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News - MR:comp GmbH

MRXCAT – Institute for Biomedical Engineering. Publications - k-Space Astronauts. Clinical PD & MR. Strategically Acquired Gradient Echo (STAGE) can image the whole brain and its vasculature in 9 minutes.

Clinical PD & MR

Features: * Co-registered T1W, PDW, T1 MAP, PD MAP, R2* MAP, SWI, tSWI, MRA and SWIM with a resolution of0.67mmx1.33mmx2.0mm and with 64 partitions. B1: TE=7.5ms/17.5ms, FA=6 degrees, 2.5 minutesB2: TE=8.75ms/18.75ms, FA=24 degrees, 2.5 minutesB3: TE=2.5ms/12.5ms (RP)/12.5MS (DP), FA=12 degrees, 4 minutes * Complemented by a T2 FLAIR image and by a DWI scan, a total of 12 minutes for the brain protocol.* Allows for separation of arteries and veins. * Allows for brain structure segmentation with homogeneous STAGE-enhanced T1W and QSM.* Data Processing done by SPIN software from MR Innovations.

Yefeng Zheng. Yefeng Zheng Marginal Space Learning for Efficient Detection of 2D/3D Anatomical Structures in Medical Images Introduction Recently, machine learning based approaches have been successfully demonstrated on many 2D object detection problems (e.g., face detection, pedestrian detection, and vehicle detection in 2D images/video sequences).

Yefeng Zheng

In these methods, object detection or localization was formulated as a classification problem: whether an image block contains the target object or not. SimVascular. Downloads - CRIMSON. FAQ - Arterys. Do I need to download software to view, process and create a clinical report?

FAQ - Arterys

No. The Arterys™ interface is accessible via the Google Chrome web browser (we support the latest versions). Purview ViVA - Cloud Medical Imaging Access and Storage. Questions and Answers​in MRI - MRI Questions & Answers; MR imaging physics & technology. Associazione Italiana di Fisica Medica. OptiBET: optimized brain extraction script for patient brain – Professor Martin Monti's lab website. OptiBET is a shell script to perform brain-extractions even in patients brain, where extensive pathology is present.

optiBET: optimized brain extraction script for patient brain – Professor Martin Monti's lab website

The script has now been tested on a set of more than 70 patient brains, and it performs better than all available tools (see figure below). Lutkenhoff ES, Rosenberg M, Chiang J, Zhang K, Pickard JD, Owen AM, Monti MM. (2014) Optimized Brain Extraction for Pathological Brains (optiBET). PLoS ONE 9(12): e115551. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0115551 INSTALLATION: just put the script in your path (and if needed make it executable; e.g., “chmod 755”). The only requirement for the default options is to have FSL installed. Unite de Neuroimagerie Fonctionnelle. Quantitative MRI & voxel-based quantification (VBQ) Anatomical MR imaging has not only become a cornerstone in clinical diagnosis but also in neuroscience research.

Quantitative MRI & voxel-based quantification (VBQ)

The great majority of anatomical studies rely on T1-weighted images for morphometric analysis of local gray matter volume using voxel-based morphometry (VBM). VBM provides insight into macroscopic volume changes that may highlight differences between groups; be associated with pathology or be indicative of plasticity. A complimentary approach that has sensitivity to tissue microstructure is high resolution quantitative imaging. Whereas in T1-weighted images the signal intensity is in arbitrary units and cannot be compared across sites or even scanning sessions, quantitative imaging can provide neuroimaging biomarkers for myelination, water and iron levels that are absolute measures comparable across imaging sites and time points. MIALab. Available Software: Group ICA Toolbox (Includes GIFT andEEGIFT): Group ICA Toolbox is a MATLAB toolbox which implements multiple algorithms for independent component analysis and blind source separation of group (and single subject) functional magnetic resonance imaging data and electro encephalogram data.


Group ICA Toolbox is listed on NITRC . Ischemic and non-ischemic cardiomyopathy. Mahrholdt H, Wagner A, Judd RM, Sechtem U, Kim RJ.

