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ART with Mrs. Smith. Autumn Bloom Tree – Watercolour Experiment. I have no real talent (or learned skill) when it comes to painting.

Autumn Bloom Tree – Watercolour Experiment

However, I’m a fan of art and creativity in general, and I want to foster an appreciation of such things in my children. We use watercolours more than any other paint because it’s relatively mess free and easy to clean up. I’ve done many painting activities with the kids over the years, like zip lock bag painting, basic brush techniques, finger painting, body painting and general project painting. Now that my children are a little older, I’m looking for ways for them to extend and combine the mediums we have (like watercolours plus texters). While browsing the Internet, I came across a Triad Tree painting by artist June Rollins and I put it in my pretty-to-look-at-but-not-doable pile. What I love about this project is that it uses the three primary colours to achieve the autumn bloom look so there’s the mixing-colours learning aspect too.

Crayon Art. One of my daily rituals is browsing the DIY section of Pinterest.

Crayon Art

If any of you do the same, then I’m sure you have seen the melted drippy crayon art. Intrigued by the concept of melted wax, I started playing around with crayons and hair dryers. I thought the “Drip” was cool, but over done and a bit boring. Stained glass painting - happy hooligans - easy stained glass art. I just LOVE the look of stained glass, so when I find a cool stained glass art project for kids, I’m all over it!

stained glass painting - happy hooligans - easy stained glass art

Recently the hooligans and I made these gorgeous “stained glass” paintings using bottle lids, paints and wax paper! When it comes to easy art techniques for kids, this one is the bomb! For your stained glass painting project you’ll need: For your convenience, I’ve included Amazon Affiliate links in this post. Watercolour on Canvas. Art for Kids. ~In memory of Great Nana Lollback~ Following a death in the family, Maddie and I wanted to create something special in their memory as a gift.

Watercolour on Canvas. Art for Kids

Instead of a bunch of flowers that would die we decided to paint some of their favourite flowers that would bloom forever instead. Creating Art together was a special bonding time and allowed us to talk about any thoughts or feelings. Ages: 3+ (See Handy Tips at the bottom for ideas to extend or simplify for your child) Materials: Canvas, Watercolour Paints (we used Micador Watercolours), permanent marker, water, dropper (or whatever you'd like to paint with) Draw your design on your canvas with the permanent marker.

Le scrap de karine - bonjour je m'appelle karine et je donne des cours de scrap sur ALES dans la boutique ARTIS-DALBE et sur la commune LES MAGES avec l'association PAGESDESCRAP. Abstracted Flowers. Abstracted Flowers Hello!

Abstracted Flowers

When I posted the above flowers a few weeks ago, many of you expressed an interest as to how I made them! So following is a quick tutorial (though, after several weeks of experimenting, I still haven’t been able to replicate the above flowers exactly… oh well! Just remember to have fun and not worry about the end product very much; because it is such a fast and loose process, you won’t be able to control it that much anyhow!) Le baobab brocoli. Drawing with Kids Using the Monart Method. Printable Activities. Fun, simple (and low-ink) printable activity to spark kids imagination to…. a full moon glow!

Printable Activities

Do you look at the moon in the night sky with kids and talk about what imaginary creatures might live there or whether houses and roads are built on the moon? Simply print the templates, put them together to create a giant moon as a drawing pad on the wall. Then let your imagination run wild! It will look great and kids will love drawing people, villages and adventures on the moon. This also makes a fantastic space themed party centerpiece and activity!

There’s a very big size to print for the full effect, medium size and a one page version for small doodlings. If you have problems opening these files in your particular browser, try right clicking your mouse (Ctrl+click with Mac) and ‘save the link as’ onto your computer. Des coloriages originaux pour occuper les après-midi de pluie... Les enfants adorent colorier.

Des coloriages originaux pour occuper les après-midi de pluie...

