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Isle of Tune. Rejection Therapy: How to Lose Your Fear « Nightstalker Games. Rejection Therapy: How to Lose Your Fear Article Written By Chris Hugh If there’s one lesson I’ve learned early on, it’s that success depends on you. You’ve got to get out there and hustle and make your own opportunities, but that takes a certain amount of fearlessness. How can you develop the character to become successful? `1 Rejection Therapy Rejection Therapy, a free online game, might be your answer. How it works. Players challenge themselves to make an offer or request of another person every day for thirty days straight.

The game is free. A Game That Could Make You Money Rejection Therapy has helped people overcome shyness, get dates, and rebuild relationships. Injection of Self Confidence Rejection Therapy players test their courage daily by making offers or requests until they get turned down, but getting that rejection can be harder than they think.

Resilience One of the big lessons of Rejection Therapy is that rejection isn’t personal. Entrepreneur Edition cards. Summary Resources: Lock Down Lost-Founder Intellectual Property. If you won the lottery today, how many long lost relatives (that you don’t recall) would come out of the shadows of your family tree to test the generosity of their favorite relative? I’m willing to bet a few. Now if your startup received a $5MM Series A investment from a venture capital firm, how many developers (that you can recall) would come out of the shadows of the internet and claim to be your startup’s long lost founder? The answer to this question depends on how well your startup secures its intellectual property.

Lost Founders You may not consider a developer that worked 1 day on your startup 2 months before you incorporated a “founder.” Even if you aren’t worried about long lost founders laying claim to your startup’s intellectual property, your potential investors are. How to Lock Down the IP One of the most important aspects of a startup incorporation is the ability to transfer intellectual property ownership from the founders to the startup. Conclusion. How To Handle Lawyers Threatening You | Hustle Bear - A Blog for Achievers - by Judd Weiss. (No joke. This is actually how I deal with Lawyers. This isn’t just theory, this is my experience.) Have you ever seen the movie “Monsters Inc.”? It’s a cute animated Disney film about Big Scary Monsters. That’s very much like the life of a lawyer. You have to understand this fundamentally: When someone hires a lawyer to threaten you, he’s not hiring someone to figure out the legal matters involved, he’s hiring someone to threaten you.

In earlier times, when a dispute arose you would hire some muscle, or even a hit man to take care of it. “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. THE APPROACH: After a busy day scaring people, when a monster enters your bedroom to scare you, you need to scare HIM. A threatening attorney must be made to realize that his life is much better returned to intimidating average people. That’s my approach anyway. That’s because involving attorneys is such a common negotiating practice when dollar values rise and several million dollars are at stake. Dieter Rams: ten principles for good design. WgctP.jpg (600×753) Long Bets - The Arena for Accountable Predictions. The Singularity in Our Past Light-Cone.

The Singularity in Our Past Light-Cone Attention conservation notice: Yet another semi-crank pet notion, nursed quietly for many years, now posted in the absence of new thoughts because reading The Half-Made World brought it back to mind. The Singularity has happened; we call it "the industrial revolution" or "the long nineteenth century".

It was over by the close of 1918. Exponential yet basically unpredictable growth of technology, rendering long-term extrapolation impossible (even when attempted by geniuses)? Check. Massive, profoundly dis-orienting transformation in the life of humanity, extending to our ecology, mentality and social organization? Check. Annihilation of the age-old constraints of space and time? Embrace of the fusion of humanity and machines? Creation of vast, inhuman distributed systems of information-processing, communication and control, "the coldest of all cold monsters"? The Great Transformation; Scientifiction and Fantastica. TV BUSINESS - Poland's first TV Business. Academic Earth | Online Courses | Academic Video Lectures. I'm done here. I’ve been an observer of politics and people for the last thirty years or so.

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been interested in how groups of people get together, make decisions, and make progress. What structures work better than others? How is it that some small number of people effectively control much larger groups? How do groups change their mind from one position to another? It’s all very fascinating to me, whether its politics or technology. It’s been a good run. I haven’t come up with any super-insights, but I have decided that you can tell the health of any system of people by the ease in which it can completely change course. I believe these observations to be true both in technology teams and in governments – in fact anywhere there are people coming together. Over the last decade, I’ve watched several very interesting developments at the macro scale. I’ve also seen vast sections of the internet turn into echo chambers.

Not so neat. All of those things happened. But protest? Charlie Chaplin Optic Illusion.


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