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Peugeot 2008 Forums. 16 Himalayas HD Wallpapers | Backgrounds. Mountains HD Desktop Wallpapers for Widescreen, High Definition, Mobile | Page 9. Your display featuresAspect Ratio: StandardResolution: 1600 x 1200 Categories Aero (313) Animals (297) Architecture (1054) Army (831) Artistic (609) Black and White (2110) Cartoons (156) Celebrities (482) Charity (80) City (1476) Computers (144) Cute (789) Elements (111) Food and Drink (662) Funny (760) Games (456) Girls (2792) Holidays (103) Love (1081) Motors (124) Movies (252) Music (1419) Nature (933) Beach (1874) Desert (223) Flowers (3810) Forests (932) Lakes (755) Landscape (2660) Mountains (881) Rivers (441) Sun & Sky (1807) Waterfalls (297) Seasons (74) Space (1130) Sports (129) Travel (169) Vintage (2674) Filter by or Resolutions Wide Standard Mobile Ratio Mobile Brands Dual Other Home > Nature > Nature > Mountains Wallpapers > Page 9 Category Mountains.

See your purchase history in the iTunes Store. Find what apps, songs, movies, TV shows, or books you've bought from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, and Mac App Store on your computer. If you can't view your purchase history on your computer, you can see your purchases from the past 90 days at

You can also see purchases you made in the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. See your purchase history Open iTunes on your Mac or PC.Sign-in with the same Apple ID that you used to make your purchases.If you use Family Sharing, you'll see what you bought using your Apple ID, but you won't see what other family members bought, unless you sign in using their Apple ID.Click your name in the upper-right corner of the iTunes window. From the pop-up menu, select Account Info.You might be prompted to enter your password again. Scroll down to Purchase History. If you don't recognize a purchase, first check to see if it's one of these types of charges before contacting Apple.

Learn more Last Modified: Headspace Blog. Headspace Blog: Radio Headspace #16: How to eat more mindfully. Home | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Fun Project - Fantastic People. 19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know. Connect. Download RAR for Mac. Clicking the download button will start a download manager, an ad supported smart installer. Learn more OS:OS X Please read carefully: This free full version of RAR for Mac is developed by keka and can be downloaded for free from their website. No affiliation or endorsement is implied or intended. Step 1:Download Setup File Step 2:Click the downloads folder Step 3:Click RARforMac.dmg Step 4:Double click the .app file RAR for Mac OSX program which extracts the files contained in RAR archives Clean, simple app, installs in secondsFully compatible with archives produced by WinRARCreates and uncompress password-protected archivesSupports single and multi-part archives This product is the free full version of RAR for Mac.

The Genieo homepage is your personal newspaper to tailored content from all your favorite news sites, blogs, social media sites and more. Tap Forms: A Solid Alternate to FileMaker’s Bento. For the past five years, I’ve been relying upon FileMaker’s Bento to manage structured data on my MacBook. Unfortunately, the Apple subsidiary recently announced that it was ending development of the friendly database application. The company will stop selling Bento after September 2013, and will end user support after July 2014.

It’s time for a new simple databasing app for the Mac. In this review, I’ll be looking at an indie database app called Tap Forms to see how it stacks up as a Bento replacement. It looks promising — and hopefully it can eventually take the Bento crown. Like the article? You should subscribe and follow us on twitter. How I use Bento My reading list database in Bento. Back in the 1970s, I began keeping a record in a composition notebook of the books I read. For me a Bento replacement would need to meet the following criteria: Can import and export data in a variety of common file formats, because someday it too will become abandoned or obsolete.Easy to use. Easy to use. Tap Forms | Organization in its simplest form.

Tap Forms: A Solid Alternate to FileMaker’s Bento. People Search from Intelius searches billions of public records instantly. Search free now! AM | Collection. Download your passport photo - IDPhoto4You. The Complete List of iPad Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials. The Apple iPad is an amazing tablet, and to help you get the most out of it, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of every tip, trick, and tutorial for you. Read on for more. Note: This article was originally published earlier this year, but we’ve updated it with a real lot more content since then, so we’re republishing it for you. We’ll be keeping this page updated as we find more great articles, so you should bookmark this page for future reference. How to Maximize Your iPad’s Battery Life So you got yourself a shiny new Apple device, but you’re so addicted that the battery is running out way too soon—what you need is a couple of tips to keep your battery running for as long as possible, and we’ve got them here.

