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Wicca, the religion. World religions; Neopagan religions Menu Sponsored link.

Wicca, the religion

LUCID DREAMING. Unlock The Power To Astral Project With Dream Recall. Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming, OBEs, Astral Projecting and even Near Death Experiences all share something in common – they occur when our brain waves are at a lower frequency than in our waking state.

Unlock The Power To Astral Project With Dream Recall

Anyone whose experimented with techniques for astral projection knows that the first thing you want to do is get your mind to relax and move out of a beta state and into the deeper states of alpha, theta and delta. Because most dreams occur in the alpha and theta states, having a deeper, conscious connection with your dreams can be a way to develop your conscious, astral projection skills.

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Online Counselling Course

Now this is where you come in, as someone who's wanting to learn more about counselling, being able to tap into this kind of experience, gain the insights that take years to master in a fun and safe format helped by the experiences of two seasoned professionals in the field; all the while only learning those theories and techniques that will actually help you to help a person to change is a pretty valuable resource and a great head start. Qigong. The Human Body Energy Centers, Beautiful! (3 of 3) Buddhism. Mindfulness. Meditation. Chakras. Chakras Tantra. Energy Madness. There are waves that occur in your life.

Energy Madness

Waves of energy that ebb and flow around you, affecting how you feel and even how you perceive the nuts and bolts of your life. You may have energy-filled and inspirational days, and days when you just droop, physically and emotionally. In the waters of love and energy that always surround you, there are currents and eddies, many and varied. The deeper you root yourself in the soil of love for others (and for yourself), and acceptance of them, and embracing of the All, the less the minor currents will affect you and your personal sense of wellbeing and happiness. Image: chrisroll / FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe true masters are aware of, but unaffected by, all of this.