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Get.tabtor. The Long Goodbye to My Mother. My mother would've overdosed on mahjong tiles if she knew what was coming.

The Long Goodbye to My Mother

As we approached my 93-year-old mother and her home health aide, who were sitting outside their assisted living residence, my mom looked up and saw my wife. With a squeal of delight, she smiled and opened her arms wide. "Susan! " she said, giving my wife a great big hug and kiss. The fact that my wife is not named Susan — in fact, there is no one named Susan in my mom's life — is not, in itself, a noteworthy development. What made this a telling moment is that my wife's name was the last in a long, fading line of forgotten names.

This is life as seen through the Alzheimer's looking glass, as I and a few million other boomers are discovering every day. I say farewell to different parts of my mom on every weekly visit. My name was forgotten 8 or 9 months ago. So, how do I deal with this long, sad mourning process? And, finally, I rely as much as possible on my sense of humor. But, I gotta tell you, it sucks. Cookies and Cups Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Breakfast Cookies. You read that right. Breakfast cookies. I am not above eating desserts for breakfast. It’s basically the American way. I mean hello Pop Tarts and Cookie Crisp. Free Trial - Unlimited Access to 140+ Digital Magazine Subscriptions. 20+ Back to School Make Ahead Breakfast Recipes. How to Make a DIY Insulated Cup. TipHero When you’re enjoying a nice cookout outside, one of the most annoying things can involve the beverages you’re enjoying from plastic cups.

How to Make a DIY Insulated Cup

Whether you’re using a red solo cup or a clear plastic cup to drink out of, and whether you’re enjoying a cold cocktail, soda or cup of ice water, the condensation on the cup and the rate at which the ice melts can be alarming. But rather than buying special cool cups, there is an easy hack we recently discovered that’s a brilliant solution to the problem. 21 Great Chalkboard Quotes. How to Make Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones (with Pictures) How to Make Iced Coffee – Iced Coffee Recipes. If you head to Starbucks more frequently during iced coffee season instead of brewing your morning cup of Joe in a coffee maker or French press, you’re not alone.

How to Make Iced Coffee – Iced Coffee Recipes

But all those trips can really add up. Luckily, iced coffee is extremely easy to make at home with just a little prep the night before. ~Ham & Cheese Sandwich Fries! There’s just something about fries!

~Ham & Cheese Sandwich Fries!

Something fun, special, and down right delicious! Maybe it’s the crispy edge to center ratio, or the fact that eating them with our hands is totally socially acceptable..whatever it is, we can all’s a beautiful thing! All of those same things can be said about our beloved sandwich. Sooo, why the heck not combine the two to create one super-spectacular sandwich/fry hybrid?! It’s about time isn’t it? Frozen Creamy Jello. How to make Paracord Bracelets (with no Buckle and adjustable strap) Last year it was all about Rainbow Loom Bands (in fact, my kids still love loom bands and they do get carted out regularly..), but THIS year.. we have discovered PARACORDS!

How to make Paracord Bracelets (with no Buckle and adjustable strap)

Paracords are those strong, colourful, thick cords, associated with outdoor types, you will find sailors using or climbers, the military… etc. Originally they were designed and made for Parachutes (hence the name) and have since found many more uses. And one such use is… the humble crafter!!! Use “odds and ends” of paracords to make fabulous bracelets. There are so many different patterns and crafts out there and we would like to introduce you to some of the basics. How To Make Delicious Homemade Ice Cream Without The Machine.

Ice cream is the perfect summer treat, but it can be such a hassle to make yourself.

How To Make Delicious Homemade Ice Cream Without The Machine

In the video below, Gemma Stafford shares her secret to quick and easy homemade ice cream that requires just two base ingredients (plus whatever your favorite mix-ins are for flavors!) Summer Hacks. Pony Bead Loom Band Patterns - Finger Looming. You may have noticed that we have had a little Rainbow Loom Band revival in our house.

Pony Bead Loom Band Patterns - Finger Looming

It started off with our Rainbow Loom Bouncy Balls – which the kids simply adore.. and once the loom bands were out.. the kids started making again. Always looking for new and SIMPLE ideas for the kids to make, we had a go at these easy peasy Pony Bead and Rainbow Loom Band bracelets. They really ARE easy for younger kids to make and you the best part is, that you can make them just using your fingers or two pencils (depending on your preference). As with ordinary loom band designs, I think these make wonderful friendship bracelets to make over the long Summer holidays (in fact we have already posted some to friends overseas). The kids also made a couple of their teachers (lucky them!!). So… Once again, we have created a little video for you – simply because some activities and crafts really do work better as a video. 30 Genius Mom Tricks. Cherry Layered Pudding Delight {Guest Post} Happy Tuesday to you...I'm excited to have Fonda filing in for me today!

Cherry Layered Pudding Delight {Guest Post}

She is a very crafty lady who also shares some delicious recipes. She was kind enough to share this southern favorite here today...and I'm glad she did because it.looks.delicious! Hi, I'm Fonda from Southern Scraps and I'm excited to be here at Making It Feel Like Home sharing a recipe with you today. The Right Way to Cut a Watermelon. 08/01/2014 at 10:12 AM ET Courtesy Dave Hax Do you slice your watermelon in wedges?

