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Home - Breakthrough Energy. RayGen ∣ Clean Energy Security. Australian engineers achieve milestone efficiency for solar cells. A University of NSW team led by Professor Martin Green and Dr Mark Keevers (pictured below) has pushed sunlight-to-electricity conversion efficiency to 34.5% – establishing a new world record for unfocused sunlight.

Australian engineers achieve milestone efficiency for solar cells

Dr Mark Keevers with one of the spectrum splitting, four-junction mini-modules developed at UNSW. Solar energy efficiency has gone up significantly in recent years, while prices have gone down dramatically making solar energy more and more plausible as a global renewable solution for energy. But in order for it to be truly viable, we need to push the limits of efficiency even more. “This encouraging result shows that there are still advances to come in photovoltaics research to make solar cells even more efficient,” said Keevers. “Extracting more energy from every beam of sunlight is critical to reducing the cost of electricity generated by solar cells as it lowers the investment needed, and delivering payback faster.” Genetically modified bacteria converts CO2 into liquid fuels. Daniel G.

Genetically modified bacteria converts CO2 into liquid fuels

Nocera, the Harvard professor who made headlines five years ago when he unveiled an artificial leaf, recently unveiled his latest work: an engineered bacteria that converts hydrogen and carbon dioxide into alcohols and biomass. One can be used directly as fuel to power vehicles that run on conventional fuels, while the other can be burned for energy. Dr. Daniel Nocera speaking at the EPIC seminar series hosted by the University of Chicago. Image: University of Chicago “The problem with the artificial leaf,” Nocera said last year, is that “it makes hydrogen. Products & Services. SBskin.

Products & Services

Smart Building Skin aims at the development and commercialization of innovative building products of high technological and aesthetic quality able to significantly reduce buildings energy consumption. SBskin developed and patented a series of novel glassblock configurations, with the aim to optimize their energy performance. High insulating glassblock modified through a plastic thermal belt, for outside installations.Photovoltaic glassblock, integrated with third generation solar cells (DSCs), for outside installations (roofs and façades).Photovoltaic and high insulating glassblock, integrated with third generation solar cells (DSCs), for outside installations (roofs and façades). SBskin developed and patented also an innovative glassblock assembly system, totally dry, for the construction of precast panels for building roofs and façades, which can be constituted of standard glassblocks already existing in the market or by SBskin’s novel glassblocks. Global Startup Expo - Collabobeat. Global Startup Expo - Ribes Technologies. Ribes Technologies will produce plastic photovoltaic (PV) foils as device chargers for home / building automation, smart cities and Internet of things.

Global Startup Expo - Ribes Technologies

These are emerging high-potential markets that will require our off-grid energy sources as an enabling technology. Traditional (e.g., silicon-based) PV panels can’t satisfy the market needs. Paris pledges on greenhouse gases still fall short. ©Bloomberg Steam rises from cooling towers at the Junliangcheng power station in Tianjin, China If people were even half as good at cutting carbon dioxide pollution as they are at talking about it, there would be no such thing as a climate change problem.

Paris pledges on greenhouse gases still fall short

Almost every year for the past two decades, hundreds of diplomats, officials and campaigners have trooped diligently to a UN climate negotiating conference to talk about how to stop global warming. Each meeting ends with an eloquent set of pledges to do more, usually enshrined in an agreement named after the place where the talks are held. But the net results of the Kyoto protocol, the Bali Action Plan, the Copenhagen Accord and the Cancún Agreement have been far from impressive. This year, however, is supposed to be different. Ahead of the meeting, each country has been asked to submit a plan explaining how it intends to cut its carbon emissions and by how much. Home - 4th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers. SCOT - Smart CO2 Transformation. Gianluigi Perrotto - Innovation Award. INCENSe Accelerator. CCEMC Grand Challenge - NineSights.

CCEMC Grand Challenge - NineSights. Applicants interested in submitting a proposal for Round Two will need to demonstrate both technical strength in achieving 1 megatonne net reductions in GHGs annually and a strong plan for implementation with resulting business success.

