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Green The Film

Les risques de "cancer du pressing" sous-évalués en France Les risques de "cancer du pressing" sous-évalués en France Courbes de relevés des émanations de perchlo autour d’un pressing André Cicollela, chercheur en santé environnementale Ceux qui le connaissent le surnomment familièrement le « perchlo ».
XRB3 is powered by an AVR ATMEGA324P micro controller on a custom board that I made. Although he is fully autonomous, he is using an XBEE module to communicate with my PC for debugging (and eventually with other robots). Onboard sensory includes: 3 Sharp IR sensors (for wall following and obstacle detection), an SRF-05 sonar sensor and AVRcam. Multipurpose Robot: XRB3 | Let's Make Robots! Multipurpose Robot: XRB3 | Let's Make Robots!
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