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Facebook Twitter books. Ladies. I'm as Free as My Hair. H a i r. Dirty Hair « Rock Paper Scissors Blog. Seriouswheels / Pinterest. Shop NET-A-PORTER.COM - The world's premier online luxury fashion destination  Nicholas K. Best places in the World. Cauliflower Crust Pizza. A co-worker of mine is currently on a special diet and has been experimenting with several low-carb dishes.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

One day a few weeks ago, she dropped by my office to tell me about a recipe she’d found – pizza crust made of cauliflower! Yes, it sounded a little strange, but I was definitely intrigued. Since she’s a culinary school graduate and enjoys food as much I do, I trust her judgement and wanted to try it. She offered to bring a piece to the office the next day for me to sample and even day-old and reheated, it was really good! My husband is a pizza fanatic, so this new discovery was particularly exciting. With a hefty dose of veggies, I feel good about eating it myself and feeding it to him, which means he can get his pizza fix a lot more often now. I’m not going to lie and say it’s just like eating a flour pizza crust because it’s not. I’m interested to see what some of you think, so please, if you give it a go, come back and leave a comment!

Note for those that don’ t have a microwave: Craving?…This means you’re missing this.. Breakfast Stuffed Portobellos. [donotprint]I love to stuff portobello mushrooms.

Breakfast Stuffed Portobellos

Their shape and size are perfect for that and it’s just so much fun. Grab a portobello, clean it up, season it, stuff it and cook it. How easy is that? My favorite produce vendor at my local market had some beautiful portobellos the other day and I couldn’t resist getting a package of six. I made two into soup, two more I stuffed with ground beef but I didn’t know what to do with the last two. [print_link] ¡Buen provecho! Stuffed Portobellos Author: Ben Recipe type: Breakfast Cuisine: Mexican •2 portobello mushrooms, stems cut •2 large eggs •1 TBSP olive oil •fresh dill, rosemary and basil, chopped •salt and pepper to taste Drizzle olive oil on portobellos and season. 80+ Recipes For Home Canning: {Fruits & Vegetables. Today’s Recipe Hit List is a handy reference sheet listing dozens of different tutorials and recipes for canning assorted fruits and vegetables.

80+ Recipes For Home Canning: {Fruits & Vegetables

I’ve handpicked these from around the net and focused on featuring those that are for long term storage (though there are a small number that go straight to the refrigerator, these are noted). It's Satisfying To Stock Up The Pantry With Canned Goods This collection highlights garden fresh produce that is pickled, packed in syrups or just in water and I’ve sorted them alphabetically (by vegetable or fruit item) so it will be easy to find what you’re looking for. If you’re more interested in jams, jellies and spreads, many have been already organized on other pages here (with some fruit butters and sauces referenced in the main alphabetical list below): Note: As with all the tips and lists here on Tipnut, this page will be updated as I come across new goodies so you may want to bookmark this page for reference.

Apples: Asparagus: Beets: Cabbage: Carrots: Women’s Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Casual Dresses and Women’s Apparel. What’s In Season Now? The benefits of seasonal eating are many and it is something we preach at Accomac Inn and Events.

What’s In Season Now?

All of our menus are constantly changing to reflect what is in season for our area and what we can buy locally. For those that want to take a seasonal approach to their diets, we came across this website, Eat Seasonably, as a great resource. Shown is just one of the charts and guides offered on the website.