CCEMC Grand Challenge - NineSights

Round Two submissions should propose technologies that have already been developed and have the potential for commercialization in Alberta by 2020. Specific focus areas for this challenge include, but are not limited to: CO2Chem – About CO2Chem. What is CO2Chem?

CO2Chem – About CO2Chem

CO2Chem is an EPSRC Grand Challenge Network. CO2Chem brings together academics, industrialists and policy makers over a wide range of disciplines to consider the utilisation of carbon dioxide as a single carbon chemical feedstock for the production of value added products. ANTECY. Kohlendioxid als neuer Baustein für Kunststoffe. Carbon Recycling International. CLOSING THE CARBON CYCLE: sunfire GmbH. SOLAR-JET - Zero-carbon jet fuel from sunlight. ANTECY. HOME - IEAGHG - Carbon Capture and Storage. HOME - IEAGHG - Carbon Capture and Storage. HOME - IEAGHG - Carbon Capture and Storage. Polycomply hoechst * Unsere Leistungen. SCOT - Smart CO2 Transformation. Updates — Carbon Engineering. Construction and commissioning of CE’s pilot plant is continuing in Squamish, BC.

Updates — Carbon Engineering

A lot has happened in the last few months, and we now have most of the major equipment at site and installed. A big effort for us in recent weeks has been to bring the “pellet reactor” system online for the first time, and to start growing our bed of pellets – which forms a crucial step in our overall air capture process. We’re going to use this post to describe the how the pellet reactor system works and what it has taken to bring it to life in Squamish. The core purpose of the pellet reactor system is to take the CO2 that has been absorbed from the air into liquid at the air contactor and transform it into a solid pellet that is then easily dried and sent downstream to the calciner for CO2 release and purification. Carbon Engineering.

Home - 4th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers. Virgin Earth Challenge : The Rules. Process. Overview The overwhelming consensus of climate scientists is that increasing concentration of greenhouse gases (GHG), particularly CO2 poses a significant environmental and economic threat to the entire world.


Reflecting this concern a number of places (i.e. Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Alberta, Canada and California) have implemented various forms of carbon emission caps and market-based emission permit trading schemes with some success. In spite of these efforts GHG concentration in the atmosphere continues to increase which makes it essential to consider additional means to reduce or stabilize the CO2 level that is already in the atmosphere. But to do that will require direct air capture (DAC) of CO2 which will be permanently sequestered -- a concept called carbon negativity. To do this on a large scale will ultimately require government regulation to limit CO2 emissions, with some form of offsets for industries that cannot effectively reduce their own carbon emissions.

Founders and Management. Founders and Management Dr.

Founders and Management

Graciela Chichilnisky Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky has worked extensively on the Kyoto Protocol, creating and designing the carbon market that became international law in 2005 and wrote the wording for the carbon market into the Kyoto Protocol at the COP in Kyoto in December 1997. Carbon War Room. Virgin Earth Challenge : Approaches. From this… to this… Images courtesy of Savory Institute’s partners. Tony for scale. One of the questions we first get asked when telling people about the Virgin Earth Challenge is: ‘taking greenhouse gases out of the air?

Sonita - Auto elettrica, mobilità sostenibile, mobilità verde,Veicoli elettrici. Windkinetic Wind Systems. KiteGen Research » How to Invest in KiteGen. Soter s.r.l. (Society for the Transition to Renewable Energy) is the company that has been created for the sole purpose of supporting the KiteGen project both financially or with other types of involvement. Massimo Ippolito, curator and developer of the KiteGen project, is currently the majority shareholder of SOTER, which in turn, owns a stake of about 20% in the company Kite Gen Research Srl, owner of the rights to exploit all intellectual property related to the technology [link patents].