Au-delà des sites gratuits qui proposent des coloriages au graphisme peu original ou mettant en scène pour la énième fois les princesses Disney, Hello Kitty ou Dora l'exploratrice, voilà quelques idées qui sortent de l'ordinaire... [Histoire de l'art] L’oeuvre d’art de la semaine. NOUVEAU 36 nouvelles fiches soit 624 en tout.

[Histoire de l'art] L’oeuvre d’art de la semaine

ASTUCEPour trouver une fiche, utilisez la recherche par mot de votre navigateur : Ctrl + F (inscrivez ensuite le nom de l’artiste ou de l’oeuvre recherchée, et le mot sera surligné dans l’article) Animal resist painting. Miraculous Mosquito. Shaving Cream Painted Fall Leaves, Back to School Fall Friday Fun. Little J was asking how many days until school started the other day.

Shaving Cream Painted Fall Leaves, Back to School Fall Friday Fun

When I told him that there was about a month of summer break left he was rather quiet. I noticed later that he still seemed off. When I asked him he told me that he was going to miss having all the fun we had this summer. I reminded him of all the fun he had at school and how much he would enjoy seeing all his sweet friends again. This cheered him up some. Clothespin Dragonfly Craft.

Painted Leaves !! ~ Putti's World-kids-activities. These painted leaves can brighten up anybody's day and are a fun way to add colors to your life!!!

Painted Leaves !! ~ Putti's World-kids-activities

While most of you are getting ready for winter crafts, we are still enjoying the warm outdoors here in FL. Making the best use of it while it lasts. As always, putti came home with a big collection of leaves from her walk. I always insist that she picks only fallen leaves and donot encourage her plucking leaf from the plant itself. But today she got a lot of green leaves as the shrubs were trimmed this morning.

Most days, these leaves end up being used for crayon rubbings, leaf animals or leaf family. {Play} Magic Rainbow Rice Letters. Making Rainbow Rice has been on my play to-do list since we saw these beautiful images and tutorial at Share & Remember. (She also inspired our Painted Toast Activity). If you noticed, I did say “my” list, and not “ours,” because frankly, sometimes my own desire to participate in cool preschool activities overtakes any goals I have for teaching and playing with the children. During the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day a few weeks back, I thought it would be the perfect time to try it out based on the whole rainbow connection thing.

Jane helped me shake and mix rainbow rice colors in plastic bags and glass jars. Then we dried the rice at the lowest setting in the oven since it was raining and we couldn’t dry it out in the sun. Geometric Art for GAP Kids Recap! Mixing Colors the Easy Way!! You know how sometimes you just need a "no fuss" easy clean-up type of lesson? Well, here is a solution. I have seen several posts on-line where pre-schoolers use paint on the underside of a paper plate and make twist prints (like spin art).

I love the results, but I just can't envision me doing that with 30 kids and just me!! So here is my easier alternative. We'll be using my EXTENSIVE collection of bottle caps and regular old red, yellow and blue Crayola Watercolor Markers. The next step is to lightly moisten the board or paper (I was using scraps of illustration board) with just your fingers in clean water. A quick twist of the bottle cap makes a great print, mixing the two colors together. The possibilities for compositions are pretty endless: abstract circles, a "hungry caterpillar" like Eric Carle's, wheels, balloons, flowers, etc, etc, ......

And, if you have back-to-back classes, the clean up is REALLY quick!! That artist woman. Dilly-Dali Art. Creative Drawing Ideas & Activities for Kids - The Artful Parent. Kids Art Museum — The Largest Student Art Gallery on the Web! Eric Carle books / activities. Years ago and long before I started blogging, I had the privilege of meeting Eric Carle and getting him to autograph one of my books… Before that time and ever since, I have been an avid collector of Eric Carle books. I read them in my classroom every chance I get… Here is a round up of just a few of the Eric Carle activities I have shared here on Teach Preschool. Click on each photo below to see the full post…. “The Foolish Tortoise” and Turtle Shell Prints.