The Right Way to Cut a Watermelon

If so, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Sunday is National Watermelon Day, so if you plan to enjoy some of summer’s best melon, you’re going to need this trick. Instead of slicing the melon into wide wedges that inevitably get juice all over your face and chin, cut the fruit (or any other melon) in half, then slice it in a grid. Watch the video to see how it’s done. 25 Time Saving Hacks For Busy Parents. Make it a kitsch stitch. How to make Bread in A bag. Bread in a bag is a easy recipe, that is great for learning, and is sure to provide hours of fun!

How to make Bread in A bag

Lose the Pooch! The Best Exercises for Lower Abs. The term “lower abs” is actually a misnomer—your rectus abdominis muscle, or abdominal wall, actually covers your entire midsection and connects at your pelvis. Still, women (and men!) 14 Uber Lower Abs Exercises To Flatten Your Belly And Carve Out A Sharp V-Cut - Lean It UP. 14 Uber Lower Abs Exercises To Flatten Your Belly And Carve Out A Sharp V-Cut *Update, 7/12: Looking for exercises to smash the top half of your core? We’ve released ‘The 12 Best Upper Ab Exercises; Miracle-Gro To Annihilate Your Rectus Abdominis & Cultivate A Six-Pack That Pops.‘ Everyone wants lower abs. Apps. No Bake Banana Cream Cheesecake. 5 One-of-a-Kind Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Mom Will Treasure - Personalized Mother's Day Gift Ideas.

Earlier this year, we introduced our new Country Living Shop on, a site that connects tastemakers with talented makers all over the world. Our boutique is stocked with tons of great gift ideas, including collections of DIY projects, beautiful $25-and-under pieces, and handmade treasures. And now, just in time for Mother's Day, we've launched our new One of a Kind collection, filled with clever gift ideas that are just as unique as Mom is.

Here are a few of our favorites: Courtesy of Microwave for a couple minutes and voila—this pretty cotton therapeutic bag can ease stomach aches, muscle aches, and back pain. ($29; Lemonee on the Hills for The perfect gift for a mom who loves to write letters, this custom address stamp will add an extra personal touch to her mail. Best Beauty Boxes – Beauty Subscription Boxes. There are a lot of subscription boxes out there. From pet food to children’s toys to socks, you can get pretty much anything delivered to your door for a flat monthly fee. But which services are worth your money? Since beauty boxes are the most common subscription services (you can thank our #1 pick Birchbox for popularizing the concept!) , we rounded up the beauty boxes that are truly worth signing up for.

33 3-Ingredient Desserts. She Loops Yarn On Her Fingers To Make The Easiest Craft Ever! I’m Doing This ASAP! - If you’re anything like me and you don’t have the patience to learn how to sit still and knit, but you’ve always wanted to try, guess what? Corn and Cheese Chowder Recipe : Ree Drummond. Deviled Egg Pasta Salad - Mom's Kitchen Pantry. Monkey Bread. (1) Facebook. Strawberry Pineapple Slush & Tasty Food Photography Giveaway - Kleinworth & Co. Moore or Less Cooking Food Blog. Spring in Maine. It’s like you can breathe again after 7 months, no more snow, actual green grass and flowers and flowering trees and rhubarb and my favorite……. strawberries. When I think of rhubarb, I automatically think of strawberry rhubarb crisp. Photos of Moore or Less Cooking Blog. Facebook. Facebook. Easy Chicken & Cheese Chilaquiles Recipe. Chilaquiles is a simple Mexican casserole normally using deep-fried tortilla strips.

No hot oil here, broken taco shells add just the right crispiness to this cheesy chicken dish with green chiles. (1) Facebook. Easy Baked Chicken. ~Glazed Raspberry Crescents. See, I DO know how to come up with healthy treats! These buttery, doughy Crescents are filled with plump, nutritious Raspberries. ~Oh, and errr, sugar & gooey Lemony Glaze, but let’s focus on the healthy Raspberries, so we can have 2 servings! And since I subscribe to the belief that if there’s fruit in, on, near, or around a high calorie treat, that treat then becomes a low-cal healthy option by association. Pampered Chef (R) along with Carol Allen- Ind. Consultant.

Pampered Chef (R) along with Carol Allen- Ind. Consultant. Pampered Chef (R) along with Carol Allen- Ind. Consultant. Pampered Chef (R) along with Carol Allen- Ind. Consultant. Pampered Chef (R) along with Carol Allen- Ind. Consultant. Pampered Chef (R) along with Carol Allen- Ind. Consultant. Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps. I made these a while ago, but forgot about them until I was scrolling through my camera the other day.

I'm sad I didn't post the recipe sooner because they are SO good! They're a fun change-up to the every day cheeseburger, and a little healthier, too! These yummy wraps are filled with lean ground beef, lettuce, tomato, a little cheese, and wrapped in a flour tortilla. So good. Pampered Chef (R) along with Carol Allen- Ind. Consultant. Pampered Chef (R) along with Carol Allen- Ind. Consultant. Pampered Chef (R) along with Carol Allen- Ind. Consultant.