How to Maximize Battery Life on Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch How to Lock the Screen on Your iPad with iOS 4.x How to Lock the Screen Orientation on Your iPad (with iOS 4.2) How to Pause an iPad App Install How to Force Reboot and Quit Apps Multitasking on the iPad iPadPeek. FAQ: How To Use a PageFlip Foot Pedal To Flip Sheet Music Pages? | Tonara. What is Tonara? Tonara is the world’s first interactive sheet music app. It shows your position on the score with a cursor as you play, turns the pages for you with Tonara Magic, and lets you not only record your playing but also instantly skip to any specific passage in a score to review it on playback.

You can also easily add annotations and share them as well as your recordings with students or fellow performers with a tap. It’s free to download, offers a catalog of thousands of free and paid scores, and provides the ability to import scanned PDF scores from other sources (see below). Where can I get Tonara? Which instruments can I use with Tonara?

How do I get sheet music for Tonara? How do I upload sheet music I already own to Tonara? How does Tonara work? Will Tonara continue to follow my playing if I change my tempo, make mistakes, repeat a section, etc.? How does the Tonara Magic page-turning function work? How do I flip pages in scores I’ve imported from other sources? iPad Apps - AirTurn, Inc. AirTurn BT105 Bluetooth Page Turner. Next Issue Newsstand | FREE Trial, Unlimited Access to 80 Magazines In One App. ForScore | about. Power We keep our interface clean and simple, so you may not notice just how robust forScore really is until you start exploring. Once you do, you’ll see why we always say “your suggestions are how we make better products.” Many of the app’s key features come directly from our customers, so chances are we’ve got what you’re looking for, and probably a few things you never even considered.

Annotation When it comes to annotation, forScore’s flexibility is unparalleled. Setlists Use setlists to group and arrange scores manually, like playlists in iTunes. Links & Rearrange Handle repeats with style by creating a link between two pages of a score. Bookmarks Don’t worry if you’ve got one long PDF file with multiple songs within it—with forScore you can create a bookmark for each piece and it’ll appear in your library just like any other file. Track Binding Performance Adaptive Caching Sure, it’s a mouthful, but our caching system is one of the most essential parts of the app. Drawing Metronome Context. Disk utility says problem but recovery. OS X Mountain Lion: Recover your entire system. Languages If you use Time Machine to back up your computer, you can recover your system’s contents if your system or startup disk is damaged.

Important: Only use your Time Machine backup to restore your system to the computer that is the source of the backup. If you want to use your backup to transfer your information to a new computer, use Migration Assistant. Transfer your info from a computer or disk If you’re restoring your system because of a problem with your startup disk, repair or replace the disk before following these instructions. Make sure your Time Machine backup disk is connected and turned on. After you restore your system from a Time Machine backup, Time Machine may perform a full backup at the next scheduled backup time.

Last Modified: Aug 8, 2013 One Moment Please Thanks for your feedback. How to restore data from Time Machine in Mountain Lion. Now that you’ve been using Time Machine regularly to back up your computer, you should be fully prepared if your Mac crashes or if you need to move data from one Mac to another. Restoring data from Time Machine is just as easy as backing things up in the first place. Restore a single file or folder If you’re looking for a certain file or folder, start by connecting the external drive that you use for Time Machine backups or by making sure that you can connect to your Time Capsule. Click the Time Machine item in the menu bar at the top of your screen (it looks like a clock with an arrow running counterclockwise around it), and choose Enter Time Machine.

Here, all of your saved backups will appear in chronological order. Use the visual timeline on the right side to scroll through your backups and look for specific items or folders. Not sure which backup might hold the last copy of your missing file? Select the file or folder, and press the Restore button. Restore an entire system. ..Step by Step to fix your Mac. Hello and welcome to my User Tip If this User Tip appears to be quite involved, it's designed to very through and systematic process to achieve success. It's designed for those who already have a good familiarity with how Mac's work, is almost all Apple support documented.

If it's too much for you, there are local PC/Mac software repair and data recovery services, for hardware repairs you should take it to a Apple Authorized Repair. Please read the disclaimers at the bottom. This User Tip is designed for Mac's that are capable of running OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) to any Mac running OS X Lion (10.7) or Mountain Lion. (10.8) The Steps appear to work also in OS X Mavericks (10.9) at this time.

Some words: The Steps are numbered, if instructed, then just jump to do that Step or run through them in a process of elimination.Later steps usually depend upon earlier steps being performed. If you hear these hardware issues: Beeping issues indicate bad or faulty RAM, or even a damaged logicboard. 1. 2. Angry Birds Golden Eggs Walkthrough Videos: Original and Seasons. Forums.