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Oregon Urban Renewal Consultant. The types of services Elaine Howard Consulting provides are: Urban Renewal Plan Feasibility Studies Urban Renewal Plans and Reports Urban Renewal Amendments Urban Renewal 101 Presentation: this has become a popular service.

Oregon Urban Renewal Consultant

With many urban renewal agencies having new members or new advisory committee members, this presentation gives them background on what urban renewal is, where it is used in Oregon, shows pictures of some great Oregon projects, explains how urban renewal financing works and why it shows up on the property tax bill. Urban Renewal Plan reviews including financial updating Helping Cities decide whether to pursue urban renewal Assisting localities in Request for Proposals in all phases: drafting, reviewing, implementing Project Management Communications with Stakeholders She has either been the principal or a team member on the following projects: Urban Renewal Plans in Oregon. INFLUENCE AT WORK- Official Site. Casal Adélia, no centro de Portugal em Alcaravela. O Casal Adélia, propriedade que deu nome à rua, é uma Casa de Campo murada com um pequeno terreno que se estende em socalcos.

Casal Adélia, no centro de Portugal em Alcaravela

O primeiro socalco, com canteiros ajardinados e algumas árvores, serve de “terraço” à casa principal. Para a casa entra-se por um hall com a escadaria de acesso ao 1º andar. À volta das escadas, distribuem-se os 4 quartos, todos com wc privativo, conferindo-lhe capacidade para 8 pessoas. Paolo Soleri. Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre.

Paolo Soleri

Paolo Soleri (Turim, 21 de junho de 1919 – 9 de abril de 2013)[1] [2] foi um arquiteto italo-americano. Foi professor na Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade do Arizona. Arcosanti[editar | editar código-fonte] Seu maior projeto é o Arcosanti, uma comunidade planejada para 5.000 pessoas, em construção desde 1970. Houzz - Home Design, Decorating and Remodeling Ideas and Inspiration, Kitchen and Bathroom Design.

Designboom. As Obras em Sua Casa: Renovação, Remodelação, Reabilitação. Off-ramp: How demolishing freeways is reviving American cities. Notícias - Ruptura Silenciosa. Deserted Europe: 20 Hauntingly Abandoned Buildings. Deserted Europe: 20 Hauntingly Abandoned Buildings Article by Urbanist, filed under Abandoned Places in the Architecture category. (Article information and images provided by Bart of Urban Travel) It is one thing to think about visiting that haunting abandoned building on the edge of town – but it is quite another thing to actually brave not one but hundreds of deserted places like Bart of Urban Travel. Moses Bridge / RO&AD Architecten. Architects: RO&AD Architecten Location: Halsteren, The Netherlands Client: Municipality of Bergen op Zoom Material used: Accoya wood Project Area: 50 sqm Photographs: Courtesy of RO&AD Architecten The West Brabant Water Line is a defense-line consisting of a series of fortresses and cities with inundation areas in the south-west of the Netherlands.

Moses Bridge / RO&AD Architecten

It dates from the 17th century but fell into disrepair in the 19th century. When the water line was finally restored, an access bridge across the the moat of one of the fortresses, Fort de Roovere, was needed. This fort now has a new, recreational function and lies on several routes for cycling and hiking. It is, of course, highly improper to build bridges across the moats of defense works, especially on the side of the fortress the enemy was expected to appear on. The bridge can’t be seen from a distance because the ground and the water come all the way up to its edge. Text provided by RO&AD Architecten. Plataforma Arquitectura. TURA Architecture Tourism. ArchDaily. The villas by Andrea Palladio. Most people who intend to visit the Palladian villas go to the Riviera del Brenta for the now traditional boat tour, to sail the river Brenta upstream from Venice to Padua or the other way round, and to stop along the riverside to admire the marvellous buildings the Venetian noblemen had built.

The villas by Andrea Palladio

Not everybody knows, though, that most of those villas are called "Palladian" not because Palladio had them built, but because they are inspired by the principles and canons of that architecture which expresses itself best in those villas Palladio really had built, two centuries before, mainly in the province of Vicenza. Thus, the study and the discovery of the villa can not go without a visit to the province, where Palladio left his most substantial part of his heritage, which, over the centuries, has inspired not only the villas on the river Brenta, but also the Anglo-Saxon, the French and the European world generally and stretches also overseas. Arquitetura telecomandada (vídeo) FRAC Centre em Orleães, França, disponibilizou um vídeo da exposição “Flight Assembled Architecture” no qual podemos ver robôs telecomandados a construir uma torre com módulos de espuma. (FRAC Centre) Desde 2 de dezembro de 2011 que se realize em Orleães, França, a exposição “Flight Assembled Architecture”, durante a qual os visitantes podem ver uma torre de seis metros ser construída por robôs voadores telecomandados , usando módulos pré-fabricados de espuma de poliestireno.

A exposição realiza-se no FRAC Centre e permanecerá aberta até ao dia 19 de fevereiro, mas o centro já disponibilizou um novo vídeo de oito minutos que nos permite ter uma ideia mais completa de como se desenrola todo o processo.