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16 Camera Hacks To Take Flawless Pictures. 16 Camera Hacks To Take Flawless Pictures Share 16 Camera Hacks To Take Flawless Pictures For Creative Tutorials by NicoleBorland Culture Tech Since we're living in a world where everything we do, see, eat, drink, love, want (and on and on) are photographed, it's important to make those pics stand out. We're not all professional photographers (despite what our Instagram personas may suggest) and we don't all have the money to buy expensive add-ons and tools of the trade. 1. Via Life Hackers / Jason Fitzpatrick 2. Via Do It Yourself Divas 3. Via How About Orange 4. Via Roesch Photography Sponsored by Revcontent Crazy Loophole Gets Canadians $429/Day. The Millionaires Club x 9 Transgender Celebs Nobody Knew About uberhavoc The Rich Are Shocked By This Method !

The Canuck Method Crazy Inventions You'd Never Believe Came From The Military Ausom What Did You Think? NicoleBorland For Creative Tutorials The time has come the Walrus said, to talk of many things... More posts by NicoleBorland Verified Report Post. 35 Easy DIY Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love (with pictures) 35 Easy DIY Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love (with pictures) 30 Ways To Repurpose Baby Items - I Heart Arts n Crafts.

Des idées fabuleuses et pratiques sur ce que l’on peut faire de nos bouteilles vides. “L’astucerie“ est une page qui publie des trucs et astuces pour faciliter votre quotidien. Pour ne rien manquer, suivez la page L’astucerie sur Facebook et découvrez tous les jours de nouvelles idées. Tous ces objets fantastiques et pratiques ont été créés à partir de bouteilles vides. 1. Un pouf Imgur 2. รับ ซื้อ ขวด พลาสติก 3. Amazon 4. Facebook 5. Los Pitufos (La Pelicula) 6. Imgur 7. รับ ซื้อ ขวด พลาสติก 8. 9. Los Pitufos (La Pelicula) 10. 11. รับ ซื้อ ขวด พลาสติก 12. افكار منزلية سهلة 13. รับ ซื้อ ขวด พลาสติก 14. Viral nova 15. รับ ซื้อ ขวด พลาสติก 16. รับ ซื้อ ขวด พลาสติก 17.

Facebook 18. รับ ซื้อ ขวด พลาสติก 19. Bon, à part le paon qui demandera un peu plus de détermination et de connaissances en bricolage, ces objets pratiques sont tous excessivement faciles à fabriquer. How to make love bracelet step by step DIY instructions / How To Instructions on imgfave. Scrapbooking, tessie scrappe - Venez découvrir mon blog consacré aux pages de scrap et aux objets scrappés.Depuis peu, je me suis lancée dans la couture et la création de bijoux... bonne visite et n'hésitez-pas à me donner votre avis. 18 Ideas for DIY Fashion Crafts | Styles Weekly. Fashion should be fun, and here at Styles Weekly, we love to see inspirational designs that bring some fun into fashion while still looking amazing.

From the classic to the downright eccentric, collecting ideas and inspiration for all you fashion conscious and crafty divas is what we do best. So, here we have a collection of 18 Do-It-Yourself fashion crafts (do them all in one mad weekend, aim for one a day, one a week or one a month? The choice is yours!). DIY Ombre Necklace /Via You don’t even need craft supplies for some of these awesome designs – feeling peckish? Then how about a necklace made from pistachio shells? DIY Fashion Bracelets /Via We all know how important it is to accessorize any outfit to create a seamlessly ‘together’ look, and these ideas make it so easy. DIY Bridal Headband /Via We challenge you to browse this gallery and not think to yourself, “Ooh, I could do that!” DIY Lovely Rings! 5 Minute No Sew DIY Headband /Via Craft Bracelet /Via Shoe Laces Bracelets /Via. Kids Paper Crafts: Op-Art Pinwheels. 30 Teacher Thank You Gifts {homemade}

Make teacher happy with one of these incredible homemade teacher gift ideas. They're perfect for both male and female teachers. These easy homemade gifts tutorials include teacher poems, teacher thank you cards, as well as edible treats, printable cards, personalized t-shirt, gift cards and printable art! We've taken away all the guess work on gifts to make for teacher's with these incredible tutorials. For even more teacher gift ideas Tip Junkie's Creative Community has over 113 tutorials.

You can always search there if you'’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink} When is Teacher Appreciation Day? Teacher Appreciation Week is a week long celebration in the United States observed the first full week in May. Make Teacher 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Homemade Teacher Gift 6. 7. Easy Homemade Gift 8. 9. 10. 11. Teacher Thank You 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Teachers Day Messages 17. 18. 19. 20. Teachers Day Cards 21. 22. Teacher Appreciation 23. 24. 25. Teacher Appreciation Day 26. 27. 28. Teacher Appreciation T-shirt Tutorial. Kari and I have always enjoyed making teacher gifts for those who help shape the minds of our children.

Good teachers truly do shape young minds and it can be a thankless job at times. I am so grateful for a 10th grade math teacher who not only taught me how to understand math, but to LOVE it when I thought it was useless and hard. I look back now and I can link my love of science to my love of math which was fostered by her! {Thank you Ms. Ivie} Sometimes, however, I find it hard to come up with something useful and fun. Supply List: -White Cotton T-shirt –Tulip Fabric Markers (Black and Red) -Clear Ruler -Iron-on Apple Patch (Joann Crafts) -Cardboard/Cardstock PS: This tutorial is NOT an advertisement in any way.

