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Matt Mazur » 17 Startup Blogs To Make You a Better Entrepreneur. As an aspiring startup founder, I’m always on the lookout for blogs that will help me become a more adept entrepreneur.

Matt Mazur » 17 Startup Blogs To Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Fortunately for me and for the startup community there’s a lot of really talented entrepreneurs who write regularly about what they’ve learned so you can benefit from their experiences. The following is a list of the best startup blogs that I’ve run across, which I thought I’d share in the hope that you find something new for your collection. In no particular order… Derek Sivers – Founder of CD Baby and several other companies, the word “wise” comes to mind. His post Let pedestrians define the walkways is always in the back of my head while I’m working on my startup.Gabriel Weinberg – Ballsy Philadelphia-based founder of Duck Duck Go, an inspirational (and quite successful) one-man search engine startup. And two non-startup blogs that you might also like: Less Wrong – Less Wrong is about how to think better–a lot of it will make you go whoa.

Cheers! Like this: Quantlib « Twofish's Blog. To recap: I’ve been sorting through some personal issues the last week or so, and this has actually been very useful for me.

quantlib « Twofish's Blog

One thing that I’ve been trying to encourage people to do (especially people who are interested in UoP) is to “question the question”. Don’t just accept the assumptions that people give you, think about them. And one of the assumptions I’m questioning because it doesn’t seem to work for me is the division between “work life,” “school life,” “personal life,” and “family life,” because those divisions work for me. Elsewhere, I’ve been sorting out issues with the person known as the “fairy princess,” but the one thing that she has in common with me and a lot of other Chinese-American or Asian-American people is that “school is life” and “life is school.”

This is typical among a lot of Chinese-American families. My wife provides some balance. But you have to understand that academics for me is not my job and it is not training for a job. Wow. The Ultimate Productivity Blog.


Behavior Trees by Example. AI in an Android game. I'm going to cover the implementation of a very useful technique for AI programmers called Behavior Trees (BT for now on).

Behavior Trees by Example. AI in an Android game.

I've been using this technique for the AI in the Android game I'm working on, and found a few quirks in the architecture that made me have to struggle somewhat. Just thought I'd share what I've learnt during the process. As this is for an Android game, the code is in Java. Even so, it is easily ported to C++, and there are almost no Android specific libraries or function calls to worry about. What are Behavior Trees? The internet is crawling with places to find a good theory on what behavior trees are, and how to implement them, for example: AIGameDev : Overview; Approaches; Video tutorial part 1, part 2.

Overview This article assumes you know what a BT is. It may look complex at a glance, but once we’ve gone over each part you will see like it’s quite understandable, elegant and flexible. General Tasks Task All tasks follow the same interface: Code Snippet Leaf Task.


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