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Learn All Year Long. Autodesk - Newsroom - Press Releases. SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Build Conference — In two separate but related efforts to advance the future of digital and physical creation, Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk - Newsroom - Press Releases

(NASDAQ:ADSK) announced it is working with Microsoft Corp. to embed its 3D printing platform in Windows 10, and that it intends to make its 3D modeling software interoperable with Microsoft’s mixed reality environment, Microsoft HoloLens. In the first initiative, Autodesk will embed its Spark 3D printing software platform in Windows 10. This effort will provide Windows users with direct access to optimized and more reliable 3D printing experiences that streamline the additive manufacturing process for a variety of software, material, and printer choices. Autodesk will make the Spark APIs available for free* to the Microsoft developer community to build upon, extending the reach and growth of the 3D printing industry.


Revit. Resources @ Bim. Autocad Civil3d. Autocad MEP. Building. Raster Design. Blogs. Inventor. 3d Visualization. Autocad360. CAD. CAD. Can’t make AU 2015? Stream it live instead. Andekan » Blog » The Return of Extreme Revit Families.url. - BIMBoom Revitlution The History of Revit - The Future of Design.url. Note: 2/8/09 As long as you're here, probably seeing Revit for the first time, I welcome you to my blog and would like to offer my assistance in your search for more information about Revit. - BIMBoom Revitlution The History of Revit - The Future of Design.url

I'm amazed as to the number of people looking at Revit for the first time in 2009. Just so you know, the technology is fantastic. It is a totally different approach, workflow, methodology and way of thinking for architects and engineers. After you read this blog post, I encourage you to do the following: Download and try Revit. Revit OpEd.url. Revit OpEd: Make Up My Mind. Toggle Several Parameters At One Time With Revit’s Yes/No parameter data type it is very easy to toggle two parameters using the statement: Not(Option A) in the formula field for Option B.

Revit OpEd: Make Up My Mind

Un-checking Option A checks Option B automatically. Checking Option A un-checks Option B automatically too. It isn’t so straightforward to apply the same concept to multiple check boxes. Let’s say we’d like to have four options and only one of them should be visible at a time. Here’s one way you could accomplish this. Revving Up Revit MEP. Time is money and Autodesk® Revit® MEP has a reputation for wasting both.

Revving Up Revit MEP

If you use Revit MEP or are considering it, this article will give you a framework for using it efficiently and effectively for your clients and profitably for your firm. Over years of using AutoCAD®, the industry has developed a standard method of exchanging information in a logical and efficient way. The architect provides all the background files that the MEP and other firms require for their drawings. Those firms change the layer colors to match their respective company’s printing standard, Xref the background files into their sheets and begin their work. Some firms even have script files that automatically change the layers to the appropriate colors, or use the layer manager express tool built into AutoCAD.

Revit MEP: September 2008. With Revit® MEP software, Design West Engineering completes construction documents for the SEA LIFE™ Aquariumat LEGOLAND®.

Revit MEP: September 2008

Design West Engineering Customer Success Story Revit® MEP Revit® For our clients using Revit Architecture, our originalgoal was to produce 100 percent of our construction documents with RevitMEP and we’ve already accomplished that. It really does help us run a muchtighter project and put a better product into the field. The 3D models give theentire design team — from the project engineer on down — adramatically improvedunderstanding of the building. Firm SummaryDesign West Engineering is a mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering consulting firm based in San Bernardino, California. The ChallengeSince adopting Revit MEP, Design West has completed construction documentation on 14 major projects, including the 28,000-squarefoot SEA LIFE Aquarium at LEGOLAND near San Diego, California.

The Result“We’re really excited,” says Cronk. Gain Competitive Advantage. Charlotte Pipe. 123D Blog. Do U Revit? Autodesk 123D - Free 3D Modeling Software, 3D Models, DIY Projects, Personal Fabrication Tools. Autodesk University 2014 Conference. Revit Products. Autodesk - Sign In. AutoCAD 360 (AutoCAD360) on Twitter. AutoCAD 360. Why Use the Cloud Tool?

AutoCAD 360

12:32 am . August 19, 2014 . AutoCAD 360 team. 2013 Controversial!! Placing Notes, Legends and Details directly on sheet with no Viewport? Help. 123D Blog. Revit OpEd. CAD Shack. 2012 update 2012 produces "no loss defined' errors. Mep2011_3. Shades of Grey: July 2013. I have to admit that my first reaction to Marcello's scaling methods was to raise objections.

Shades of Grey: July 2013

"How practical are they really? " "Aren't you overstating your case a bit" "Yes, very clever ... but ... " Seemed a bit mean spirited though, so I had a go at the "Tuscan Column by Spline" challenge. (see this post) Not a big success ... but it jolted me into a much better understanding of basic Revit splines. What once seemed a somewhat clumsy tool has become a little gem.

But back to Marcello's scaling tricks. So following on from my curtain wall screens, I started to think about linear repeating details. These things take a little while to model, and invariably you change your mind about the scaling of the design somewhere along the line. It’s so good that its bad « The Revit Convert. Continuing from my previous post (well, along the same thought lines), I have come to the conclusion that Revit MEP is so good that it can actually be bad!

It’s so good that its bad « The Revit Convert

Let me explain. With Revit MEP, I can design ductwork with its insulation, and while coordinating with structural and architectural, I see that the duct is banging right through a joist. It is at this point that I need to make a value determination; do I fix it or let it go through? Let’s look at both: Fix it I need to get the duct through the space given me from the architectural plans and the structural. Let it go I know we all glory and revel in the wondrous achievement of BIM and Revit, and love to spin that 3D model around to see our handiwork. BIM Nation » Tips & Tricks. Change that arrowhead!

BIM Nation » Tips & Tricks

Change the appearance of arrowheads. OSMODE System Variable in AutoCAD – How to Reset Your OSNAP Settings With a Number Architecture, Engineering & Planning EVstu.url. See what's new on the Autodesk Education Community. Autodesk Education Community. Autodesk Labs. BIM Troublemaker.

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