. #1: Put a piece of cardstock or cardboard inside the shirt to prevent the markers from bleeding to the other side. . #2: Measure down 1 1/2″ from the top line and put a dot on the right side. . #6: Iron on the little apple patch and package it up for teacher. DIY Egg Carton Decorative Mirror DIY Projects. Date Night in a Box. By Sarina Date Night in a Box Idea Everything you need for a fabulous date night with your spouse – all in one place! Date night doesn’t get any easier than this – AND we did all the work for you! Life is busy for my husband and I. With Date Night in a Box, you have everything you need for a memorable date night with your spouse – all in one place. Here is how it works: Find a box that can become your official Date Night Box! Using our gorgeous printable box set designed by the lovely Leah Aldous – you can spruce up the flaps of the box.

When your box is finished, make sure to include this special poem explaining how Date Night in a Box works. Now comes the fun part – filling the box with your choice of date night activities! Here are a few ideas to get your started ! Playful AdventurousRomantic SportyRelaxing Sexy At Home Valentine’s Date Night in a Box Plan for evening of laughter and giggles. For this date night I included: More Playful Date Night in a Box Ideas: backpacks too! Science for Kids: Rainbow Jar - Playdough To Plato. Smash Book Step-by-Step Tutorial - The Realistic Mama. 2.3K Flares Twitter 9 Facebook 33 Pin It Share 2.3K 2K+ Google+ 16 2.3K Flares × So you want to capture the memories of life right now, but the idea of scrapbooking overwhelms you? Welcome to the Smash Book!

This is a delightfully simplified way to chronicle life’s special moments without the time commitment usually required by scrapbooking. The best news – you can start today! SmashBook: A Step-by-Step Tutorial Step 1: Find a notebook and gather supplies. Step 2: Print your photos. Step 3: Start gluing! Step 4: Don’t be too organized. Love this post? Subscribe to our emails. Connect with us on Pinterest! Follow us on Facebook! Share the love. 25 Nail Hacks for Nail Polish, Nail Art & Cuticle Care - Totally The 21 Ways to Make Beautiful Flowers {paper, fabric} How to make beautiful flowers in paper or fabric that are adorable! These step-by-step how to make flowers out of fabric and how to make paper flowers craft tutorials include burlap fabric flower tutorials, tulle fabric flower tutorials, crepe paper flowers and how to make a paper rose.

These tutorials are fun, engaging and fabulous. Why not make a flower today? How to Make Flowers Out of Fabric 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Burlap Fabric Flower Tutorial 7. 8. Tulle Fabric Flower Tutorial 9. 10. How to Make Paper Flowers 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. How to Make a Paper Rose 16. 17. Crepe Paper Flowers 18. 19. Make Tissue Flowers 20. 21. You Also Might Like: 21 Ways to Make Beautiful Flowers {paper, fabric} 49 Brilliant Uses For Your Smartphone's Camera - One Good Thing by Jillee. Handmade Christmas Ideas. 25 Handmade Christmas Ideas that will make you feel fa-la-la-la-la inside!

These DIY Christmas Decorations and gift ideas are easy to make and perfect to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! .Christmas is without a doubt my FAVORITE Holiday. As a child I remember waiting month after month to smell the fresh “truchas” { Canary Islands’ Christmas Dessert } made in my mom’s kitchen and the endless parties on Christmas Eve Night. I recall dancing all night long, singing Villancicos {Christmas Carols from Spain} while neighbors and friends would show up unexpectedly because in our home EVERYONE was invited! NO ONE WAS A STRANGER ON CHRISTMAS EVE! Those memories of my childhood and youth have stayed with me forever and every year.

I wait with anticipation to celebrate the greatest day of all and keep the traditions alive. Ding…♪ Dong…♫ Ding…♪ Dong…♫ Make the cutest snowman candy bar wrappers. The wrapper is a FREE PRINTABLE… I am SO doing this for my kid’s friends. It was a hit! Oh no! How to Make a No-Sew Clutch Bag. Share on Facebook Tweet Google Plus How often do you use a clutch bag? Do you find it frustrating that a clutch can cost so much, yet it is difficult to find one which goes with the majority of your outfits? Well at Stylish Eve we are always on the lookout for clever solutions to continual problems and we think we have found a perfect DIY project for you, thanks to By Wilma where you can see the project in full detail.

There are a good number of things we really like about this project, not including the fact it doesn’t involve any stitching. First off it is inexpensive. First off you simply need to lay the material flat on a table, ideally with a cover underneath to protect it when using the glue. DIY No-Sew Tote Bag by Homey Oh My. Share on Facebook Tweet Google Plus If you are all fingers and thumbs when it comes to wielding a needle and thread, this is definitely the DIY project for you. At stylish Eve we are always on the lookout for clever projects that don’t require the skills of a time-served craftsperson to achieve a great result. Well thanks to this great project, detailed more fully at Homey Oh My!

, we are able to show you how easy it is to create a stylish looking tote bag, without having to use a needle and thread. How cool is that? We think that this would be a great way for you, or even one of your children, to gain some confidence if you like DIY but are not sure you have the skills. As with many of our DIY projects at Stylish Eve, we don’t want to overwhelm you with a load of materials and tools, and we have tried our best here. Bracelet Sizing Guide & Bracelet Tutorials. There are so many ways to make bracelets out there! You won't believe how simple they are to make, too! Be sure to check out our Bracelet Sizing Guide at the end to ensure the perfect fit! Let's start with this beautiful silk wrap bracelet... Use this Bracelet Sizing Guide (sizes are standard/average) for your measuring needs!