KiteGen. Diversifying Canada’s Economy - Solutions - Tar Sands Solutions Network. Rapid tar sands development has transformed the Canadian currency into a volatile petro-dollar and destabilized the country's manufacturing base. A Canadian government report noted that the rising dollar, combined with volatile energy prices and cheap Chinese imports, has decimated Canada’s manufacturing sector, concluding that Canada was witnessing "a long-term structural change favoring both the resources and the services sectors at the expense of the manufacturing sector" in Ontario and Quebec. More than 50 per cent of decreased employment in the manufacturing sector (a total of 322,000 jobs) was directly related to the tar sands petro-dollar, which means for every job created in the tar sands (approximately 100,000) another job was lost in the country's manufacturing sector. There is another way. Rapid tar sands expansion is not in Canada’s best economic interests.

INCENSe, chiusa la call, 230 application da 30 Paesi. INCENSe Accelerator. CLOSING THE CARBON CYCLE: sunfire GmbH. Here's a machine that turns water into synthetic gasoline. Ecoppia - Robotic Solar Cleaning Solution. African Clean Energy. While the statistics on the effects of cooksmoke seem overwhelming, it’s not all bad news. Changing the way people cook in developing countries can significantly alleviate the many problems resulting from open-fire cooking. And unlike many global problems, the solution is simple and can be realized instantly. African Clean Energy has been founded to provide smokeless, sustainable cookstoves for developing countries, considerably improving lives and the environment. Commercializing the largest single efficiency improvement in solar since 1974. Commercializing the largest single efficiency improvement in solar since 1974.

From sunlight to jet fuel: EU proje... - Information Centre - Research & Innovation. Researchers have for the first time successfully demonstrated the entire production chain for renewable kerosene, using concentrated light as a high-temperature energy source. Expo Delle Startup - DULCIS. Cool Planet Investors. In funzione all'Enea primo impianto per trasformare CO2 in metano. Edison. Engineering. Over Srl - Domotica green tutta italiana. Developing a wave power conversion system - Snapper. L’ascensore che non spreca elettricità. Careers - LightSail Energy. Transatomic Power. Wisepower srl. Prodotti. EP Tender, il rimorchio che allunga l'autonomia delle batterie. Il kit made in Veneto che trasforma l'auto a benzina in elettrica.

La Nasa lavora alla propulsione a curvatura di Star Trek. Urina e batteri per ricaricare il cellulare. The Rossi Effect - The Rossi Effect. Bio-batterie: produrre energia dai batteri. Group - Profilo del gruppo. Archimede Solar Energy. La prima centrale solare a sali fusi italiana è operativa. Una verniciata di cellule fotovoltaiche. Installare pannelli fotovoltaici per produrre energia pulita può essere costoso, ma è probabile che in futuro tecnologie sempre più avanzate permetteranno di realizzare impianti a prezzi sempre più ridotti.

Samarium Cobalt and other Rare Earth Magnets. Giant, la boa intelligente che produce energia dalle onde. ‘Artificial leaf’ makes fuel from sunlight. Researchers led by MIT professor Daniel Nocera have produced something they’re calling an “artificial leaf”: Like living leaves, the device can turn the energy of sunlight directly into a chemical fuel that can be stored and used later as an energy source. The artificial leaf — a silicon solar cell with different catalytic materials bonded onto its two sides — needs no external wires or control circuits to operate. Simply placed in a container of water and exposed to sunlight, it quickly begins to generate streams of bubbles: oxygen bubbles from one side and hydrogen bubbles from the other. If placed in a container that has a barrier to separate the two sides, the two streams of bubbles can be collected and stored, and used later to deliver power: for example, by feeding them into a fuel cell that combines them once again into water while delivering an electric current.

The creation of the device is described in a paper published Sept. 30 in the journal Science. Home - Electro Power Systems. Marinet, il progetto europeo per ricavare energia dal mare. Lybra, il dosso che produce energia elettrica. L’ecobatteria alla porporina. Phidrive, la startup che punta sul piezoelettrico. La batteria che si ricarica in un minuto. The first community investment platform that makes it possible for people to earn a cash return by investing in Renewable Energy Projects in the UK.

Una pala eolica in crowdfunding. Solare a sali fusi, la prima centrale al mondo in Sicilia. Enel Drive, una rete per la mobilità elettrica. Batterie litio-aria, i passi avanti. Il Sole del Sahara scalderà l’Europa. 20mila turbine sotto i mari? No, 30.