leading the group’s discussion in a diplomatic way that will benefit all group members. Finding Book Ideas. A Librarian's Guide to Makerspaces: 16 Resources. "There were more than 135 million adult makers, more than half of the total adult population in America, in 2015.

" What is a makerspace? You’ve no doubt been hearing that word more than a few times over the past several years. Makerspaces, also called hackerspaces, hackspaces, and fablabs, are collaborative spaces where people gather to get creative with DIY projects, invent new ones, and share ideas. Since the first official makerspace convened six years ago in a library in upstate New York, libraries have remained an ideal setting for makerspace events across the country. There were more than 135 million adult makers, more than half of the total adult population in America, in 2015. Articles & Blog Posts on Makerspaces 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.) 12.) Maker Faire Makerspaces Directories 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) Revitalizing Community Spaces One could argue that the phenomenon of makerspaces has led to a revitalization and reimagining of libraries in a digital world.

Makerspaces Australia - Home. CoderDojo. CoderDojo Brisbane | Kids learning to Code. Event Planning Toolkit - Teen Tech Week. Need some help planning Teen Tech Week beyond activities? Then you've come to the right place! Start planning by: Timeline This timeline for Teen Tech Week should help you plan an amazing celebration; we've separated suggestions for school and public libraries to aid in planning. Planning Checklist Follow these ten steps for the best Teen Tech Week ever! Register online and download the official logo at Professional Materials Find inspiration in the following articles, blog posts, books, and other professional materials, selected by the Teen Tech Week committee. Barseghian, Tina. Block, Donna. Boling, Betsy Davis et al. Braun, Linda, Hillias J. Byrne, Richard. Byrne, Richard.

Comito, Lauren. Dretzin, Rachel, et al. Durr, Chris. Fink, Megan, ed. for YALSA. Gray, Cheyenne. Greenland, Susan Kaiser. Hamilton, Buffy. Harris, Frances Jacobson. Horn, Laura Peowski. 5 Minute Librarian: How to Throw an Epic Library Party. Having a "party" program at the library is one of the new trends I've been hearing about lately, and, as an event-loving librarian, I am completely on board.

I've held many parties of different types and for varying age groups, and they almost always go over well. Everyone loves a party - it's a scientific fact. Library parties are fun to plan, fun to hold, and fun to attend; there is very little downside. They often are low-cost and appeal to fans of a specific genre or series, and can be tailored to fit seasonal or timely events, such as a movie release or the arrival of a new book in a series. OK, I'm sold. What do I do first? The first thing you need to do is choose a theme.

I will write more about these topics in a moment. Themed food and drinks - Alice in Wonderland's "eat me" cakes. ...and anything else you could need. Character Parties Choose your favorite book character and use them as a theme. I recently held a Geronimo Stilton party for grade school kids. Fandom Parties.