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DIY: How to bend aluminium the easy way with a home made brake and a few tricks. If you have ever been into electronics in any particular way the problem often arises at the end of a project the enclosure “What the hell am i going to put all this in !

DIY: How to bend aluminium the easy way with a home made brake and a few tricks

“ Some people’s standards are different to others and some are quite happy putting their projects in any type of box and believe me I've seen some things online verging from a pc in a cardboard box to amplifiers in cigar boxes. Now don't get me wrong this can be well implemented at times you only have to look at the Cmoy Mint Amps housed in an Altoids Tin to see a good implementation. There are quite a few nice off the shelf commercial chassis's available such as Hammond Mfg extruded aluminium series but they are very height limited you aren't going to fit any type of large transformer in there .There are many others some from EBay, some of the Chinese chassis are great but factor in shipping and tax and your soon racking up £100 + only to have to modify it and this is where my journey begins.......

Time to bend or nearly. San Francisco Victorian. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to have a home theater.

San Francisco Victorian

The only problem is, who has space for an entire room dedicated to a home theater? Rather than create rooms with only one purpose, we build ours to entertain. This creates some really fun challenges. Above you can see the projector screen fully installed and lowered. I purchased the screen from Monoprice at a pretty good rate. Below you can see what the room looks like with the screen retracted. But first, we had to knock down a wall before we began. Once the wall was down we had to clean up the openings. Once the soffit was done we screwed it to the opening and made sure it was level. Here’s a quick video of us testing the operation of the screen. F_wooddecks.pdf (application/pdf Object)


Making Springs: Part 2. Making Springs on the Small Lathe Part 2: Compression springs This article deals with making small springs using a metal lathe.

Making Springs: Part 2

There may be other, better ways of doing it. This is how I've done things in my own home shop for years, and these methods have worked well for me.NOTICE! Safety glasses are a must in any machine shop, at all times. This is never more true than when working with spring wire. Now, on to the fun stuff. This is part 2. Les copeaux de jean-marie. Woodworking for engineers. Laser Engraved, Wax Filled, High Contrast Panels for Electronics Projects. This technique for creating high contrast panels for electronics projects and prototypes using a laser cutter gives great results using cheap and easy to find materials.

Laser Engraved, Wax Filled, High Contrast Panels for Electronics Projects

It’s really useful as an alternative or substitute for more expensive and harder to find laser engravable laminates like SureLase. The product we use at work for laser engraved signs on products we ship, SureLase, gives great results, is super easy to use and available in a large range of colours. Its downside for non-commercial users is its price and the fact that you have to buy a large 1 x 1.5m sheet. It’s also not as versatile as a plain piece of 3mm acrylic, you can’t make other parts out of it since that’d be a waste.

Here are some photos of some items made with a different method, achieving similar results and using just 3mm white acrylic and a black wax crayon.


How to Make an Inexpensive Wi-Fi Radio With an Asus Router and USB Sound Card. Asciimation » Blog Archives » A steampunk record player. November 30th, 2010 I finally finished off the last few details on the steam powered record player and gave it the first full test on live steam!

Asciimation » Blog Archives » A steampunk record player.

The engine and base and other hardware are complete but the software could use some work. It does however run. Finished steam punk record player. Homemade BB Gun using a One Way Valve « Split Reaction. Translate. Rdt piattaforma pantografo montauto lift montacarichi sollevamento. Main - KATAKA ® KATAKA is a Danish-based company founded in 2006.

main - KATAKA ®

The company works with mechatronics based on a new and patented technology for electromechanical linear actuators. The first commercial product is the KATAKA 400 actuator. A video of the KATAKA 400 actuator in action can be viewed on YouTube. KATAKA’s technology has enabled the production of new compact linear actuators never seen before. These give engineers and designers new opportunities for redesigning existing products as well as designing new and innovative products.

The actuators from KATAKA provide a linear motion from within a confined space. Companies using the compact KATAKA technology can differentiate their products, and thus add more value for present and future customers. KATAKA is a committed supplier working with continuous improvement of product and supply chain for the benefit of its customers. How It's Made (Season 8 / Episode 7 / Part 2)


Eleonore Deco. Imprimante 3D. Build the LASER SPY DEVICE - Page 1 of 18. Build the long range Laser Spy system The Laser Spy System is considered by many to be the Holy Grail of high tech spy devices because it can give the user the ability to listen in on conversations that take place in a distant building without having to install a bug or transmitter at the location.

Build the LASER SPY DEVICE - Page 1 of 18

The Laser Spy System was said to be invented in the Soviet Union by Leon Theremin in the late 1940s. Using a non-laser based infrared light source, Theremin's system could detect sound from a nearby window by picking up the faint vibrations on the glass surface. Pièces détachées. Quincaillerie, Fournitures Industrielles et Produits Sidérurgiques. Fiches Techniques Fers. Tapplastics's Channel. Home Model Engine Machinist - Index.


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