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Iterated Systems’ Fractal Compression. GIF, JPG and FIF The image above is 58,655 bytes, it is 320×240 pixels with 256 colours and is in GIF format.

Iterated Systems’ Fractal Compression

Using 90% “compression quality” LView Pro converted the image to a JPG of 31,012 bytes (below left). Ghiro - automated digital image forensics tool. NormalMap-Online. This website lets you create normal maps from height maps for free.


All normal map textures you create are your own. Paint Drip Text Effect in Photoshop. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a paint drip effect in Photoshop using my set of dripping paint vector.

Paint Drip Text Effect in Photoshop

You can easily turn these shapes into paint drip brush if you work better with brushes. Learn how to create a paint drip effect in Photoshop using layer styles. Create a new PSD file, size 900x600px. Add this seamless paper texture and call this layer Paper Background. Add a Gradient Map adjustment layer using these colors: #000000 (location 9%) and #ececec (location 90%).

Create a new text layer and write something using any font type you want. How to use Lightroom Presets in Photoshop. 86 Best Photoshop tutorials. Design.tutsplus. GitHub - keijiro/KvantSpray: Object instancing/particle animation system for Unity. StippleGen: Weighted Voronoi stippling and TSP paths in Processing. Tutorials > Using Actions to Automate Tasks in Photoshop. While Adobe Photoshop has a host of automation tools, one of the most versatile and powerful of them is called an action.

Tutorials > Using Actions to Automate Tasks in Photoshop

In fact, some of the other automation commands, such as batches and droplets, derive their functionality from actions. An action is like a macro or script; however, while scripts have a reputation for being confusing and difficult, actions are very easy to create. If you know how to use Photoshop, you know most of what you need to create your own actions. For example, let's say that you have 100 digital photos that you'd like to post on the Internet. Normally, you'd have to load each one, scale, color correct, sharpen, and then save them one at a time. G'MIC Online. 2017 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet.

Last updated: 4th December 2019 Social media platforms are forever changing the image sizes and formats, so to keep you all updated I have re-created the 2019 social media image sizes cheat sheet and updated it to 2020. The need for strong social media presence has soared in 2016 and will only increase in prominence in 2020. This is why you really need to keep up to speed with your business / brand / personal profiles, and to optimize them with the right images to represent you! “The 2020 Social Media Image Sizes Guide” below explains to you what the best image sizes are for each social network and the image types to use. New software system realistically adds objects into photos. This Music Video Is a "Smart Drug" Trip Gone Horribly Wrong. Images courtesy the artist Smoke a bit too much dope, and you can experience depersonalization.

This Music Video Is a "Smart Drug" Trip Gone Horribly Wrong

But what about when you take nootropics, the so-called “smart drugs?” In the video for Rawtekk’s “Here’s To Them,” filmmaker denial.of.service attempts to find out. Working with iPhone footage and Microsoft Kinect 3D scans, denial.of.service not only explores “hardcore nootropic”-triggered depersonalization, but also dystopia, observation, and reaction. Fractal Science Kit - Fractal Generator. Science vs Magic. Video Feedback.

About Warning: This demo can produce rapidly flashing patterns.

Video Feedback

It also relies on localStorage. Getting Started Skim the "About" link above for a rough overview Try selecting patterns from the "Select State" dropdown box and panning/rotating a little bit around each one Try to keep track of the outermost border that seems to "follow" your input, though this can be a little bit confusing when mirror effects are turned on The system is very sensitive to zooming, and tends to work best near the initial zoom level Hit "Cycle Inputs" for a quick tour through some of the pre-configured states If you get lost, just hit "Reset Position" to return to the default configuration If the main canvas stops responding, make sure that you haven't paused the rendering (try clicking on the main canvas and hitting "P") We are quite far from bug-free.

Feel free to contact us about any significant impediments to your having fun (see below). Glitcher. Batch processing for GenerateMe scripts. Glitch art in blender! a speed tutorial. Max 6 Image Glitch. Bookshelf- OpenProcessing. CG Education. Reaction Diffusion In PhotoshopBy Neil BlevinsCreated On: June 4th 2015 Reaction Diffusion is an algorithm that mimics the chemical process that's responsible for a lot of patterns we see in the natural world.

CG Education

The stripes on a zebra, the spots on a cheetah or giraffe. Fish have these sorts of patterns, plants, coral, etc. And considering how often these patterns appear in nature, its amazing how little commercial software there is out there to create such patterns. The chemical process works like this. Photoshop animation tutorial. 010 Editor - Binary Templates - Parsing Binary Files. Writing Binary Templates Example Template The following example demonstrates a simple Binary Template.

010 Editor - Binary Templates - Parsing Binary Files

- 40 Disc CD Cabinet max, obj, 3ds, stl, wrl and more CD Jewel Case max, obj, 3ds, wrl, wrz and more.


Pixel sorting. FFGL Dissolve plugin for Resolume. Glitch text generator by stAllio! Glitch text generator by stAllio! DSPLab: PYUV: raw video sequence player. Introduction During our research activity, we have to deal sometimes with raw sequences that must be source encoded before being transmitted, let's say, with DVB-T.

DSPLab: PYUV: raw video sequence player

Of course, there are a number of players out there, but not so many are capable to display the raw sequence before it has been encoded. Sputnik.


StAllio! workshops. Hacking the gif workshop links glitch gifs presentationlink to workshop (google doc)sample gifs for hackingcolor tablesaspect ratio tiling example hex editor resources: Jeff's Image Format - Just Solve the File Format Problem. Glitch 2.2. GLITCH GIF STUDIO. La bibliothèque publique de New York met en ligne 180.000 images libres de droit.

Temps de lecture: 2 min — Repéré sur NYPL.ORG Sur le site de la bibliothèque publique de New York, il est désormais possible de télécharger gratuitement plus de 180.000 images libres de droit, y compris des photos de New York dans les années 1930, une collection de vingt mille cartes anciennes et des manuscrits de poètes. L'équipe de la bibliothèque encourage les internautes à se réapproprier les images de manière créative, et donne comme exemple ce GIF posté sur Twitter: Que faites-vous avec nos images dans le domaine public? Dites nous avec #nyplremix.

Ou celui-ci, fait à partir d'une des milliers de gravures animalières disponibles en ligne: Une grande collection de cartes postales historiques est disponible, comme celle-ci, qui représente une «bovinemobile», soit une charrette tirée par un buffle à Savannah en Géorgie en 1905. Parmi les curiosités à découvrir, il y a une série de cyanotypes d'algues, qui sont la première oeuvre photographique faite par une femme, Anna Atkins, en 1843:

Cargo - Gallery. Cargo - Gallery. Free 3D models - ready-posed 3D people. Market Your PSD Mockups for graphic novel. GRAPHICNOVEL010 is a portrait mode graphic novel topview product shot. 3D Printing in 42 File Formats. VCR OSD Mono Font. Forensically, free online photo forensics tools - Forensically is a set of free tools for digital image forensics.