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Seesmic - All of your social services in one place. Curating the Revolution: Building a Real-Time News Feed About Egypt - Phoebe Connelly - Technology. Andy Carvin is a senior strategist at NPR working on digital media.

Curating the Revolution: Building a Real-Time News Feed About Egypt - Phoebe Connelly - Technology

He's known for putting together comprehensive and innovative packages around breaking news stories, and for the past three weeks, his Twitter stream has been a non-stop curation of the Egypt protests. Carvin has turned himself into "a personal news wire for Egypt. " We talked with him about how he gained 4,000 followers, why he hasn't mapped his sources, and if curation is the new journalism. PC: This is not your first dive into deep social media coverage of a breaking event. How do you get up to speed on key local resources so fast? AC: I've live-tweeted and live-blogged for a long time: 7-8 years as far as live-blogging is concerned, and four years for Twitter, especially during the '08 presidential election. So some of the people I've followed on Twitter in Tunisia and Egypt, I've followed them for several years already. PC: How are you picking people to retweet and follow? PC: Have you built yourself any maps?

PC: Hrm. The Internet Is Ridiculously Huge. Tech company Pingdom just released some numbers about the internet in 2010.

The Internet Is Ridiculously Huge

And in case you doubted it -- the internet is huge. Some highlights: 107 TRILLION emails were sent in 2010.There are 255 million websites......and 88.8 million .com domain names.1.97 billion internet users worldwide.152 million blogs.25 billion tweets sent in 2010 (!). 600 million users on Facebook.2 billion videos watched PER DAY on YouTube.More than 3 billion photos uploaded per month on Facebook. Wow. The internet really is huge. Now Read: The Internet Is Still Ridiculously Small → Why We Desperately Need a New (and Better) Google. This semester, my students at the School of Information at UC-Berkeley researched the VC system from the perspective of company founders.

Why We Desperately Need a New (and Better) Google

We prepared a detailed survey; randomly selected 500 companies from a venture database; and set out to contact the founders. Thanks to Reid Hoffman, we were able to get premium access to LinkedIn—which was very helpful and provided a wealth of information. But some of the founders didn’t have LinkedIn accounts, and others didn’t respond to our LinkedIn “inmails”. So I instructed my students to use Google searches to research each founder’s work history, by year, and to track him or her down in that way. But it turns out that you can’t easily do such searches in Google any more. We ended up using instead a web-search tool called Blekko. Blekko was founded in 2007 by Rich Skrenta, Tom Annau, Mike Markson, and a bunch of former Google and Yahoo engineers. The feature that I’ve found most useful is the ability to order search results.

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