Ischemic and non-ischemic cardiomyopathy

Delayed enhancement cardiovascular magnetic resonance assessment of non-ischaemic cardiomyopathies. Eur Heart J 2005; 26:1461-1474 Delayed Enhancement MR Imaging: Utility in Myocardial Assessment Vogel-Claussen J, Rochitte CE, Wu KC, Kamel IR, Foo TK, Lima JA, Bluemke DA. et al Radiographics 2006; 26:795-810 White JA, Patel MR. The role of cardiovascular MRI in heart failure and the cardiomyopathies. Magn Reson Imaging Clin N Am 2007; 15:541-564 Harris SR, Glockner J, Misselt AJ, Syed IS, Araoz PA. M-FFE FE MRI sequence physics and image appearance. Multiple Echo Data Image Combination (MEDIC) is a T2* weighted spoiled gradient echo sequence.

M-FFE FE MRI sequence physics and image appearance

Multiple echoes acquired in one measurement are combined into an image. This sequence uses flow compensation unipolar frequency encoding gradients that removes CSF flow artefacts. MEDIC sequences produce a predominantly T2 weighted image. MRI image appearance The easiest way to identify MEDIC images is to look for fluid filled space in the body (e.g.

Tissues and their MEDIC appearance. GDCM: Tool to convert DICOM to DICOM. Gdcmconv [options] file-in file-out The gdcmconv command line program takes as input a DICOM file (file-in) and process it to generate an output DICOM file (file-out).

GDCM: Tool to convert DICOM to DICOM.

The command line option dictate the type of operation(s) gdcmconv will use to generate the output file. DeveloperWorks : Download: WebSphere Application Server for Developers V8.5. IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Developer Tools provides plug-ins from the Eclipse Marketplace that can be installed into an existing Eclipse environment to support development for WebSphere Application Server. This no-charge offering compliments the IBM WebSphere Application Server for Developers to provide a lightweight, development environment for the developer desktop. WebSphere Application Server for Developers includes a Liberty Profile that optimizes developer productivity and web application deployment with the new Liberty Profile option, an ultra lightweight, fast starting, highly composable application server profile.

The Liberty profile can be downloaded separately or with WebSphere Application Server for Developers. Our Solutions - Enlitic. Synchropet. Marc Alessi is the Founder and CEO of SynchroPET Marc is a serial entrepreneur; having started companies across a number of sectors, he has also been an active angel investor in a number of start-ups and is the former Executive Director of the Long Island Angel Network (LIAN). Marc is a Corporate Attorney by training, and has been a consultant or advisor to a number of start-up companies and incubators in the Information Technology, Energy, Security, and Biotechnology sectors. Marc is on the Board of Directors of Peconic Bay Hospital and the Long Island Power Authority, one of the largest public power utilities in the nation. Marc is on the Board of Advisors of a handful of not for profits, such as the Nassau Suffolk Law Services (provides civil legal services to the poor) and the East End Arts Council.

MRI pathology images. Brian Hargreaves - MRI Tools. - clever DICOM tool. Welcome - The MRI Blog Network. HONConduct419548 - MRI Blog - HONcode certificate: respect of the 8 HONcode principles by the health website. MRI Mobile. Revising MRI. Fonts, like all of us, have a particular character. Pun intended. Their shapes can suggest a tone of voice, encourage a level of formality or urgency, or trigger associations with other products or brands. Some allow for fast reading on screens, or easier prolonged reading on paper.

Stan's NMR Blog. A personal view of the state of NMR at the start of 2015 NMR is presently going through an unusual phase. For a number of reasons, and for the first time in history, traditional NMR spectroscopy is commercially unprofitable. It was totally abandoned by one major manufacturer, while others are anything but enthusiastic about it. MRI BLOG: Download Page. Sunday, August 30, 2009 Download Page MRI Safety Documents MRI Protocols Miscellaneous. Radiology MRI. PractiCal fMRI: the nuts & bolts: GRAPPA. At last month's Human Brain Mapping conference in Seattle, a poster by Harvard scientists Stephanie McMains and Ross Mair (poster 3412) showed yet more evidence that the benefits of a 32-channel coil for fMRI at 3 T aren't immediately obvious. Info on ferromagnetic detection and MRI safety & screening. Featured post. Medical Resources and Information. Imaging Analytics University.

Zebra Medical Vision. Focus on what’s important – pure research. No need to spend months or years gathering data, building and maintaining an IT and computing infrastructure or worrying about storage costs. Our platform provides access to millions of anonymized, indexed patient imaging studies, reports and associated clinical information. Enlitic Premier Program - Enlitic. What is the Premier Partner Program?


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